Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Israel and Uncle John

This picture is just too cute not to post. Jill and Derick Dillard have been visiting family and taking care of a few urgent matters--including Jill's final midwifery exam, which she passed--since early September but will return to Central America soon. The rest of the Duggar clan has enjoyed spending quality time with the Dillards. In this photo, John-David Duggar, 25, bonds with nephew Israel Dillard, who turns six months old next week.

Uncle John-David Duggar with nephew Israel Dillard

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jessa Seewald on Parenthood

Baby Seewald at 19 weeks, 3 days
We have been posting Jessa Seewald's responses to the questions you submitted. One reader asked the expectant mother what is going through her mind as she prepares to enter parenthood within the next several weeks. (Baby Seewald is due November 1st.)

What are you looking forward to most about parenthood, and what are you nervous about?
Jessa: Being that I am currently pregnant, I think I am most looking forward to holding this precious little one in my arms for the first time! Sometimes I just sit and wonder what our baby’s little face will look like. Will we see more pronounced “Seewald” or “Duggar” features? Will baby be born with Daddy’s blue eyes, or Mommy’s curly hair? 

It’s so amazing to think that God has entrusted us with this precious little life to love and care for. I think it is only natural for us to feel unprepared for such a huge responsibility, but we know that God will guide us each step of the way. Each night, we pray that God will prepare us to be good parents and that He will give us the grace to be able to raise this little one for His Glory. Ben and I feel especially blessed to have so many godly examples of other parents around us to look up to and learn from! We are constantly asking questions and learning from those who are further down the road in this journey of parenting. 

Here are the links to past posts:

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Jessa on Pregnancy 
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Jessa: A Parent's Most Important Role

Baby Seewald's Character 

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Seewalds in Orlando

On Saturday, Jessa and Ben Seewald answered audience questions and signed autographs at the Southern Women's Show in Orlando, Florida. The Seewalds spoke about baby names, family size, adoption, and the possibility of leaving Arkansas, as well as other topics. 

Entertainment Tonight filmed a few segments from the event and released the following video. We are very selective when posting third party videos, but this one passed our test for accuracy.

Video no longer available

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Seewalds Plan a Home Birth

 Jessa Seewald at 34 weeks, 2 days

Jessa Seewald, who is 35 weeks pregnant with her first child, told us that she and Ben are hoping to have a home birth. They currently reside in the two bedroom house where Josh and Anna Duggar lived for nearly four years--before moving to Washington DC--and delivered their first two children, Mackynzie and Michael.

Our plan is to have a home birth. We have lots of relatives and friends who have had wonderful experiences with giving birth at home, and we are excited and hopeful that our experience will be the same. But we also realize that sometimes (as in Jill’s case) a transfer to the hospital may be necessary, and our birth plan definitely includes a plan B.  

-Jessa Seewald

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Baby Seewald's Character

We have been posting Jessa Seewald's responses to the interview questions you submitted. Here are the links to past posts:

Jessa on Pregnancy 
Jessa on Pregnancy Cravings 
Update on Ben's Career
Jessa: A Parent's Most Important Role

What is one trait you hope your children will inherit from Ben? 
Jessa: Most of all, I hope that our kids will inherit Ben’s love for people and his compassionate heart. His heart truly aches when he sees people going through a difficult time, and he hurts with the hurting. He is especially alert and attentive to the emotions of others. Often times, he’s calling people on the phone or writing notes of encouragement and support to those in need. His love for people is so deep and genuine. He desires to share the hope of Christ with those who are lost. He draws inspiration from studying the Bible, and he has the heart of an evangelist. His heroes are men like Charles Spurgeon and Paul Washer, and he is constantly reading books and listening to sermons. His passion for the Gospel is so inspiring, and he continually motivates me to draw closer to Christ!

Contact TLC

Have you heard the news? The Dillards and the Seewalds are coming back to TLC! (Click here for details.)

We urge you to contact the TLC/Discovery Viewer Relations Department to share your feedback regarding their decision. You can also visit the 19 Kids and Counting page, click the red "Feedback" button in the bottom right corner, select "Show or Network Feedback," and then enter your comments.

 Photos: Israel Dillard, Jill and Derick Dillard in Central America, Jessa and Ben Seewald

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Duggars Returning to TLC

Two months after canceling 19 Kids and Counting, TLC has a big announcement to share with fans. Viewers will soon be able to watch specials staring Jill (Duggar) Dillard and Jessa (Duggar) Seewald and their growing families.

The network currently has two or three specials in the works and expects the first to air before the end of 2015.

TLC Executive Vice President and General Manager Nancy Daniels told The Associated Press that the network has been in close contact with the Duggars over the past few months.

Daniels said TLC was amazed by the courage Jill and Jessa displayed as they shared their stories on the documentary Breaking the Silence and during their interview with Megyn Kelly. “Our audience continues to be engaged with what's going on in their lives,” she told AP.

An anonymous production source added that Josh Duggar will not be part of these specials, nor will he appear on any future TLC programming.

More on the AP website.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Jessa: A Parent's Most Important Role

We are continuing to share Jessa Seewald's responses to the questions you submitted. For those who missed our first three posts, here are the links:

Jessa on Pregnancy 
Jessa on Pregnancy Cravings 
Update on Ben's Career

And now for today's question...

What is a Parent's Most Important Role?
Jessa: When I think of the most important things I have seen in my own parents' lives, I would have to say that there are three things that certainly stand out to me: their love for God, their love for each other, and their love for us kids.

First off, their love for God. It was and is so evident by the way they live! God is their rock in hard times. They seek wisdom through His Word (the Bible) and prayer before making any big decisions. They pray for each one of us kids by name, daily. We attended church together on Sundays, and we would study the Bible together as a family most every evening. These times are a precious memory for me!

Secondly, their love for one other. They have been such a wonderful example to me of what a godly, Christian couple should look like! Like every couple, I know that there are times when they have disagreements, but they calmly talk through things in private—and not in front of the kids. We never had insecurities of wondering if they loved each other, and I never remember seeing them fight or argue. When we were young, Grandma would often babysit us on Thursday evenings so they could keep a weekly date night. Even through times when finances have been tight, they would go out and do something together-- even if it was swinging through a drive-thru for a 0.99 cent ice cream cone and then taking an evening stroll in the park—they would make sure they had that time to communicate and catch up.

As a child, I remember when Dad would come home from work and he’d sneak up behind mom to give her a kiss on the cheek! He’d always think of sweet little things to do for her like bringing home flowers, and they’d often leave special notes for each other to find. Back before the days of cell phones and digital photo albums, I remember that Dad always carried his favorite picture of Mom in his wallet. It was so sweet! He would always praise her to us kids telling us that she was the most wonderful woman on Earth, and we knew we were blessed to have her as our Mom! When we take family outings, it’s so adorable to see Mom and Dad still holding hands and so passionate about each other. I think it’s precious how they are still so madly in love after 30-plus years of marriage. They are truly my heroes!

The third thing that stands out to me is how they pursued our hearts. I know that this is not just something that “happens.” They were very purposeful about this! They would always make time to talk to us one-on-one, and ask us questions about how we were doing and what was going on in our lives. Growing up, I truly felt like they knew me better than anyone else! I knew that they cared about me deeply, and they were there to see me be a success in life and pray me through any hard times I might face! It gave me great confidence as a young person to have such love and support from them.

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Ticket Giveaway: Meet Jessa in AL

Jessa Seewald is preparing for her sixth of seven appearances at this year's Southern Women's Show.

On Saturday, October 10th, at 2pm, Jessa will be on stage at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, Alabama, to speak and answer questions. After the show, she will sign autographs and take photos with guests. Her husband, Ben, will accompany her.

(Click here for details on all of Jessa's fall appearances.)

Do you live near Birmingham? We are giving away ten pairs of tickets to the show!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Duggars to Speak at Family Camp

Are you looking for a fruitful vacation filled with fun, fellowship, and family togetherness?

In three weeks, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will speak at the International Alert Academy Family Camp in Big Sandy, Texas. Camp runs from 10:30am on Saturday, October 10th, to 11am on Saturday, October 17th. (Guests do not have to stay for the entire week, but the schedule of speakers is not available prior to the start of camp.)

This year's theme is "On the Front Lines, Standing For Your Faith."

Learning to rely on God’s grace through the trials of the past few months, Jim Bob and Michelle will share their family experiences of standing for the Gospel on the front lines of social media. Filled with the knowledge of God’s goodness despite hardships, Jim Bob and Michelle will encourage our families to “run with endurance the race that is set before us.” (Description from the Alert Academy website)

For registration, call 903-636-2000, ext. 2101. You can register at the door, but ALERT recommends calling in advance. 

The Adorable Meredith Duggar

Couldn't resist posting these snapshots of two-month-old Meredith Grace Duggar. She is the fourth child of Josh and Anna Duggar and the fifth grandchild of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Children sure are a blessing!

Meredith Duggar, 2 months old

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Update on Ben Seewald's Career

With her due date only six weeks away, Jessa Seewald gave us an update on her pregnancy and how she and Ben are preparing for parenthood. She also shared her hubby's career plans.

What has Ben been up to career/school wise? 
Jessa: Ben graduated in May from National Park College in his hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and since then, has been looking into options for Seminary. He decided to take a break from his studies for this semester since we have a little one due Nov. 1st, but he plans to move forward next year. In the meantime, Ben continues to work for my dad, who, along with my Grandma Duggar, runs a real estate business. Now that I and many of my siblings are involved, our family business is in its 5th generation!* 

I think it’s so awesome when families have the opportunity to work together as a team like this! There’s a whole variety of work involved, and it’s always encouraging to see everyone’s ideas come together and a project come to completion. My dad buys some pretty decent fixer-uppers, and the whole family takes part in remodeling and fixing up buildings and houses to either rent or resell. We try to do as much of the work as we can ourselves, as there are a whole variety of different skills right within the family. 

For instance, Jinger, Joe, and Joy make a dynamic tile-laying team; Jana has a particularly good eye for interior design; Josiah and I have helped my dad with the business bookkeeping and accounting; John is skilled in operating heavy equipment; several have gotten their Commercial Drivers License (CDL) so they can drive big rigs like the dump truck and rollback; and many of my siblings have learned framing, siding, roofing, as well as how to deal with plumbing and electrical issues. Then of course, when the grass is growing, there is lots of lawn care to be done, as well! This summer I’ve been able to join the work crew on most lawn care days. 

I love getting to share extra time with my man, and I’ve always enjoyed operating one of those zero-turn mowers! (Of course I’m extra careful being preggo and all.) 

*The Duggars' real estate business was started by JT Duggar, Jim Bob's great-grandfather, so Jessa and her siblings are the fifth generation to carry it on.

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Israel Dillard...11 Days Old

Five months ago, Jill and Derick Dillard welcomed their firstborn child, Israel David Dillard. Check out these beautiful newborn photos, taken by Lisa Mac Photography when Israel was just 11 days old. Be sure to visit Lisa's website and Facebook page (@lisamacphoto).

During the photo shoot, Israel was happiest when he was swaddled in his blue blanket. At one point, he became quite upset, but the moment Lisa handed him over to Grandma Michelle, Israel stopped crying. Guess that's not surprising from a woman who has 19 children!

 Jill Dillard, Derick Dillard, and Israel Dillard

 Jill Dillard and Israel Dillard

 Michelle Duggar, Jill Dillard, and Israel Dillard

 Jill Dillard, Derick Dillard, and Israel Dillard

 Israel David Dillard, 11 days old

Photos used with permission from Lisa Mac Photography

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jessa Seewald on Pregnancy Cravings

For the next two weeks, we will be posting Jessa Seewald's responses to the questions you submitted.

Yesterday, we shared Jessa's thoughts on pregnancy (click here to read), and today we're discussing pregnancy cravings. Baby Seewald is due in just six weeks!

Have you had any crazy cravings?
Jessa: I can’t say that I’ve had any super weird cravings—meaning that I haven’t developed a desire for any foods out of the ordinary, or felt the need to combine pickles with ice cream. I guess I pretty much just excuse anything I’m in the mood for as a “craving.” Like if I really want ice cream, or chocolate, or Italian food, then I must be “craving it”, right? Lol! For the most part, Ben and I strive to eat a healthy diet with lots of protein and fresh produce, and we also try to keep up a regular workout routine…and most of the time we try to keep our desserts limited to one per week (although it can be especially difficult when it seems like there’s always another family birthday party just around the corner!). 

Top picture: Jill and Jessa Duggar, early 2014; bottom picture: Jinger, Jill, Jana, and Jessa Duggar headed to Journey to the Heart with friends, 2010.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jessa Seewald on Pregnancy

  Jessa and Ben Seewald sign autographs at the Southern Women's Show
Charlotte, North Carolina; August 29, 2015

Jessa Seewald is only six weeks and one day away from her November 1st due date. For the next two weeks, we will be posting her responses to the questions you posted to the blog. We admire this gal's ability to continuously give glory to God and to credit those who have made an impact on her life.

What has been the best part of pregnancy? The worst part?
Jessa: For sure, one of the most amazing parts of pregnancy has been feeling those tiny (and sometimes powerful) little kicks! It’s seems amazing how we can find ourselves so in love with someone who we’ve yet to meet face-to-face. 

Of course there are some aspects of pregnancy that can be difficult, such as morning sickness (which I was blessed to only have to deal with for about 4 weeks), and heartburn, and the shortness of breath that occurs when baby is cramped up in there and pressing on your lungs! But I cannot complain in the least when I see dear friends who have suffered multiple miscarriages, or unusually difficult pregnancies, or even infertility. Even when things in pregnancy seem difficult, I can’t help but think of others who are dealing with so much more. This really puts things in perspective for me. 

Photo used with permission from Southern Shows

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Today, Krispy Kreme is giving away one donut to each customer who talks like a pirate and one dozen donuts to those who dress in full pirate attire. Jill and Derick Dillard took several of the Duggar kids to a nearby Krispy Kreme location to take advantage of this unique offer.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Jill Dillard, CPM

Jill Dillard is now a certified professional midwife. Congratulations, Jill! To earn this certification, she has spent the past three-and-a-half years taking courses, studying for exams, doing research, completing clinicals, and working under a local midwife. The Dillards are currently in Arkansas for a few weeks, which allowed Jill to take the seven-hour exam to receive her license.

"I am so proud of her for her diligence, perseverance, and hard work to see this long road through to its end and reaching her goal of becoming a CPM," Derick wrote of his wife on the Dillards' website. Jill, who is now "Jill Dillard, CPM," plans to use her midwifery skills on the mission field.

Derick posted references to four Bible verses that fit this occasion well.

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might, for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol, to which you are going." (Ecclesiastes 9:10)

"And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men." (Colossians 3:23)

 "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." (Mathew 6:33)

"Knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves of sin." (Romans 6:6)

Photos used with permission from A Mommy's Butterfly Midwifery

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Anna Duggar's Homeschool Curriculum

 Marcus Duggar, Michael Duggar, and Mackynzie Duggar

This post is for all the homeschool families out there. One of the most challenging parts of home educating is choosing a curriculum that is appropriate for your children. A few months ago, we chatted with Anna Duggar about the materials she uses to teach Mackynzie (age five) and Michael (age four). We hope this is an encouragement to those homeschooling young kids.

"I use Math-U-See for math, and I absolutely love it! Michael is doing the Primer, and Mackynzie is doing the Alpha. It's great because it has the blocks, so they have a hands-on way of learning, and there's a little DVD that comes with it, so they can watch their five-minute lesson and then do their work for the week. It's a great resource for me because I am able to be there as a guide, but I don't have to explain the concepts. 
I use Sing, Spell, Read,and Write with Mackynzie. She reads the basic words very well. It's fun to see her read little stories to the boys. 

And then I use a lot of other random things. For writing practice, I find worksheets online. I really like the websites where you can download the dotted font and make your own worksheets. It's fun to do a little verse or phrase."

What homeschool curriculum do you use?

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ask Jessa

With Jessa Seewald's due date less than seven weeks away, we will be chatting with her later this week about how she and Ben are preparing for parenthood. What questions do you have for the young couple as they start their family? They are keeping the baby's gender under wraps for the time being, but they have announced that Jessa is not carrying twins.

Jessa and Ben Seewald on 4th of July

Monday, September 14, 2015

Name Suggestions for Baby Seewald

With less than seven weeks to go until Baby Seewald's November 1st due date, it's time to start suggesting names! Jessa and Ben Seewald have not yet revealed the child's gender, and they say that they are the only people who know. What names/name themes do you suggest?

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

'Happy Birthday, Mama!'

In honor of their mom's 49th birthday, Jim Bob and the Duggar kids expressed what they admire most about her in several short video messages. Here are a few of the recordings:

Jim Bob Duggar

John-David Duggar (25)

Jana Duggar (25) and Joy-Anna Duggar (17)

Jill (Duggar) Dillard (24), Derick Dillard (26), and Israel Dillard (5 months)

Jedidiah Duggar (16)

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald (22)

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Duggar Matriarch Celebrates a Birthday

Wishing Michelle Duggar a blessed birthday! This woman is an incredible example of grace and Christlikeness to her family and the entire world.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Jill to Become a Certified Professional Midwife

Jill and Derick Dillard, along with baby Israel Dillard, moved down to Central America in early July. They spent their first month serving with various mission teams and their second month in language school.

"...We are encouraged by the opportunities we have had to share the hope of the Gospel with our teachers and for the relationships we have built while studying at the school," wrote Derick in a recent blog post on the Dillards' website. He and Jill are currently back in the United States for a planned, month-long visit.

In addition to studying Spanish, Jill is also studying for an upcoming test to become a certified professional midwife, which she has been working towards since May 2012. Jill has served as an apprentice midwife and poured over textbooks for countless hours to achieve this goal.

"I am so proud of all the hard work she has put in over the years to prepare to be a midwife," shared Derick.

On Sunday morning, Jill and Derick were commissioned to the mission field by Pastor Ronnie Floyd at Cross Church, where the Dillards were married and attended before moving to Central America. That afternoon, the Dillards joined the rest of the Duggar family at cousin Amy's wedding.

Jill and Derick say their plan is to continue language school when they return to Central America.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

An Open Letter to Anna Duggar

Dana and her children
We came across this letter on one of our reader's blogs. The author's name is Dana, and she has three children and lives in Colorado. We hope her words speak to you, whether you are a "fellow traveler" or someone who can be an encouragement to those around you.

I don’t know you, Anna. I only know the image of you that has been marketed on TV. Nevertheless, my heart breaks for you. I am so sorry. You are now part of a club that NO ONE ever wants to be in. It is the worst club, Anna. You know that already. A hand grenade has been detonated and thrown smack dab into the middle of your life. I understand. You are not alone.

There will be so many people who will tell you what you need to do. Some of these people will be well-meaning, and some of them will not. No one really knows, Anna. Some of your closest friends may be totally shocked to learn about what has happened in your marriage, and some of them will not be. You have to remember that only you know the truth, Anna. You are the only person that has lived in your shoes day in and day out. You are the only person that really knows Josh’s heart and intentions and capacity to change. There is a soft, still voice in your head, Anna. I believe that is the voice of the Holy Spirit; trust that voice. It will speak to you and guide you as you attempt to navigate out of the depths of despair. I would like to offer some humble words of encouragement for you on your journey.

1. Say yes. Yes I need help. Yes I could use help with meals, yes you can watch my kids, yes you can stop by, yes you can clean my house. Yes, I will not be able to ask for it, so yes you have my permission to step into the gap and provide it. You need to allow others to serve you right now. It is humbling, and difficult, and necessary. Anna, you need all of your strength, all of your sanity, all of your courage for today. And then you will need it all over again for tomorrow.

2. Find your people. This road of suffering is lonely and barren; long and agonizing. There are men and women ahead of you on this journey. There are also people right alongside you. Sadly, soon there will be those that come after you. Find these people, Anna. Your soul will not survive without the camaraderie of those that have gone before you. The first time that you share your heart with a fellow traveler, and they say, “Me too. I know exactly what you mean,” your soul will flicker with the tiniest ember of hope. The connection between your hearts will lay down a thin thread.  Sometimes you will feel like you are floating away.  Those people will feel tension on the line when you start to disconnect. They will show up for you. They will keep you grounded, connected, and safe. Hang onto those threads, Anna.

3. Give yourself grace. And then give yourself another heaping portion of it. I think you are the kind of person that wants to do it all. And you want to do it all well. And you want other people to approve of how you are doing it all. Anna, you can’t do it all. You will fail. You will unravel at the slightest thing. You will drift off into space, walk around in a cloud, and snap at your loved ones. You will sob in the car. You will forget things that you always reliably remembered. Let it go. Forgive yourself. In fact, treat yourself. Give yourself permission to take extra care of yourself. Allow luxuries that were previously thought frivolous. They aren’t luxuries anymore, Anna; they are survival.

4. Be a courageous truth teller. We are a people called to walk in the light. We are told that the truth will set us free. You are part of a generation of women who can do hard things. You can do hard things! Do not sacrifice your integrity to defend someone else who lacks it. Allow yourself to feel whatever comes along. Face the pain and the agony head on. Admit how much it hurts. If you are mad at God, He can handle it. Lean in to the truth, Anna. Love is not shaming or silencing, controlling or deceitful. It is open and honest and courageous. If your marriage gets put back together, it will be real, and honest, and stronger than before. If it doesn’t,you will hold your head up high as an honest and worthy woman of God.

The affairs were not about you, Anna. There wasn’t anything missing, something you failed at, or some way that you did not measure up. It wasn’t you. His shame is not your shame. The healing is about you. It’s all about you. It is about your soul and your health and your children. It’s about your heart and your dignity. Your worth and your purity and your happiness aren’t dependent on Josh.  They never were. You are strong and worthy and beautiful all on your own. Your story doesn’t end with a divorce or a reconciliation.  That will only ever be part of your story, Anna. It is your life and your story. You still own that. Own it courageously.

Godspeed Anna,

A fellow traveler

You can find Dana on the web at

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Amy Shows Support for Anna Duggar

On Sunday evening, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and all of their children (minus Josh), in-laws, and grandchildren watched as cousin Amy Duggar married Dillon King at Horton Farms in Gravette, Arkansas.

"They've been through so much and it means the world to me that they want to come to my wedding even though their whole world is turned upside down right now," Amy told PEOPLE Magazine

Amy met with her extended family before the ceremony. "I gave [Anna] the biggest hug ever when I first saw her," said the new bride, who reported that Anna looked gorgeous. "She said she's very happy for me."

To show her love and support, Amy left handwritten cards on Anna and Michelle's chairs.

"I gave Aunt Michelle a gift certificate for her favorite restaurant so she and Uncle Jim Bob can have a really sweet date night. And I felt like Anna needed to be pampered so I got her a mani-pedi certificate to a nail salon. I feel like she needs that."

Read the full story on

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cousin Amy's Wedding

On Sunday evening, cousin Amy Duggar tied the knot with Dillon King at Horton Farms in Gravette, Arkansas, about 45 minutes from the the home of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

The majority of the Duggar family joined in on the joyous occasion, including Jessa and Ben Seewald, Jill and Derick Dillard, and Anna Duggar and her four kiddos. Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, Mackynzie, and Josie Duggar served as flower girls at the event, which was attended by approximately 400 guests.

For those curious about the sign hanging above the couple, it says "And He has made everything beautiful in His time," a phrase found in Ecclesiastes 3:11.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Jessa Seewald's Baby Bump

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald and husband Ben Seewald are expecting their first child on November 1st, which also happens to be their one-year wedding anniversary. Jessa is approaching the 32-week mark. Check out the progression of her baby bump in the photos below.

Photos courtesy of

Friday, September 4, 2015

Dillards Spending the Weekend in AR

Just three weeks after traveling to Tennessee to watch Michaela Bates tie the knot with Brandon Keilen, the Duggars are gearing up for another wedding. This weekend, cousin Amy Duggar will marry Dillon King.

Jill and Derick Dillard, along with five-month-old Israel Dillard, have been serving Central America as missionaries since the beginning of July. They returned to the States three weeks ago to film for TLC's Breaking the Silence and were also able to attend Michaela's wedding. Now, they are back in Arkansas for Amy's wedding and a quick visit with family.

 Jana Duggar, an accomplished pianist, gives Israel Dillard a piano lesson 

Jana Duggar bonds with nephew Israel Dillard

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Win Tickets to Meet Jessa, Take 2

Last Saturday, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald, accompanied by husband Ben Seewald, appeared at the Charlotte, North Carolina, Southern Women's Show. We raffled off ten pairs of tickets to our readers.

Jessa will answer audience questions, sign autographs, and take photos with guests at three additional Southern Women's Shows this fall. (Click here for details.)

Follow the directions on the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win tickets to the next show, which takes place Saturday, September 26th, in Orlando, Florida.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Joy & Carlin Visit the Dillards

Check out these adorable photos of Joy Duggar and Carlin Bates' two-week stay with Jill and Derick Dillard in Central America. (Click here for a written update.)

Before you go any further, take a minute to soak in the cuteness of this first picture. Can you believe Israel will turn five months old on Sunday?

The adorable Israel Dillard

 Jill, Carlin, and Joy enjoy some girl time (with Israel)

 Shopping for food in Central America is a new experience for the Dillards

 Let the teething begin!

 The many faces of Israel

 Time with Daddy!

 Carlin, who has 10 younger siblings, is a natural when it comes to taking care of kids.

 Another snapshot of Israel

 Joy and Jill have always been close friends.

 Looks like Israel is ready for breakfast!

Eatin' his toes

 Won't be long before this little guy starts walking.

 The Dillards head out for a walk with Carlin and Joy

 Carlin and Joy-Anna bond with Israel

 Little Caesars pizza anyone?

Israel sure loves those toes!

 Carlin, Joy, and Israel

 Which Duggar(s) do you think Israel resembles in this picture?
Chillin' with Daddy

Photos courtesy of