Friday, October 8, 2010

An Early Birthday Wish

Turns out that the Duggar bios on the TLC website are wrong about Johannah's birthday. Thanks to one of our fans for pointing this out! According to Michelle Duggar, Johannah's birthday is actually on October 11th, but who would mind celebrating their birthday twice? Happy Early Birthday, Johannah!
But we can't forget about Mackynzie Duggar. That's right, she turns one today! Happy 1st Birthday, Mackynzie! Two cakes in four days -- lucky Duggars!

What did you, or what do you plan on doing, to celebrate 1st birthdays in your family?


  1. HAPPY Birthday, duggar children!

  2. It was fun giving the one year olds a tiny cake of their own to eat...a bit messy, of course. At that age they are so excited to get presents! Looking back at the pictures is great fun for mom!


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