Monday, October 30, 2017

Vuolo Snapshots Fall 2017

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo recently had a visit from Jeremy's parents, Chuck and Diana Vuolo. For those who don't know, Chuck is a pastor, and when he visits Laredo, he is often a guest speaker at Jinger and Jeremy's church, Grace Community.

Jinger Vuolo, Jeremy Vuolo, Diana Vuolo, Chuck Vuolo

Jinger and Jeremy are just six days away from celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary, so that definitely calls for a romantic kissing picture.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Duggar #9 Turns 20

On her last birthday, Joy-Anna Duggar was still in the friendship phase with Austin Forsyth (They announced their courtship on November 15th, 2016.) Now just 12 months later, Joy Duggar is Joy Forsyth, and she is about halfway through her first pregnancy. Joy and Austin Forsyth have not yet announced the gender of their baby. Happy 20th birthday, Joy!

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Wedding photo is property of and may not be used without written permission. To view eight additional Duggar/Forsyth wedding pictures, click here.
Remaining photos are courtesy, Joy and Austin Forsyth

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Kendra and Her Bridesmaids

 Kendra Caldwell and her bridesmaids 
Jana Duggar, Joy (Duggar) Forsyth, Christina Caldwell (mother), Lauren Caldwell (sister),
Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo, Jill (Duggar) Dillard, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald

"Kendra seems to be herself right now. She seems to be pretty relaxed but just really joyful and cheerful." 
-Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Duggar have been husband and wife for almost seven weeks (tomorrow is their week-iversary). In this clip from Monday's season finale episode, Kendra meets up with her bridesmaids for pictures ahead of the ceremony.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Israel at 4 Months

Earlier today, we shared a new photo of two-and-a-half-year-old Israel Dillard and almost-four-month-old Samuel Dillard. For comparison, here are a couple snapshots of Israel as an infant.

The first was taken when he was approximately Samuel's age. The second was taken several weeks later, but it shows Israel making the same face that Samuel is making in the photo we posted this morning. Do you think the brothers look similar?

Israel Dillard at 4 months

Derick Dillard and Israel Dillard (almost 6 months old)

Photo courtesy

The Dillard Brothers

We have a photo to share that might just cure your midweek blues. Big brother Israel loves to hold little Samuel!

Israel Dillard and Samuel Dillard

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Win Erin Bates' Newest CD

Have you heard of Gil and Kelly Bates? They are close friends of the Duggars, and they star in the UP reality TV series Bringing Up Bates. If you like free stuff, head on over to Ellie's newest blog,, to enter for your chance to win a copy of Erin Bates Paine's Lullaby CD.

Artwork courtesy of Chad Paine; photo courtesy of

When the Lights Go Out...

What do you do when the power goes out just before you are pronounced husband and wife on your wedding day? Well, you continue with the ceremony and reception, by candlelight, until the lights come back on. What an event to remember!

If you missed last night's season finale episode, featuring Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell's wedding, click here to read our recap, and check out the video clip below, courtesy of and TLC.

Monday, October 23, 2017

'Joseph's Wedding' Recap

Counting On "Joseph's Wedding"
  • Joe and Kendra’s wedding day has arrived! Just before noon, Kendra and her family members are leaving their home for the church. “I think my favorite thing I’m looking forward to is probably the first kiss,” says Kendra.
  • At the Duggar home, Joseph is the only one left, and he is walking through the bedrooms placing letters on the pillows. “I wrote each of my siblings a letter, just thanking them for their influence in my life,” says the groom.
  • At the church, Cindy and Jeremiah are finishing up the wedding design. “Because I’m not real familiar with the bride, I want to make sure she feels as honored as the Duggar girls,” says Cindy. Due to a mistake by the florist, some of the flowers won’t arrive in time for the wedding.
  • “Joe is doing good,” says Jedidiah. “He’s never really too stressed. It is a little much for him…but I’m glad that I can be a part of Joe’s wedding.”
  • “It will be sad to see Joe moving out, but it’s good that he’s next door pretty much, so he won’t be too far,” says Justin, who is a groomsman for the first time.
  • “Joe and Kendra are two completers for each other,” says Kendra’s mom, Christina.
  • Kendra puts on her wedding dress and then shows it off to her father, Paul Caldwell. Sewn into the dress is a ruffle from Christina’s dress. 
  • “You remind me of your mommy when she was coming down the aisle,” says Paul when he sees his daughter. Kendra gives him a frame with a picture of the two of them, as well as a letter, “so that you can remember that you’re always my daddy.” The bride gets a bit emotional, as do her parents.
  • Kendra heads to the sanctuary to take photos with her bridesmaids and flower girl (her little sister). 
  • Jana uses makeup to cover up a scratch on Joseph’s nose, which he earned in a broomball match earlier that week. 
  • “Y’all probably should have chose a different activity to do,” says Jana. “Kind of a rough thing to do right before a wedding.
  • Jim Bob and Michelle sit down with Joseph for a few moments. “It was just very special getting to spend time with him and pray with him and give him some advice,” says Jim Bob.
  • Michelle’s words of wisdom are “…not to go to sleep with anything between you and Kendra, just make things right, don’t let the sun go down on your wrath, speak kind words to one another always, cherish her, treat her with the utmost respect…”
  • “You have a tendency maybe to be a man of few words, which can be good…but with your wife, make sure that everything she does for you, you praise her, you thank her,” says Jim Bob, encouraging his son to constantly verbalize his love for his wife.
  • Meanwhile, some of the girls help sew Christina’s ruffle back on Kendra’s dress. “I think in different moments, we just all kind of pull together,” says Jana. “We don’t worry about, ‘Oh, well this was so-and-so’s job.’”
  • In the guys’ room, Jim Bob and the groomsmen pray for Joseph. Everyone lines up, and Joseph walks his mom down the aisle before taking his place on stage. The processional begins, and Kendra and her father wait patiently at the back of the church. “If you fall, I’ll pick you up,” says Paul. “If I fall, just keep heading to Joe.”
  • Best man Josiah escorts maid of honor Lauren, followed by the ring bearers and flower girl.
  • The bride enters, and everyone stands. Joseph’s lip begins quivering, and he starts to cry. When he and Kendra arrive at the altar, Pastor Caldwell gives a short speech to Joseph, filled with advice and encouragement, seasoned with humor and emotion.
  • “When she was born…I prayed, ‘Lord, I noticed you gave me a girl; just in case you don’t give me a son, would you make her a little bit like me?’ And he did. She began to throw fits, and cry, and whine. I said, ‘Wait a minute, Lord, that’s enough. Would you make her like her mother?’ And he did. She is sweet, hardworking, beautiful, has loving smiles all the time, loves to laugh, can cook and take care of children, and is a true blessing in our home. Then I prayed, ‘Lord, forgive me for being so selfish. Would you make her a little bit more like you?’ And he did.”
  • “For the last 19 years and 28 days, we have done our part,” says Pastor Caldwell. “Today will start you doing your part.”
  • Pastor Caldwell steps up on stage with Joe and Kendra, and the sermon begins. After the vows, ring exchange, and unity candle, the parents pray over Joe and Kendra, and the couple enjoys their first kiss! The power goes out just before Pastor Caldwell introduces them, which is perfect because it shows off the candles on the stage. Turns out the power outage is city-wide, so it takes a few minutes for it to be restored.
  • At the reception, Joseph and Kendra do the usual cutting of the cake, followed by a sparkler sendoff. The couple drives off in a red pickup.

The Blushing Bride

Less than six hours until showtime! Are you looking forward to watching Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell's wedding tonight on the Counting On season finale? Check out the promo video below.

Photos/video courtesy TLC

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Joy and Austin's 1st Kiss

Pastor Caldwell: "Are y'all ready?"
Joy-Anna Duggar: "For what?" (winks) "Yes!"

In this clip from Monday's wedding episode, Pastor Caldwell pronounces Joy and Austin husband and wife, and the moment the couple has been waiting for finally arrives! Watch their first kiss and the humorous moments surrounding it, brought to you by People Magazine and TLC.

Photos/video courtesy TLC/People Magazine

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Duggar Videos: Joe and Kendra

Happy Wednesday to our lovely blog readers! We want to share a few Duggar videos that TLC recently uploaded to YouTube. For those who are new here, we do this every several weeks because we know that some of our readers are unable to watch the clips that we share directly from

Message from Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell on their Wedding Day

Joe and Kendra Honeymoon in Greece

Joe and Kendra Play 'This Or That' with Host Jana Duggar

Photo/videos courtesy TLC

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Wedding Begins!

"At that moment, it just really hit me. I was breathing hard, trying not to cry. And I was like, 'Daddy, I can't look at you because I'm going to start crying.'"
-Joy-Anna Duggar

As she awaits her cue to walk down the aisle to Austin on her wedding day, Joy-Anna shares a special moment with her dad in the foyer of the sanctuary (see video below). The processional begins, and the members of the wedding party enter the church, raw emotions written on each of their faces.

"Let's do it, Joy!" says Jim Bob. "Want to?" The trumpet sounds, and the big moment arrives.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Monday, October 16, 2017

'Joy and Austin Tie the Knot' Recap

Counting On "Joy and Austin Tie the Knot"
  • Four days before Joy and Austin’s wedding, the Duggars excitedly head to the airport to meet the Dillards as they return from Central America.
  • Later that week, dress designer Renee Miller arrives for the final fitting of Joy’s gown. Joy is radiant as she walks out in her wedding dress. “It just blows me away how she got the things that I was…wanting,” says the bride-to-be.
  • Later, Joseph drives over to the Caldwell home to pick Kendra and her sister Lauren up for an evening at Jessa and Ben’s. Joseph and Kendra have been courting for two-and-a-half months, but they have known each other for five or six years.
  • “With them being on the fast track, I…definitely have already cried quite a bit,” says Lauren. “…Kendra and I have always been best friends. But I’m super excited for them.”
  • The cameras stop by Joy and Austin’s future home. It’s nowhere near done, so the family has allowed them to move one of their RVs next to the house while they finish construction.
  • Leading up to the wedding, Joseph meets with Pastor Paul Caldwell to ask his blessing to propose to Kendra at Joy and Austin’s wedding. Pastor Caldwell says yes and tells Joseph how grateful he and his wife, Christina, are that Joseph has honored them throughout the relationship.
  • “We’re very happy for Joe and Kendra,” says Paul. “A little bit taken aback that it happened so quick and so early, but we want them to get on with their life.”
  • Joy and Austin happily give Joseph permission to propose at the wedding. “We’re all one big, happy family, anyways,” says Austin.
  • Some of the “middle” siblings head over to the home of Cindy, Michelle’s childhood friend and the wedding designer, to start working on decorations. They load everything into a big truck, but they run out of gas along the way, so that causes a delay.
  • The day before the wedding, Jinger and Jeremy arrive from Laredo with the pottery for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Now that all the girls are together, they present Joy and Austin with the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” gift that most of the siblings have contributed to.
  • At the church, family and close friends begin to arrive for the rehearsal and Mexican-themed rehearsal dinner. Jill (maid of honor) and Bobby (best man and Austin’s brother-in-law) both make speeches. Bobby, who attended Christian school, says that he always joked with Austin because he was homeschooled.
  • On the big day, the bride and the groom arrive at the church separately, reunite in the foyer, and then split up again to get ready for the ceremony. After doing her hair and makeup but before putting on her dress, Joy finds Austin to ask him what he thinks about her hair.
  • Joy puts her dress on and then unveils it to her mom and bridesmaids. Jim Bob comes into the room, and both he and Joy tear up. "This is our fifth child to get married, and I don't think it gets easier, but she's marrying Austin, who is just a great guy," says Jim Bob.
  • Joy and Austin have their first look in the sanctuary. "I think we decided to do the first look probably because I would have lost it as I saw her walking down the aisle," says Austin.
  • This is Jennifer's first time being a bridesmaid. She is Joy's little buddy and is sad that her sister is moving out.
  • Just before the ceremony, the groomsmen pray over Austin. As the bridesmaids line up, Jennifer starts crying. Michelle and Joy hold her and speak words of encouragement. 
  • Austin escorts his mom and mother-in-law into the sanctuary. When Jim Bob and Joy enter the room, Austin starts crying. "I wasn't surprised that he did, cause he's pretty emotional" says Joy. 
  • After reading their vows, Joy and Austin sign them, as well as the marriage license. Their parents come onto the stage to pray for them.
  • Joy and Austin share their first kiss before Pastor Caldwell introduces them as husband and wife. Austin asks Joy if she wants him to carry her out of the church, and she says no. As they exit, confetti cannons are set off. 
  • "It was just a beautiful wedding," says Austin's mom. "It couldn't have been better." 
  • At the reception, Joy and Austin thank everyone, and Joy mentions that they won't be able to "stay super long." The couple cuts their six-tiered cake. 
  • All the single ladies gather for the bouquet toss, and Joseph's nerves start to build. Joy pretends to toss the bouquet but then walks it back to Kendra. Joe walks out and gets down on one knee. Kendra says yes. "When Joe got down on one knee...I was shocked," says Kendra. "It felt like the whole world stopped for a second."
  • "Well, another one bites the dust," says Josiah. "Way to man up, Joe." 
  • Joy changes into a regular outfit before she and Austin run out to their getaway car. They will honeymoon in Switzerland, and Joy says she is looking forward to skiing.
Next week's episode, featuring Joseph and Kendra's wedding, will be the season finale.

Joseph's Big Question

"We've talked for many, many hours. I really feel like the Lord is leading in this direction, but I do want to remind you [that] you're taking one of my most precious gifts."
-Pastor Paul Caldwell

In this preview of tonight's two-hour special (begins at 8pm ET/7pm CT), Joseph Duggar meets with Kendra's father to ask his blessing (as well as the blessing of Kendra's mother, Christina) to propose to Kendra.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Duggars Fall Into Fall

 Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

The Duggars have had a busy fall. In the past few weeks alone, they have celebrated two birthdays (Johannah's and Mackynzie's), attended the Demolition Derby, and cheered on the Razorbacks at a University of Arkansas football game.

The Dillards have spent several days in Washington D.C., while other members of the family are down in East Texas at the week-long International ALERT Academy Family Camp.

 Josiah Duggar and John-David Duggar at family camp

And here's a new photo of Spurgeon Seewald and Henry Seewald, shopping at ALDI with Jessa. 

Henry Seewald and Spurgeon Seewald

Photos courtesy,

Joy and Austin's Emotional First Look

Are you ready for tonight's two-hour Counting On special, featuring Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth's wedding? Be sure to grab a box of tissues before you sit down to watch.

In the video clip below, shared via, the bride and groom have their first look shortly before their wedding ceremony, and Austin also unveils a special gift for Joy that has been months in the making.

Also on tonight's episode, viewers will see more of Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell, as their courtship continues and Joseph asks Pastor Caldwell's blessing to propose. The show will start one hour early (8pm ET/7pm CT) and run for two hours.

Photo/video courtesy

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dress Day with the Duggars Part 4

Here it is, the final installment of Ellie's behind-the-scenes account of the day Joy-Anna Duggar chose her wedding dress. Being a part of the process was a blast! (Below are links to the first three segments.)

Dress Day with the Duggars Part 1
Dress Day with the Duggars Part 2
Dress Day with the Duggars, Part 3

It's no secret that Joy-Anna isn't a big shopper, but with help from dress designer Renee Miller and the other Duggar women and girls, Joy was eventually able to find a gown that she loved.

Both Michelle Duggar and Roxanne Forsyth (Joy's mother-in-law) had given Joy swatches from their wedding dresses so Renee could find a way to incorporate them into the gown. Michelle wore Grandma Duggar's dress, which gave her swatch even more meaning. (For those who didn't know, Joy's wedding was on Grandma's birthday.)

The Duggar sisters are familiar with many fashion terms, especially Jana and Jessa, who were very active in asking questions and searching different styles on their iPhones to help Joy figure out what she wanted.

Whenever anyone mentioned Austin's name, Joy beamed. She was wearing the heart necklace that he gave her, so Renee said she would try to use the double heart design to incorporate the swatches into Joy's gown.

The Duggars looped Jill Dillard in via video chat, and Jana sent her lots of pictures throughout the day. (It was early May, so the Dillards were still in Central America.) The call dropped when Jill's WiFi stick overheated, and she had to put it in her freezer to cool it off.

Here is the breakdown of the dresses that Joy tried on:

Dress #1: Fitted with white lace over tan fabric. Not Joy's style, but everyone agreed that it looked lovely.

Dress #2: Flowy, pure white with polka dots. It was the right cut (A-line), but Joy was not a fan of the polka dots (although she does like polka dots and had told Renee that).

Dress #3: Similar fit to dress #2 but with sleeves and all-over lace. (Austin likes lace.) Joy liked the 3/4 length sleeves. 

Dress #4: The same fit as dress #3 but more full. Less lace and lots of tulle and satin.

Joy knew just by looking at dress #5 (a shorter, calf-length gown) and dress #6 (a mermaid-style gown) that they weren't her style.

Renee ended up piecing together a dress using pieces from various gowns. Joy tried it on and immediately fell in love with it. In the few weeks before the wedding, she added 3/4 length sleeves, adjusted the neckline, and made a few other changes.

Joy tried on veils and found one that she liked. Towards the end, Jill called back and was able to see the finished look. Derick joined for a moment and told Joy that she looked beautiful. Mama Michelle was genuinely thrilled to see her daughter in a dress that made her look and feel gorgeous (see photo above).

Photo courtesy Carrie Wilson Photography 

Visit, Carrie Wilson's Facebook page, and the Renee's Bridal KY Facebook page to see more photos from Joy's dress day.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Dillards in D.C.

This week, Jill and Derick Dillard are on a tour of Washington D.C. with the Cross Church School of Ministry, the group under which Derick is completing a one-year residential ministry experience. The Dillards were even able to go inside the White House.

 Jill and Derick with the Cross Church School of Ministry
U.S. Capitol

Dillards in front of the Supeme Court

Photos courtesy

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Little Duggar Family Before Mason

We're working on updating the header with a picture of Mason Duggar, and as we do that, we want to share this new photo with you, taken soon before Mason's birth.

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, Mackynzie Duggar,
Michael Duggar, Marcus Duggar, Meredith Duggar

Photo courtesy and Anna Duggar

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Duggar #16 Turns 12

Wishing Johannah Faith Duggar a very happy 12th birthday! She is No. 16 in the Duggar lineup and the "leader" of the four little girls. In her younger years, she and Jackson, who are only 17 months apart, were very close, as those of you who have seen 19 Kids and Counting will remember.

Photos courtesy, TLC, TLC/Scott Enlow,

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Joe: 'She Would Always Bring Joy Into Our Life'

Those who tuned in to the first Duggar special, '14 Children and Pregnant Again!", were introduced to Joy-Anna Duggar at age six. Now, thirteen years later, she's a married woman and expecting her first baby. In this video from last night's episode, you'll be treated to never-before-seen photos of Joy as a young child, as well as old clips from 19 Kids and Counting that are sure to make you smile.

Photo/video courtesy TLC,

Weddings, Weddings Weddings!

Last night's new episode of Counting On (click here for our recap) was the fifth in this season's lineup. We want to give you a quick preview of what's in store in the next two weeks.

Next Monday, viewers will be treated to a two-hour special featuring Joy and Austin's wedding. The episode will also show footage of Joseph and Kendra, as their courtship progresses and Joe asks Pastor Caldwell for his blessing to propose at the Duggar/Forsyth wedding.

The following week, fast forward three months to the Duggar/Caldwell wedding. Episode summaries below.

Monday, October 16, 2017
8pm-10pm: Joy and Austin Tie the Knot (NEW)
Joy's wedding day is finally here! After months of planning, the final touches are added, as family and friends come together to celebrate Joy and Austin becoming Mr. and Mrs. Forsyth.
11pm-1am: Joy and Austin Tie the Knot (NEW)

Monday, October 23, 2017
9pm: Joseph's Wedding (NEW)
The day has finally come for Joe and Kendra to get married. Take a first look at their wedding, as Kendra walks down the aisle to become Mrs. Joseph Duggar. There might even be a few surprises in store for the happy couple!
11pm: Joseph's Wedding (NEW)

Photos courtesy TLC

Monday, October 9, 2017

'Tomboy Joy' Recap

Counting On "Tomboy Joy"
  • Jessa brings the boys over to the Duggar house so she and Jana can discuss a gift basket for Joy and Austin that the siblings will all contribute to. The theme will be “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”
  • Down in Laredo, Jinger is working on “something blue.” She spray-paints a tub and picks out a bunch of fun blue items to put in it.
  • Jessa gathers a bunch of unused kitchen items to pass on to Joy, as the “something borrowed.” She also copies the family’s favorite recipes for her sister.
  • Josiah, Jedidiah, and Jeremiah venture into the Duggar warehouse to find “something old.”
  • The Duggar warehouse is filled with everything you can imagine—old house items, broken toys, industrial equipment, fitness equipment, antiques, and much more. “Oh I’m sure there’s some hidden treasures, but we don’t really know what they are because they’re hidden,” says John.
  • The boys settle on an old camping stove, which they are surprisingly able to start.
  • For "something new," Jana uses permanent markers to decorate matching "Mr." and "Mrs." hardhats. Then all the siblings sign them.
  • Growing up, Joy enjoyed spending time with her brothers (six below her and two above her).
  • “When I first met Joy, she was spunky, outgoing, fun to be around,” says Jeremy. “We got along really well, and she said, hey, you’ve gotta come out and visit the family sometime. And then she ran off, and Ben turned to me and said, ‘Joy likes you? Joy’s not impressed with anybody.’ And so he said, ‘That’s good.’”
  • Joy really enjoys spending time with her younger siblings. “My relationship with the little kids is very strong,” says Joy. “I hope they look up to me. I’ve tried to invest into their lives and spend time with them and make them feel really special.”
  • She is especially close with Jill, James, and Jennifer, the three others on her buddy team.
  • Before she got married, Joy went flying with John to learn the ropes of operating a plane. Austin has his pilot’s license, and Joy says she is interested in pursuing hers.
  • Austin lived in Texas until he was about eight years old, when his family moved to Northwest Arkansas and met the Duggars. He speaks very highly of his parents, saying they are hard workers and dedicated to their family. “Growing up in a small family was a lot different than the Duggars, but I kind of always wanted more siblings,” says Austin, who has one older sister.
  • Joy says she was first attracted to Austin when he shared his testimony while at the Duggars' house.  
  • "I am a little nervous about marriage and being a wife," says Joy. "But I'm excited."
  • "I'm looking forward to just getting to experience life with my best friend and to have her beside me," says Austin. "And I'm very excited to start a family with her."
Next week's episode will be a two-hour special featuring footage from Joy and Austin's wedding, as well as more from Joseph and Kendra as they move into engagement. 

Something Old, Something New...

"We have tons of the shop. Maybe we should just so something old and something old and something old and something old."
-Jana Duggar

In this preview of tonight's new episode of Counting On, Jana Duggar and Jessa Seewald come up with a theme for a "gift basket" that all the siblings can contribute to for Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth as their wedding day approaches.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

'Tomboy Joy' Tonight

"I just rolled out of bed, put my feet on the ground, and thought, 'What about Joy?'"
-Austin Forsyth

It's Duggar Day, which means that a new episode of Counting On is coming your way. Check out the sneak peak video below.

Monday, October 9, 2017
9pm ET/8pm CT: Tomboy Joy (NEW)
Joy and Austin's wedding is almost here! The Duggar siblings prepare special gifts for the happy couple, while taking a trip down memory lane by remembering Joy through the years.

Photo courtesy TLC; video courtesy TLC/Entertainment Tonight

Sunday, October 8, 2017

New Photo of Dillard Babies

Today is Samuel Dillard's three-month milestone. Meanwhile, older brother Israel Dillard just hit his two-and-a-half-year milestone.

Derick Dillard, Israel Dillard, Samuel Dillard

Photo courtesy

Grand-Duggar #1 Turns 8

Wishing Mackynzie Renee Duggar a blessed 8th birthday!

Photos courtesy, Josh and Anna Duggar,

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Vuolos Enjoy Fall

In just one month, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo will celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. We know you all are always excited to see photos of this Laredo-living couple, so here are a couple new ones.

 Jinger and Jeremy enjoy the great outdoors

Riding in a dune buggy

Photos courtesy

Friday, October 6, 2017

Kendra's Oatmeal Cookies

Happy Friday! Let's celebrate the weekend with a Duggar recipe. If you've been a longtime reader of the blog, you have probably seen the Duggars' oatmeal cookie recipe listed on our Recipes page. And perhaps you have even tried making them.

Oatmeal cookies are Joseph Duggar's favorite, and Kendra Caldwell Duggar has a different recipe that she would like to share with fans. In the video below, Joe and Kendra give a tutorial.

If you enjoy this blog, be sure to check out Ellie's other blogs ( and

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Memories with the Duggar Kiddos

Now that 11 of their children are adults (soon to be 12, when Jason Duggar turns 18 in April), Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar only have a handful of little ones left. With the chaos of wedding preparation behind them (until the next Duggar courtship begins, and it's time to run the race once again), the parents of 19 took some time to make memories with their youngest kiddos.

Demolition Derby, anyone? 

 Tyler, Jackson Duggar, Jeremiah Duggar, Josie Duggar, 
Michelle Duggar, Jim Bob Duggar

The Duggars love the demolition derby and have attended many times over the years.

Fall 2014 derby

Jim Bob and Michelle also took some of the children to a University of Arkansas Razorbacks football game.

Jim Bob Duggar, Tyler, Michelle Duggar, Johannah Duggar,
Jennifer Duggar, Josie Duggar, Jordyn Duggar

Photos courtesy

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Duggars' May Camping Trip (Photos)

On Monday's episode of Counting On, we watched footage from the camping trip that Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth took with friends and siblings for their joint bachelor/bachelorette party.

Before setting up their campsite, the group took rafts and kayaks down the Mulberry River in Northwest Arkansas. Are you an outdoorsy person?


Josiah Duggar and friends

Photos courtesy Josiah Duggar/

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Dress Day with the Duggars Part 3

Last week, I shared the first two segments in a series of posts about my experience watching from behind the scenes as Joy-Anna Duggar shopped for her wedding dress. (Click here to read part one and here to read part two.)

After Joy selected her dress, the Duggar ladies (Michelle Duggar, Grandma Duggar, and all the sisters except Jill) gathered in a circle to share pictures (which they pinned to a board), memories, and praises.

Michelle said that Joy is an energy-giver and an encourager. Her little siblings love her, and her older siblings appreciate who she is

Jana talked about how quickly Joy has grown up and will soon be moving out of the house. She teared up, and the others did, as well.

Jinger reminisced about how Joy has left her tomboy ways and become a girly-girl, saying she is impressed at how mature her younger sister is and how deep her love is for Christ.

When it came time for Jennifer, Joy's buddy, to speak, she broke down crying. Joy assured Jennifer that she and Austin will live close to the family, so Jennifer can visit often.

Josie started sobbing and went to sit with her mom after giving Joy a big hug.

Steady Jordyn happily pinned her picture up but didn't cry.

Jessa talked about how tight Joy was with Josiah and Joseph before she started spending more time with the older girls. She said she is looking forward to seeing how God will use Joy and Austin's marriage to "change the world."

At the end, Joy told her family how thankful she is for each one of them.

Photo courtesy Carrie Wilson Photography 

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Joy's Due Date

Here's another baby bump photo from Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth. (Click here to see her last one.) According to Joy--soon to turn 20--she is approximately 18 weeks along, which puts her due date around early March.

Photo courtesy Joy and Austin Forsyth

Monday, October 2, 2017

'Joy and Austin's Camping Trip' Recap

Counting On "Joy and Austin's Camping Trip"

  • The wedding is less than three weeks away, and Joy is headed to a salon with Kendra to try out hairstyles. Joy tells the hairstylist that her first date with Austin was last August.
  • This is the first time Kendra has had her hair styled by a professional.
  • Joy has her hair done in a full up-do, while Kendra does a half-back. Afterwards, a male makeup artist does the girls’ makeup, complete with fake eyelashes.
  • Down in Central America, Jill takes footage of the Dillards playing outside. At age two, Israel loves food, is very talkative, and is also very adaptable and easygoing.
  • Meanwhile, Austin is working on the house with Jed. “We’re probably not going to have the whole house done in two weeks, but I’m still hoping we can have maybe the kitchen and bedroom and bathroom,” says Austin.
  • Later that week, the older siblings and their friends (about 20 people total) are packing for Joy and Austin’s joint bachelor/bachelorette party. They plan on kayaking/rafting down the Mulberry River, cooking out, and sleeping in tents/hammocks.
  • Joy is adamant that no one “cheats” and brings a motorhome. “In general, our family, when it comes to camping, we enjoy camping with having everything we could ever need,” says Josiah. “Camping in a camper type camping.”
  • “We’re less the camping type,” says Jeremy of he and Jinger. “I think we’re more the civilization type.”
  • Jana is a little less thrilled about the camping and is glad it’s only for one night, but she is determined to have fun.
  • Down in Laredo, Jinger and Jeremy pick out platters for Joy and Austin’s rehearsal dinner. They will be serving fajitas.
  • “I guess most people for their bachelor and bachelorette parties, they go do drinking and dancing and whatever else I don’t even know, but for us, we prefer…not as wild [parties],” says Joy.
  • “I’m just hoping we don’t flip because it’s a little chilly out here, and that water I hear is really cold,” says Jana.
  • Austin flips his canoe on the first rapid. When Joy tries out Austin’s kayak, she flips, as well.'
  • When the group makes it to the campsite, they set up tents and hammocks. They are concerned that the trees have poison ivy, so they attach the hammocks to their trucks.
  • "It's mixed emotions anytime somebody is getting married in our family," says Jana. "It's going to be hard to let [Joy] go."
  • While everyone is sitting around the campfire, Laura hosts a round of the shoe game for Joy and Austin.
  • Although the temperatures drop overnight, everyone enjoys the camping trip. 
  • The Seewalds go shopping at a thrift store with Spurgeon, Henry, Jackson, and Tyler. Jessa gives an explanation on Tyler. As we have said, he is the Duggars’ cousin whose mom is in a difficult situation. Jim Bob and Michelle have taken him in and now have legal guardianship of him.
  • At the end of the shopping trip, Jessa finds some stick horses and rocking horses. Ben would rather not purchase them. He isn’t sure they will fit in the van, and he isn’t thrilled about buying secondhand stuffed animals that are attached to wood and cannot be cleaned. 
  • “Whenever you have a disagreement, I think it’s really just important to be patient,” says Ben. “I was trying to think, is this really that big of a deal? She really wants to get these, so [I’ll] just let her get them.”
  • “You’re two different people,” says Jessa. “You’re going to have different ideas about things from time to time, but don’t let little things become big things.”
  • They end up buying the stick horses and rocking horses.

Joy and Austin Play the Shoe Game

Are you looking forward to tonight's new episode of Counting On? In the sneak peek video below from People Magazine, Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth sit back-to-back for the shoe game at their joint bachelor/bachelorette party. The show starts at 9pm ET/8pm CT, only on TLC

Photo/video courtesy TLC/People Magazine

Honeymoon Location Revealed

The location of Joseph and Kendra Duggar's honeymoon has officially been revealed. The newlyweds traveled all the way to Greece! One of the highlights of their trip was a food tour of Athens with a local guide. Doesn't that sound like a delicious blast?

Joe and Kendra were not the first Duggars to head out of the country after tying the knot. Jessa and Ben Seewald honeymooned in Paris, Rome, and Venice, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo went Down Under, and Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth spent time in both Switzerland and Israel.

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Photo/video courtesy TLC