Wednesday, March 20, 2019

New Photo of Garrett, 9 Months

We posted the link to an eight-month video update on Garrett Duggar, and some of our readers asked for a newer photo of him. Garrett will be ten months old on April 8th.

Garrett Duggar, 9 months old

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

John and Abbie Serve in the Philippines

John Duggar Abbie Burnett Duggar mission trip Philippines
John and Abbie in the Philippines

"Going on this trip together really has helped both of us just to be able to see how we can help other people in the world with the skills God has given us."
-John-David Duggar

Last night on Counting On (be sure to read our recap), we watched engaged couple John Duggar and Abbie Burnett travel to the Philippines for a medical mission trip Do you remember back in the day when John-David and Jana Duggar worked as first responders? That training has come in handy for John as he seeks to address both the physical and spiritual needs of those who attend the clinics (video below). Abbie relies on her nursing degree.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Monday, March 18, 2019

'To Grandmother's House We Go' Recap

Counting On "To Grandmother's House We Go"
  • Joseph, Kendra, and Garrett are in Panama City Beach with Kendra's parents and siblings. "...[Garrett] seems to like the warm weather," says Kendra. "He just gets all relaxed."
  • The Caldwells have been vacationing in the same area for about six years. "I definitely love coming to the beach," says Kendra." It's something I've grown up doing. I definitely had to try to convince Joe that it was going to be a good idea because he's not as much of a beach person." "I don't mind the water," says Joe. "It's what's in the water that gets me."
  • Kendra's mom is 28 weeks pregnant with her eight child. Near the end of her first pregnancy (with Kendra), she was in a car accident that caused damage to her body. With every consecutive pregnancy, she has had a lot of uncomfortable contractions.
  • While they're at the beach, the family splits up, with Joe and Kendra's father as captains, for a 30-minute sandcastle building contest. "I think Daddy and Joe are on the same level when it comes to competitiveness," says Kendra.
  • Dad, Lauren, Nathan, and Gracie win because their sandcastle is taller, which means that Joseph gets buried in the sand.
  • Jinger and Jeremy take four-month-old Felicity to Pennsylvania to visit Jeremy's parents. "I'm super excited to take Felicity back to my old stomping grounds," says Jeremy.
  • Traveling with one child is difficult, but it's much easier than what Jinger is used to. "I cannot imagine traveling through an airport with 19 kids," says Jeremy.
  • After spending time in Pennsylvania, the Vuolos drive to New Jersey to introduce Felicity to her great-grandparents, Tony and Ann Vuolo, who are in their 90s. "Oh Jinger, she's beautiful!" remarks Ann. She's elated to meet her great-granddaughter. Jinger says she received the same welcome when she met Ann. 
  • "She just totally ignored me, for probably the first five minutes," says Jeremy, laughing. "It was just baby."
  • "I knew he was there," jokes Ann. "I knew I'd get to him sooner or later." "You know, I do love you," she tells Jeremy, giving him a kiss.
  • Jinger orchestrates a special surprise for Jeremy. While they are in New Jersey, Luis and Cara Robles and their children show up for a visit.
  • Just weeks before the wedding, John, Abbie, two of Abbie's sisters, and some friends arrive in the Philippines for a medical mission trip. This is a very special trip because it's what brought John and Abbie together. When Jim Bob, Michelle, and John met Abbie's parents, Abbie's parents mentioned that they had a daughter who was a nurse who wanted to go on a medical mission trip. John told them that Abbie was welcome to come on a trip he had already committed to. "Missions is something that we definitely share a passion for," says John.
  • Abbie has been working as a licensed nurse for one year. "I just love taking care of people," she says. She left her job to be able to plan for the wedding
  • "I do hope to go back to nursing one day..." says Abbie. "John and I have talked about me getting another job once we settle into Arkansas so that I can keep up my license, and John's definitely for that idea."
  • "I fully support Abbie to be able to just continue to keep up her license, as well as be able to be serving others," says John. 
  • In the Philippines, the group runs a clinic (with dentists and doctors), administers medicine, provides counseling, and shares the Gospel.
  • John and Abbie enjoy trying local foods, including chili ice cream. "It about burned my tongue off," says Abbie.  
  • It's time for Jackson to learn to drive! Jim Bob takes him to the Tontitown Police Department to get a driving lesson from a police officer. The Duggar dad is hoping that the officer will be able to share some helpful advice, since he sees a lot of accidents. Jackson drives one of the big vans so that several of the Duggar brothers can come with. Jim Bob brings a pillow for Jackson to sit on so he can see over the steering wheel.
  • "We have about ten drivers right now in the family, and we have probably about 40 sitting outside our house," says Jedidiah.
  • "The thought of Jackson driving is crazy," says Jana. 
  • "Jackson's personality is lively," says Jessa. "He likes to talk a lot."

Garrett Duggar Update

Joseph Duggar, Kendra Duggar, Garrett Duggar
February 2019
"As you can see, he's very curious at this point. He likes to try to sit up right now...but he's not crawling at this point. He's getting close but not quite there."
-Joseph Duggar

Last week, we shared a new video update from TLC, which featured Joy, Austin, and Gideon Forsyth. In February, the network shot an interview clip of Joe, Kendra, and eight-month-old Garrett. The link is below.

Garrett Duggar Update (8 Months)

Photo courtesy TLC

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Pie for Pi Day

Are you familiar with Pi Day? In math, pi is an infinite series of numbers starting with 3.14, with makes March 14th "Pi Day." Some folks celebrate by eating pie, which is exactly what Josh and Anna Duggar and their kids did. They baked a family-favorite apple pie recipe from Anna's late grandmother. 

Michael Duggar and Mackynzie Duggar

Photo courtesy and Anna Duggar

Friday, March 15, 2019

Duggars and Cats

Jeremy Vuolo and Felicity Vuolo

"My family had many cats, dogs. My mom has such a spot in her heart for animals. My mom was constantly bringing animals home."
-Jinger Duggar Vuolo

What do the Duggars think about pets, particularly cats? Jinger and Jeremy recently adopted a pet cat, and they love him so much that Jeremy is willing to suffer through his allergic reactions. Some of the other siblings, however, aren't as thrilled about cats. They share their thoughts in the video below.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Duggars in DC 2019

Duggars in Washington DC
The Duggars place a strong importance on being involved in local, state, and national politics. This week, Jim Bob and Michelle, along with Jana and the younger children, visited Washington DC to see the monuments, visit the Museum of the Bible, and meet with their congressional representatives.

Each year in March, Awake America Ministries hosts a conference called Capitol Connection. The purpose is to connect with, support, and pray for members of government during face-to-face meetings.

Duggars in Washington DC

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Flour Bombing with the Duggars

Jim Bob Duggar and Duggar brothers
Duggars go flour bombing

Jim Bob Duggar: "It’s going to be a stiff competition. You know what, it’s not whether you win or lose, but it’s how you play the game."

Jeremiah Duggar: "It sure is nice to win, though."

In case you missed Monday's episode (be sure to check out our recap), we wanted to fill you in on the activity that Jim Bob and the Duggar brothers engaged in. It's called flour bombing, and it's the process of throwing bags of flour from an airplane onto a target on the ground. While Abbie tried on wedding dresses with the ladies, John-David Duggar hosted a flour bombing competition for his bachelor party.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Gideon's 1st Year

Joy Duggar Forsyth, Austin Forsyth, Gideon Forsyth
Joy Duggar Forsyth, Austin Forsyth, Gideon Forsyth
Joy-Anna Forsyth: "This first year has been super easy...compared to most babies."

Austin Forsyth: "I was just going to say a lot of work..."

Given Joy's experience with 10 younger siblings, she might have a better idea of how much work the average baby is....

Gideon Forsyth turned one year old on February 23rd. TLC filmed a video in which Joy and Austin share and update on their one-year-old son. To watch the clip, follow the link below to be redirected to the network's website.

Joy and Austin: Update on 1-Year-Old Gideon

Photo courtesy TLC

Monday, March 11, 2019

Abbie's Modesty Standards

Abbie Burnett Duggar

Abbie (Burnett) Duggar has similar modesty standards as the Duggar sisters. On tonight's episode, we saw her preference for tops with sleeves and high necklines reflected in the wedding dress that she chose. Abbie does, however, wear pants.

“I don’t only wear skirts,” she shared on tonight's episode. “[For] my profession, I wear scrubs, and some nurses wear skirts with their scrub tops, but for me, I just found it was more practical to wear a top with pants.”

The Duggar sisters grew up wearing skirts and dresses, although for actives like skiing and boating, they have been filmed wearing pants. Some of the married sisters, including Jill Dillard and Jinger Vuolo, now wear pants on a more day-to-day basis.

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'The Abbie Gown' Recap

Counting On "The Abbie Gown"

  • In Laredo, Jinger and Jeremy are packing to visit the extended Vuolos in Pennsylvania. “Felicity has her dad wrapped around her little finger,” says Jinger. “Man, she loves her daddy. She pulls at his heart strings, I can see, every day. He’s been a natural, for sure.” Felicity is four months old.
  • Jinger runs out to pick up last minute items for the trip, while Jeremy entertains Felicity, packs for the trip, and feeds Jake, the stray cat that the Vuolos recently adopted.
  • “I get one-on-one time with Felicity with Jinger out of the house pretty regularly,” says Jeremy. “If it’s been a busy week, I like to try to give Jinger a time to go away and be alone or work out or spend time with friends, so I’ll sit and watch Felicity. And I enjoy it. It’s like a daddy-daughter date.”
  • Back in Arkansas, the siblings are at the Duggar guest house setting up a pop-up dress shop. Jana is in charge. They have purchase a five-foot by seven-foot mirror and some mannequins. Jana and the boys build a wooden frame for the mirror and a pedestal for the bride. The wedding is one month away, so dress designer Renee Miller arrives with several wedding dress options for Abbie to try.
  • Abbie and her mom and two sisters, Maggie and Carrina, arrive in Arkansas. The Duggar ladies join them in the pop-up dress shop, and it’s time to start the festivities. “The Duggar girls are absolutely wedding experts, so I’m happy to have their thoughts and opinions on…the dresses I try on,” says Abbie.
  • Abbie is thrilled to be marrying John, but she admits she will miss her family in Oklahoma. “I’m a little bit of a homebody, lived at home for 26 years, so it’ll be a big change, but a good change,” says the bride-to-be.
  • The first dress has too much lace and no sparkle. Abbie is looking for a dress with a lot of sparkle and a little poof. The second dress is pink, which Abbie and most of the other ladies are unsure about. “I didn’t really like the color at all,” says Joy. The third dress has a poofy skirt, and Renee adds a shimmering layer over it. The top is lace.
  • The fourth dress is more fitted, which Abbie doesn’t like, but it is the only one with sparkle sewn into it. She ends up choosing dress number three, but she wants Renee to add sparkles to the top.
  • “I’m very excited,” says Abbie’s mom, Cheryl. “I haven’t cried at any daughter’s wedding. I’m afraid I might at this one.”
  • Abbie has similar modesty standards as the Duggars, including sleeves and high neck lines, but with one big difference. “I don’t only wear skirts,” she admits. “[For] my profession, I wear scrubs, and some nurses wear skirts with their scrub tops, but for me, I just found it was more practical to wear a top with pants.”
  • Meanwhile, Jim Bob and most of the Duggar brothers (Joseph, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, and Tyler) join John for a bachelor party. Since John is a pilot, the guys will be having a flour bombing competition. “Flour bombing is dropping bags of flour onto a target from a plane,” explains Joy.
  • “It’s going to be a stiff competition,” says Jim Bob. “You know what, it’s not whether you win or lose, but it’s how you play the game.” “It sure is nice to win, though,” says Jeremiah.
  • Pilot John-David takes all the “bombers” up. The bombers are Jed, Jer, and Jason. John is making sure to abide by all FAA rules.
  • It starts raining, and some of the guys start feeling motion sick. “I usually keep sick sacks in my airplanes because, well I fly a lot of Duggars around, and we know what happens when you fly Duggars,” says John. They guys do well, although no one actually hits the target. Jedidiah is the official winner. His three throws are a total of 197 feet from the target.
  • “I think the boys are having a lot of fun today, but picking out a wedding dress is probably pretty fun, too, not for me, but definitely for girls,” says John. 

Jana the Handy Woman

Jana Duggar
"Handy woman" Jana Duggar

"Jana has a very broad skill set. She's our handy woman, if you will. So any time we need a project done, she's the one we call on. She can handle the saws and drills and build things, and she's very creative."
-Jessa Seewald

"Jana doesn't wait for people to ask her to get something done. She...can figure it out herself and get it done."
-Josiah Duggar

Tonight on Counting On, Abbie Burnett (now Abbie Duggar) arrives in Arkansas to try on wedding dresses delivered by Duggar dress designer Renee. In the video sneak below, you'll see Jana Duggar, with help from the other Duggar siblings, build a "pop-up dress shop" for the occasion. And down in Laredo, Jeremy keeps infant Felicity while Jinger runs errands.

For those who have TV service, you can visit the TLC website to watch the episode before it airs on prime time. 

Monday, March 11, 2019
8pm ET/7pm CT: Love and Loss
9pm/8pm CT: The Abbie Gown NEW!
In Laredo, Jeremy is on daddy duty as Jinger runs errands. Meanwhile, John and Abbie's wedding is just around the corner. John and the boys partake in a thrilling competition, while Abbie tries on wedding dresses. Will Abbie be able to find "the one"?
60 minutes

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
12am ET/11pm CT: Love and Loss
1am ET/12am CT: The Abbie Gown

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Music Lessons with Felicity

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo, Felicity Vuolo

"I'm grateful my parents encouraged me, and they had all of us kids play music, and looking back, all of us now are grateful that we played music. Some of the kids went further than others. And sometimes when we didn't want to, [our mom and dad] would be like, 'Give it a few more months,' and we pushed through. I think that's important, too, just...pushing [kids] a little bit and then letting them see what instrument they want to play."
-Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have placed a high value on music lessons for their children. The Duggar kids play a variety of musical instruments, including violin, harp, piano, guitar, and banjo. Jinger was one who really took her music studies to the next level, and she is hoping that Felicity will share her love for music.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Derick Turns 30

The 30-and-over crowd of Duggar children and children-in-law has gained another member. Happy 30th, Derick! Derick joins Josh Duggar (31), Anna Duggar (30), and Jeremy Vuolo (31).

Derick Dillard Duggar birthday
Derick Dillard

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