Friday, January 29, 2021

Joy's Trip to TN

If you have been around for a while, you are probably familiar with the close friendship that the Duggars have with the Bates. Back in 2014, we shared a photo of the oldest kids from both families, who are now adults, taken in 1995. Carlin (Bates) Stewart and Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth have been best friends for years. They also both happen to be the ninth-born in their families and only six months apart in age, with Joy being the oldest. 

Joy and Evelyn just returned home to Arkansas after making a surprise visit to Tennessee to visit Carlin. 

Joy Forsyth and Carlin Stewart

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Justin's Oral Surgery

Over the years, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have become experts at guiding their children through wisdom tooth extraction. Fans have watched some of those moments on camera. On 18 Kids and Counting, "Duggars Under the Knife," which aired in June 2009, Jana Duggar and Jill Duggar had their wisdom teeth removed. A couple years later, Jessa Duggar and Jinger Duggar had the same surgery on 19 Kids and Counting "Duggar Dental Drama." We also posted a post-op video of Josiah in 2015.

The most recent Duggar to have this common dental procedure done was 18-year-old Justin. Thankfully, his fiance, Claire, was able to be in town to help him recover.

Claire Spivey, Justin Duggar, Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Duggars #2 and 3 Turn 31 (Belated)

After posting Joseph's birthday collage yesterday, we realized that we never published Jana and John's.The post was all ready to go but didn't quite make it on the blog. But better late than never, right? Jana and John-David Duggar turned 31 years old on January 12th. They are Jim Bob and Michelle's second and third children and the first of two sets of twins.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Duggar #7 Turns 26

Wishing Joseph Duggar a very happy 26th birthday!

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Ben Ordained as Pastor

We have some exciting news to pass along. Ben Seewald was just ordained as a pastor for a church! (The Seewalds have not shared the name of the church.) Congratulations to the Seewald family on this wonderful milestone. May God bless your ministry.

Jessa Seewald, Henry Seewald, Spurgeon Seewald, Ben Seewald, Ivy Seewald

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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Duggar Grandchild #17 Turns 1

Happy 1st birthday to Grace "Gracie" Annette Duggar!

Grace Duggar

Abbie Duggar, Gracie Duggar, John-David Duggar

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Monday, January 4, 2021

11-Year Blog Anniversary

We are few days late in writing our annual post about our blog anniversary, but better late than never, right? 

On December 26th, this blog turned 11 years old! That's right, we have been blogging about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their family for one decade plus one full year. It has been a true honor to be a small part of their ministry to encourage others and share the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ with the world. This year, our page view count is up to 245 million.

For fun, we have inserted our very first blog header below. And how fitting that we just posted an updated one a few days ago (shout-out to the wonderful reader who designed it for us!).