Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Radio Show?

Did you listen to Thursday's interview with Michelle Duggar? What did you think? 
How would you like to hear us on the Living the Dream Mom radio show again? We --Lily and Ellie -- would be chatting with host Nina Frye about the Duggars and answering your questions. Comment here to let us know what you think!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Missed the Interview? Watch It Here!

This morning, we interviewed the delightful Michelle Duggar on Nina Frye's Living the Dream Mom Radio Show! What a privilege! As we chatted, Michelle and her family were on a field trip -- a train ride for Joy-Anna Duggar's 13th birthday. You can hear the train whistle for proof!

We got as many of your questions answered as possible. We apologize to our faithful readers whose questions where not answered in the interview.
Thanks for tuning in!

20 Minutes Until Interview

Here are instructions on how to listen to the live interview with Michelle Duggar, this morning at 9AM CST (10AM EST):
Follow this link:
And click on the button at the top right that says "Live on Air, Click Here to Listen."

Hope you can tune in!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

16 Hours Till Interview!

16 hours until we're on LIVE with Michelle Duggar! 

Tune into Toginet Internet Radio
Thursday, October 28 at 10:00AM EST (9:00AM CST)
We -- Lily and Ellie! -- will be on the Living the Dream Mom Radio Show with Michelle Duggar and host Nina Frye at 10:15AM EST (9:15AM CST)
Click here and follow the "Listen on Air" link at the top right of the screen.

Scroll down to watch a short YouTube for instructions on how to watch.

Will you be listening?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to Listen LIVE to the Interview with Michelle

Two more days until we speak with Michelle Duggar! Hope you can listen. Scroll down to watch a YouTube video for instructions on how to tune in to Toginet on Thursday at 9AM CST (10AM EST)

"Duggar Day Out" Recap

On this week's episode of "19 Kids and Counting:"

  • Michelle is recovering from her gallbladder removal. "Surgery isn't for sissies" says the mom of 19.
  • To help out, Anna, Jill, and Jason took the younger kids out to expend some energy. It was Mackynzie's first time at a park! 
  • Afterward, Anna and the older girls went thrift shopping. They got some good bargains -- 23 items for $30! 
  • But buying clothes for the little Duggar girls isn't as easy as it used to be. Jennifer just turned 3 and is now picky about what she wears. And what do you think her favorite color is? Pink, of course! "I want pink, I want pink!"
  • Anna is driving her dream car, the Hummer H2! It gets poor gas mileage, and Anna will be glad when it sells, but until it does, she is living her childhood dream. Despite the Hummer, Anna says that she and Josh are still Eco-friendly. "My baby has a cloth diaper on. You may be driving a Honda, but your baby has a disposable diaper." 
What did you think of the show? Are your kids picky about what they wear?

Tune In Tonight

With all the excitement of the LIVE interview with Michelle Duggar, don't forget to tune into TLC tonight for "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar Day Out. It's a chick outing with Anna and her sisters-in-law. Watch as they go shopping and out to ice cream -- two of a woman's favorite things! 

In case you haven't heard, we are officially inviting you to tune into Toginet Internet Radio for a LIVE interview with Michelle Duggar:

Michelle Duggar, LIVE on Toginet Internet Radio
Thursday, October 28 at 10:00AM EST (9:00AM CST)
Please tune in to Living the Dream Mom radio show, with host Nina Frye -- and us, yes us, Lily and Ellie -- as we chat with Michelle. 
Pour yourself a coffee, and join us! 

Michelle will be on with Nina for an hour, and we will be joining the discussion around 10:15 EST.
Click on the picture below to visit the Living the Dream Mom site.

Do you have any questions for Michelle? Please post them to the comment section of this blog post ASAP, and we will try to get them answered. This interview with Michelle Duggar on Thursday is a chat session, not a phone-in session.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

LIVE Interview with Michelle Duggar!

Michelle Duggar, LIVE on Toginet Internet Radio
Thursday, October 28 at 10:00AM EST (9:00AM CST)
Please tune in to Living the Dream Mom radio show, with host Nina Frye -- and us, yes us, Lily and Ellie -- as we chat with Michelle. 
Pour yourself a coffee, and join us! 

Michelle will be on with Nina for an hour, and we will be joining the discussion around 10:15 EST.
Click on the picture below to visit the Living the Dream Mom site.

Do you have any questions for Michelle? Please post them to the comment section of this blog post ASAP, and we will try to get them answered. This interview with Michelle Duggar on Thursday is a chat session, not a phone-in session.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Michelle on Cravings

Pregnancy cravings. They can be as ordinary as strawberries, bagels, or chocolate and as off-the-wall as egg roles, gummy bears, or, yes, even toothpaste. I even heard of a woman who craves the taste of baby powder. I'm actually jealous of the one. If you were ever in an awkward conversation, it would be a great icebreaker. "My name is Jane, and I crave baby powder."
But back to the Duggars.....
So what does Michelle Duggar crave when she's pregnant?

"It's always pickles or lemons," the mom of 19 told TLC, "things that are sour or salty." So craving pickles isn't just an old wives tale. You've heard it right from Michelle Duggar, Baby Expert.

What do you crave?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Duggar Diagnosis" Recap

On this week's episode of "19 Kids and Counting..."
  • Jim Bob took his sons on an Alert Cadet canoeing trip for some good, old-fashioned guy time. Jedidiah is learning to do his hair like daddy's, hair spray and all. Like father, like son. 
  • What happens when you put 90 Duggars in one room? Complete chaos and confusion. When Jim Bob and Michelle arrived at Duggar Family Reunion 2010, their conversations went something like this: "Jill?" "Jessa." "Jana?" "Jinger." The relatives then decided that Jim Bob's kids had to wear name tags. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  
  • And what's a Duggar family reunion without Amy? According to Jim Bob, she's a "ball of energy," and no family party is complete without her. 
  • And how did Josie handle all this excitement? She stayed upstairs and was allowed to "meet" anyone who didn't have a runny nose. "Josie is a very social little girl," says Michelle. She smiles, makes faces, and just loves being around people.
  • Several months after Michelle's gallbladder issues and Josie's premature birth, the mom of 19 started having pains. The cause? A large gallstone. Diagnosis? After consulting a specialist, she was highly advised to have her gallbladder removed. 
  • "My thought is: 'anything that I have that I'm given when I'm born, I'd like to's there for a reason,"' explains Michelle, but she and Jim Bob hardly had time to think it over. Just a few days later, she was rushed to the hospital after experiencing extreme pain. Michelle Duggar has birthed 19 children and went through a traumatic ordeal with Josie that almost took her life, but she can honestly say that this pain was the worst she has ever felt. Period.
  • There was no choice but to remove the gallbladder, and even though Michelle was released from the hospital after just 24 hours, her kids had to settle with air hugs for a while.
What did you think of the episode? Have you ever had a family reunion? What about a gallbladder removal?

Duggar Diagnosis

Tonight on "19 Kids and Counting..."
Michelle Duggar's gallbladder was the reason why she was admitted into the hospital last December, which led to Josie's premature birth on December 10th. Now, Michelle has just been told that her gallbladder is going to need some medical attention.
Tune into TLC tonight at 9/8PM CST for "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar Diagnosis.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Duggars and Gender Stereotypes

Although it may seem like the Duggars are enforcing gender stereotypes, making sure their kids are well-rounded is very important to Jim Bob and Michelle. In TLC’s “17 Kids and Counting” Trading Places Duggar Style, the guys and girls swapped chores. While Michelle taught the boys to cook dinner, Jim Bob showed his daughters how to perform basic car mechanics. He even dropped them off at the side of the road to test their skills, and they passed the assessment with flying colors. Dinner was a little late though....

Click here to see what the Duggars have to say about College.
Josh and Anna Duggar now own two wholesale car lots in Springdale, Arkansas.
Jana and Jill recently joined the Volunteer Fire Department. Click here to read more.
Visit this link to learn about Jana Duggar's career plans, and click here for Jill's future goals.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Josh + Petroleum Jelly = One Messy Duggar Baby

Everyone has a messy baby story, and with 19 kids, the Duggars have quite a few.
Let's go back about 20 years. Back when the Duggars had an average-sized family. Picture Josh, about 2 years old, looking for excitement. And what could be more fun than, say, Petroleum Jelly??? So he sneaks into the bathroom, climbs onto the counter, and creaks open the medicine cabinet to seize the Vaseline. Opening the lid, he rubs it all over himself, into his hair, rolls around on the couch a few times.
Joshua is having a ball!
Until Mommy walks in.
But who can be mad when he looks so darn cute with his spiked hair? There's only one thing for Michelle to for the camera!
And then spend the next week in the bathroom, scrubbing little Joshua's hair. Good times.....

Do you have a messy baby story? Or maybe you have several? We would love to hear them!

Friday, October 15, 2010

James Andrew

"Who is #13 in the Duggar family lineup?" Is it James or Justin? The Duggar lineup sure is a tongue-twister with all those "J" names. It took me a few tries (I confess that I had to use my fingers), but the answer is James (aka James Andrew). Thanks to all who answered! Look for more trivia questions in the near future.

The Duggar Lineup:
1. Josh  2. Jana  3. John-David  4. Jill  5. Jessa  6. Jinger  7. Joseph  8. Josiah  9. Joy-Anna  10. Jedidiah  
11. Jeremiah  12. Jason  13. James  14. Justin  15. Jackson  16. Johannah  17. Jennifer  18. Jordyn  19. Josie

20 Years, 300 Stitches

Over the past 20 years, the Duggars have had about 300 stitches! That's a lot of boo-boos.

About how many stitches has your family had collectively? Can you beat 300?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trivia Question

Who is #13 in the Duggar family lineup?
I'll give you a hint: it starts with a "J."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Deep Dish Duggars

On this week's episode of 19 Kids and Counting...
  •  Jessa and Jinger traveled to Chicago with Erin and Michaella Bates for a college music conference. Both the Duggars and the Bates are huge music families, so the girls were thrilled to be taught by college professors. This was the first time Jessa and Jinger went away on their own, but Jim Bob and Michelle knew they were ready.
  • After the conference, the girls spend a day touring Chi-Town. And guess who joined them? Priscilla Keller, Anna's sister! They went Chicago style (on a double-decker bus). 
  • The highlight? Stepping out onto a glass ledge on the Willis (aka Sears) Tower Skydeck, with less than 1/2 an inch of glass separating them from a 1,353-foot drop to the street. But don't worry - each balcony can supposedly support up to 5 tons, so the entire Duggar family could cram onto one ledge with no problem. (This is a situation where you really hope the builders knew what they were doing.) 
  • Compared to Springdale, the Duggars' hometown, Chicago was quite say the least. "Arkansas is so laid back," says Jinger. "Cow pastures, chicken's a lot different," explains Jessa. 
  • And you can't visit Chicago without trying some of the city's famous, deep dish pizza. What better place to go than Lou Malnati's Pizzeria, a restaurant that boasts the "BEST Chicago-style deep dish pizza in the world?" 
  • Back home, Jim Bob and the kids washed the Duggars' fleet of vehicles. Guess who is notorious for starting the water fights? Good ole Dad! 
 Duggars on the Skydeck's glass ledge!
    Would you step out on one of the Skydeck's glass ledges? We have done it, and let us be the first to tell you -- it's scarier than any roller coaster or giant drop. It's even more frightening than walking down a dark alley at 1:00 AM, blindfolded.  

    Photos compliments of the Willis Tower Skydeck. Click here to learn more about this unique tourist attraction!

    Tonight: Duggars in Chicago!

    Tune into TLC tonight at 9/8PM CST for the newest episode of "19 Kids and Counting" Deep Dish Duggars. Jessa and Jinger are traveling all the way to Chicago to try the city's famous deep dish pizza? Well, not exactly. They are going to a music seminar with Michaela and Erin Bates and will also be touring the Windy City. You won't want to miss this episode, especially if you have ever been to Chicago.
    Back home in Arkansas, experience a Duggar car wash. No, the Duggars are not cleaning every vehicle in Springdale, just their own fleet.

    Do your kids wash your family's car(s)?

    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Paintball - a Very Duggar Sport

    Remember the "17 Kids and Counting" episode when the Duggars challenged the Bates to a ruthless paintball match (Bates vs. Duggars Smackdown)? Everyone who was allowed participated, even the younger ones. Later on, when asked if his daughters play any sports, Jim Bob Duggar mentioned that, in addition to Broomball and Ultimate Frisbee, they play a mean game of paintball.
    Well this weekend on our camping trip, we tried paintball for the first time, and it was a blast! Some of us (not me, thankfully) got huge welts, but no one complained, and everyone had tons of fun.  

    Have you ever been paintballing? Did you get welts?

    Friday, October 8, 2010

    Duggars Making a Difference

    What's the latest in the Duggar home? Jana, John-David, and Jill are now certified First Responders, which means that they are authorized to perform pre-hospital care. And just recently, Jana and Jill joined John at the Volunteer Fire Department!
    "They have responded to car wrecks and fire calls," says Michelle. "It’s just amazing. They really wanted to go out and make a difference in peoples’ lives. And just getting to hear those stories. When they get a call and they fly out the door, we’re praying." 

    Does your area have a Volunteer Fire Department? 

    An Early Birthday Wish

    Turns out that the Duggar bios on the TLC website are wrong about Johannah's birthday. Thanks to one of our fans for pointing this out! According to Michelle Duggar, Johannah's birthday is actually on October 11th, but who would mind celebrating their birthday twice? Happy Early Birthday, Johannah!
    But we can't forget about Mackynzie Duggar. That's right, she turns one today! Happy 1st Birthday, Mackynzie! Two cakes in four days -- lucky Duggars!

    What did you, or what do you plan on doing, to celebrate 1st birthdays in your family?

    A Very Special Duggar Birthday!

    Today we are celebrating not one, but TWO Duggar birthdays, and they are not twins....
    Johannah is 5, and Mackynzie is 1! 
    Happy Birthday, Johannah and Mackynzie!!

    Do you share a birthday with a family member or friend?

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    Duggars in Stitches

    Here are the anticipated highlights of this week's very eventful episode of 19 Kids and Counting...
    • The Duggars had the privilege of waking up at 4AM for an interview with the Today Show. According to Anna, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the sunrise because the Today Show is the only thing that gets them up that early. 
    • Jim Bob and Michelle and their brood of 19 did an interview with Mike Huckabee. When asked about their secrets to success, Michelle Duggar replied, "Number one, you love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and then two, you love others -- you reach out and serve others." 
    • Johannah visited a plastic surgeon to sew up a major boo-boo on her face, courtesy of a biking accident. She rode over a rock on her way down a hill and took a tumble. 
    • Jim Bob shares his take on the stitches: "We figured a pretty girl like her, we need to do it right," said the father of 19, chuckling. "If it's a boy, we'd probably just let it rip as it is."
    • Johannah, only four years old, stayed VERY calm during the procedure. When she returned home, she was looking for Jackson. "How bad is it, Hanny?" "Not as bad," replied Johannah, cuter than a button. 
    • The Duggars went to a fair, where Josh and Anna took Mackynzie on the Ferris wheel. Daddy and Mackynzie loved it, but for Mommy, it wasn't fun at all. "I can do good standing on a chair," said Anna. "A ladder -- nah!" While on the ride, Josh told his wife that they were 300 feet in the air. With her eyes closed and head down, Anna replied, "Joshua, please don't give me numbers!" 
    • When People Magazine came to the Duggar home to do a photo shoot, the makeup artist was quick to assure the boys that she was applying balm to their lips, not lipstick. ;-)
    What did you think of this week's episode? 

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Duggars in Stitches

    Tune into TLC tonight at 8/9PM CST for "19 Kids and Counting" Duggars in Stitches. Just as the Duggars are gearing up for a media tour, Jim Bob and Michelle have to rush Johannah to the hospital! 

    Have you or your children ever had stitches? If so, how many?

    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Michelle on Noisy Toys

    What kind of toys do the Duggar kids enjoy playing with? Let's hear it right from Michelle:
    "My children LOVE the noisy toys," says the mom of 19. "They love anything that moves, if it's something to sit on, ride on, skate around on."
    But things were very different back when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had a "small" family (you know, only 9 kids).....
    "We never really did a whole bunch of toys," explains Jessa. "Some of our favorite things were cardboard boxes and Duct Tape -- making houses or whatever -- and then play outside all the time."

    What kinds of toys do your kids love? What did you like to play with when you were little?

    Friday, October 1, 2010

    Family Pictures: Summer 2010

     Jim Bob
    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Jim Bob and Michelle
    Summer 2010
    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Jim Bob and Michelle with Josie
    Summer 2010
    Summer 2010

    Josh and Anna with Mackynzie
    Summer 2010

    Summer 2010

    Jim Bob, Michelle, and Josie 
    Summer 2010

    Josh, Anna, Mackynzie, and Johannah
    Summer 2010

    Joy-Anna, Jill, Jennifer, and Justin
    Summer 2010

    Jackson, Jordyn-Grace, Jana, and Josiah
    Summer 2010

    John-David, Jason, Jessa, and Jedidiah
    Summer 2010

    Jeremiah, Jinger, James, and Joseph
    Summer 2010

    Duggar Family 2010