Friday, September 29, 2017

Duggar/Caldwell Wedding Details

"It took a while for it to come together. We didn't know half the stuff we wanted."
-Kendra Caldwell (now Kendra Duggar)

Joseph and Kendra Duggar have been married three weeks. They have not yet revealed their honeymoon location, but when they do, we will share it with you all. In this video, filmed before their big day, Joe and Kendra chat about the details of their wedding, including colors, decor, and food.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Jana's Garden

Remember when several of the Duggars visited Magnolia Market earlier this year? Well Jana Duggar (nicknamed Jana Gaines by her family) has created a beautiful garden on the Duggar property. She planted corn, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, cucamelons, potatoes, okra, and more. Jana also created a sitting area and a "Chick Inn" chicken coop. Check out these snapshots:

 Jana Duggar

 Nephews Spurgeon Seewald and Israel Dillard

New dog Willow

Photos courtesy

Dress Day with the Duggars Part 2

On Tuesday, I posted the first part of my series about dress shopping with Joy-Anna Duggar. (You can read it here.) Now it's time to pick up where I left off...

When the cameras were off, I enjoyed chatting with the Duggar ladies and playing with Jordyn and Josie. It was a long day, but the four little girls remained composed and well behaved through it all. During the individual interviews, we all had to be silent. Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, and Josie were able to amuse themselves quietly, as they walked around the store and chatted with us in whispers.

Seven-year-old Josie is a firecracker (always has been) and is very social and well spoken. She would wander away while the cameras weren't rolling, but she obeyed instantly when called back. At one point, I looked over and heard Jana instruct Josie to do 15 jumping jacks to expend her energy, which she did happily and without a fuss.

The camera/production crew members were very kind to everyone on set. Some of them have known the Duggars for as long as 12 years, and the bond is evident. They enjoy joking around with everyone, and they are very gentle with the little ones.

Although Joy was quite overwhelmed by the whole process of choosing a dress, she did seem to enjoy herself. Whenever anyone mentioned Austin, her face lit up like a Christmas tree.

After dress shopping was over, another lovely resident of Mt. Sterling came to Renee Miller's shop. Ashley Howell--owner of The Blue Rose--stopped by to present Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo with a special gift. I won't spoil the surprise, but Ashley tells all about it on her blog. (Click here to read.)

Photo courtesy Carrie Wilson Photography 
Visit, Carrie Wilson's Facebook page, and the Renee's Bridal KY Facebook page to see more photos from Joy's dress day.

Israel and Spurgie Go 'Riding'

Now that the Dillards are living in Arkansas full-time, Israel Dillard has been able to spend time bonding with family from both sides. He and cousin Spurgeon Seewald are just seven months apart, and they love playing together. Spurgeon turns two in five weeks.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

1st Hearing For Duggar Lawsuit Begins in AR

In May, we shared that four Duggar women (Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo, and Joy Duggar--now Joy Forsyth) had filed a lawsuit against multiple defendants for the release of information that led to the global identification and exploitation of the girls as victims of child abuse. Minors at the time, the four Duggars are calling the action unlawful, as they claim to have been promised that the information would only be available to certain government officials.

According to NWA Homepage, the first hearing for the case took place in Springdale on Monday, September 25th.

The four Duggar women have stated that the sole purpose of the lawsuit is to fight for the protection of juvenile victims of child abuse.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dress Day with the Duggars Part 1

I (Ellie) had the privilege of being Renee Miller's guest at her new bridal shop in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, on the day that Joy-Anna Duggar chose her wedding gown. It was a blast to spend the day with Renee; her lovely assistant; her photographer, Carrie Wilson; the film crew; and, of course, the Duggars. We truly had a wonderful day, and I have a lot of details to share with you. Stay tuned!

I have spent time with the Duggars on multiple occasions, including some of the recent weddings, and it is always a joy. On this particular occasion, it was just Grandma Duggar, Michelle Duggar, Jana Duggar, Jessa Duggar Seewald, Jinger Duggar Vuolo, Joy-Anna Duggar (now Joy-Anna Forsyth), Johannah Duggar, Jennifer Duggar, Jordyn Duggar, and Josie Duggar.

Ben Seewald came in for a short time at the beginning, but he took Spurgeon and Henry to the park while Joy was trying on dresses. The Dillards were still in Central America, but Jill was able to dial in via video chat for a few minutes.

Before the festivities began, the folks at Spoonful of Sugar provided food and sweets for everyone. Co-founders Danielle and Donna gave me a tour. Everything is made from scratch and tastes incredible. Mt. Sterling is the idyllic small town, with a beautiful downtown area, historic buildings and welcoming, down-to-Earth residents.

After lunch, everyone met back at Renee's store (next door to Spoonful of Sugar) for the main event. The cameras rolled as Joy-Anna tried on several dresses that Renee Miller had designed with her in mind. The Duggars gathered on plush couches to watch, while the rest of us stayed behind the scenes.

Partway through the day, Jessa slipped out to retrieve Henry so she could feed him. When he was done eating, Jordyn picked him up and brought him over to where I was sitting. Henry is a big baby, and Jordyn is a little girl, but she handles him like a pro. The two of them have a special bond, and it is clear that Jordyn loves being an aunt.

Jordyn asked if I wanted to hold Henry, but before I could respond, she had gently plopped him in my lap. (I adore babies, so I wasn't about to complain!)

Jordyn and I chatted while I held Henry. I asked her what she is studying in school and was impressed to hear that she is learning division. She had only recently turned eight, which would put her in second grade if she was in public school. (I attended public school and did not start learning division until the end of third grade.)

Photo courtesy Carrie Wilson Photography 
Visit and Carrie Wilson's Facebook page to see more photos from Joy's dress day

Josh and Anna Celebrate 9 Years

Wishing Josh and Anna Duggar a happy 9th wedding anniversary!

Photo courtesy Josh and Anna Duggar

Monday, September 25, 2017

'Finding Joy's Dress' Recap

Counting On "Finding Joy's Dress"

  • It’s early May, and Michelle and the girls are packing for their trip to Mount Sterling, Kentucky. The Seewalds are also coming along, and Ben will entertain the boys while Jessa goes dress shopping with the ladies.
  • The next morning, the group flies to Dallas to meet up with Jinger. “Duggar time is…we’re always late,” says Joy. “It’s very weird for us to ever be early anywhere. Ya, it’s really bad.”
  • This will be Jinger and Jeremy’s first night apart since their wedding six months ago. “I think I’ll survive okay without Jinger,” says Jeremy. “I know it’s going to be tough without her being here, but I should be able to manage.”
  • Dwayne, a contractor who knows both the Duggars and the Forsyths, meets Austin at the fixer-upper house that he and Joy have purchased. Some of the Duggar guys come over to help create a vaulted ceiling.
  • Later, Austin, Jim Bob, Pastor Caldwell, and the Duggar brothers go skeet shooting. It’s a great opportunity for Joseph to connect with his future father-in-law. “Being Kendra’s father and being out here shooting with Joe, having a shotgun that looks like a machine gun is very advantageous,” says Pastor Caldwell. “I think every father should own at least one or two.”
  • “Now that I’ve seen Mr. Jim Bob shoot, I’m going to make sure that I stay on his good side,” says Austin. He admits that he has stayed up talking with Joy past curfew and that he and Joy have gone over their 3-second sidehug rule.
  • Joy, Michelle, Grandma, Jana, Jessa, Jinger, Ben, Spurgeon, Henry, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, and Josie arrive in Mount Sterling. They gather for lunch at Spoonful of Sugar before heading next door to Renee’s bridal.
  • Renee has designed six dresses for Joy to try on. When asked what he wants to see in the dress that Joy chooses, Austin responds: “Her in it coming down the aisle towards me on our wedding day.”
  • The first dress is fitted with white lace over tan fabric. Everyone agrees that it’s beautiful, but Joy wants a different style.
  • In the dressing room, Joy is overwhelmed and isn’t sure what she wants. “I called Austin and was like, ‘I don’t know what I want, and I feel bad because I don’t think any of these dresses are going to work, and Miss Renee has been working for such a long time,’” she says, admitting that shopping is not her thing. Austin encourages his bride-to-be and tells her that she will look beautiful in anything.
  • Option #2 is a flowy, white, polka dot dress. Joy likes everything but the polka dots. “I was so thankful for my sisters’ input,” says Joy, who decides that she wants more of an A-line cut.
  • Option #3 is a similar fit but with sleeves and all-over lace. It is very similar to Jinger’s wedding gown.
  • Option #4 is similar but with less lace and more satin. While Joy is in the dressing room, Grandma spots a dress on the rack that has a skirt that she thinks Joy will like. The top is too revealing for the Duggars, so Renee puts the bottom with a different top, and Joy loves it.
  • Renee fits Joy with a veil and hands her a bouquet of flowers. Dress shopping is complete!
  • Joy changes back into her street clothes, and everyone gathers in a circle and shares memories and photos with the bride-to-be. “We knew your name long before you were born,” says Michelle. “Sandwiched in between all those boys was Joy, and really, you have lived up to your name.”
  • “They each have a special personality and something about them that adds to the family, and when they leave, that’s missing,” says Jana. “And it’s really hard to adjust.”
  • Jana tears up as she tells Joy how much she is going to miss her. When Jennifer’s turn comes around, she breaks down crying. “Jenny is the closest to Joy as far as the girls go,” says Jinger.  
  • Down in Central America, Israel celebrates his second birthday by making a cake with Mom and Dad. They decorate it with OSU orange icing.   

Shopping with Joy

"We're excited to go with Joy because this is our first time to go wedding shopping with someone in our family."
-Jordyn Duggar

Joy-Anna Duggar is headed to the altar, but first, she needs a wedding dress. On tonight's episode, she and several family members (Michelle Duggar, Grandma Duggar, Jana Duggar, Jessa Duggar Seewald, Jinger Duggar Vuolo, Johannah Duggar, Jennifer Duggar, Jordyn Duggar, and Josie Duggar) are headed to Kentucky to choose a gown designed by Renee Miller. Ben, Spurgeon, and Henry are tagging along, but they will be at the park while the ladies visit Renee's bridal boutique.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Anna Duggar's Long Labor

Mason Garrett Duggar is 11 days old. In an exclusive Us Weekly article, the Duggars share details about Mason's home birth. Anna Duggar's water broke early on September 11th, and Mason was born at 1:22am on the Tuesday the 12th.

"It's a blessing to have so much help from our moms and family members," Anna tells Us Weekly. "Our other little ones adore Mason and want to hold him all the time!"

Click here to check out the article on the Us Weekly website.

Photo is property of and may not be used without written permission.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jana's Thoughts on Joe and Kendra

"Joe, growing up, you would fall asleep just wherever, many times when you were eating."
-Jana Duggar

Jana may not be married, but life as the oldest daughter in a family of 19 kids has given her a maturity that exceeds well beyond her 27 years. In this video, she shares stories and insight about younger brother Joseph Duggar, her first interactions with Kendra Caldwell, and what she admires most about Joe and Kendra as a couple.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Few of Their Favorite Things

Joseph: "My favorite food is probably lasagna. I can't do olives. She loves olives."
Kendra: "I'm not super picky, except for when it comes to vegetables. Oh and mushrooms, too. Those are bad."

Last week, we posted two videos of Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell (now Kendra Duggar) featuring get-to-know-you games hosted by Jana Duggar. We have another clip to share, in which Joe and Kendra discuss some of their favorite things.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Joe and Kendra Rollerblade

"I think I rollerbladed once, but I was really not very good at it. I think my mom said I looked like giraffe on wheels."
-Kendra Caldwell

On last night's episode of Counting On, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell go to a local park for a rollerblading date (see video below). James Duggar is their primary chaperone, and Jackson Duggar is their "chaperone in training." At the end of the date, the couple jokingly gives Jackson a mediocre rating, as he is only present about half the time.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Monday, September 18, 2017

'Let Them Eat Cake' Recap

Counting On "Let Them Eat Cake"

  • Four weeks before the wedding, Joy and Austin visit the home where they will be living after marriage. It needs some work, but Austin thinks it’s in a great locations and will turn a profit one day. Jedidiah comes along to discuss renovation plans.
  • “I am the first sister to actually…have her own home, and it feels amazing,” says Joy.
  • “I think it’s possible that we’ll stay in this house like two years,” says Austin. “Hopefully we have maybe our first kid in there.”
  • On another day, Austin and some friends and family start demolishing walls. If the project isn’t finished by the wedding day, he and Joy will either live in a camper on the property or in an apartment.
  • Joy comes by, and Austin gives her a swatch from his mom’s wedding dress to incorporate into her gown. Joy and the other Duggar women are about to leave to go dress shopping at Renee Miller’s shop in Kentucky.
  • Joseph and Kendra head out on a rollerblading date with James and Jackson as their chaperones. (James is the “head” chaperone, while Jackson is the “chaperone in training.”)
  • Rollerblading is a bit challenging for Kendra, but Joseph shows her the ropes.
  • Even though Joe and Kendra are not holding hands during courtship, Kendra does grab Joe’s hand to steady herself. They say they talked to their parents ahead of time to make sure that would be okay.
  • Joy, Austin, Michelle, and Josie visit a bakery for a wedding cake taste test. The bride and groom decide on a white cake with buttercream frosting.
  • “He’s going to feed me first, and then I’m going to mash him,” jokes Joy.
  • Down in Laredo, Jinger and Jeremy take a Mexican cooking class at La India.
  • Michelle, Joy, Jana, and some of the little girls meet at Jessa’s house to shop for bridesmaid dresses online. All the dresses will be navy, but some of the cuts will be slightly different.
  • When the dresses arrive, Joy gathers the bridesmaids to try them on. 
  • Later, viewers watch the Seewald family of four interact one evening. Spurgeon loves wrestling with Dad and making people laugh. 
  • Down in Central America, "mid-husband" Derick helps Jill, who is in her second trimester, listen to Samuel's heartbeat.

Cooking Class and a Mishap

"I'm not the most helpful in the kitchen. I try to, but I don't know how helpful I am."
-Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are living up life as newlyweds. On tonight's new episode, Counting On "Let Them Eat Cake," the Vuolos take a cooking class and learn how to make traditional chorizo with ground beef, shroomizo (a vegetarian version), and chili.

Meanwhile, the Forsyths discuss whether they would take a couples cooking class. Austin might be wishing he had had a different response. Check out the sneak peek video below.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Watch the Wedding

Last night, we shared a video message from Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell that was filmed at their rehearsal. We also promised to post the link to a preview of their wedding on TLC GO. The preview is currently only available to those who can sign in with their internet/cable provider.

Even if you're not sure whether you have service that will allow you to watch TV online, we encourage you to try signing in. You never know, it might just work! Here are the links:

Joseph and Kendra's Wedding Preview Part 1

Joseph and Kendra's Wedding Preview Part 2

Photo credit Tim Souza/DCL; You can visit and to see additional wedding pictures.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wedding Preview Coming Soon

Tomorrow, just 10 days after Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell's big day, fans will be treated to a preview of the wedding on TLC GO. Come back to the blog for the link. Until then, here's a new video from the couple, filmed at their rehearsal.

Be sure to tune in to TLC tomorrow at 9pm ET/8pm CT for an all-new episode of Counting On. Visit our Showtimes page for the summary.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Get to Know Joe and Kendra

Kendra Caldwell (now Kendra Duggar) has made a few appearances on the show but is still new to the scene. We know you all are eager to get to know Joseph Duggar's wife better, so check out these two videos from TLCme. Hear some of the newlyweds' individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as likes and dislikes, as Joe and Kendra play two games hosted by Jana Duggar.

On Monday, we will tell you how you can watch a preview of the wedding on TLC GO.

Photo/videos courtesy TLC

Friday, September 15, 2017

Joe and Kendra Wedding Photos

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell

Happy Friday, blog readers! Today is Joseph and Kendra Duggar's one-week wedding anniversary. Here are two previews of their wedding photos. You can visit and to see additional pictures, including an adorable snapshot of Kendra and her father, Pastor Caldwell, walking down the aisle and a photo of all 26 Duggar/Caldwell siblings. At 19, Kendra is the oldest of seven, with her youngest sibling only a toddler.

 Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell wedding party

Photos courtesy Tim Souza/DCL

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Watch Joe and Kendra's Wedding

This just in: On Monday, not only will TLC air another new episode of Counting On (visit our Showtimes page for the summary), but the network will also upload a preview of Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell's wedding to TLC GO.

And speaking of TLC GO, this week's season premiere episode is available for free right now. Click here to watch. Episodes from past seasons are also available. (Those with key symbols are locked and can only be accessed by logging into your cable account, but quite a few are unlocked.) The links are below:

Episodes 1-3 (1 unlocked)
Episodes 4-11 (all locked)
Episodes 12-24 (all locked)
Episodes 25-31 (all unlocked)
Episodes 32-39 (all unlocked)
Episode 40 (unlocked) 

Banner courtesy TLC

Courting Kendra

"Hidden deep underneath that masculine-looking man, there is a heart in there. Joseph is a good guy."
-Josiah Duggar

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell (now Joseph and Kendra Duggar) have been married six days, but it wasn't too long ago (March 7th, to be exact) when they were just entering a courtship.

Joseph took Kendra to a car auction and then to the place where he grew up to "pop the question" and offer a promise ring. The "Johnson Road house" was demolished after the Duggars moved out and the land used in the expansion of Cross Church (then called First Baptist Church of Springdale).

In the video below, watch the moment when Joe and Kendra become official and share a hug.

If you Photo/video courtesy TLC

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

First Photo of Mason

Mason Garrett Duggar, September 12, 2017

Mason Garrett Duggar is one day old. In case you missed the announcement, Josh and Anna Duggar's fifth child arrived yesterday, weighing 9lbs, 1oz and measuring 22 inches long. Both Anna and the baby are doing well.

Josh and Anna had their first child just a couple weeks after their one-year wedding anniversary and have since had a baby every other year. Do you think Mason looks like his brothers and sisters? We have included newborn photos below for reference.

 Mackynzie Renee Duggar, October 8, 2009

 Michael James Duggar, June 15, 20111

 Marcus Anthony Duggar, June 2, 2013

Meredith Grace Duggar, July 16, 2015

Photo of Mason is property of and may not be used without written permission.

Additional four photos are courtesy TLC/DCL, Scott Enlow,, Josh and Anna Duggar

Duggar Matriarch Turns 51

Have you heard the news? Mason Garrett Duggar was born just one day before his Grandma Duggar's birthday. Happy one-day milestone to Mason, and happy 51st to Michelle Duggar!

Michelle is the mother of 19 and grandmother of nine (soon to be 10, when Joy and Austin Forsyth's first baby is born next year). She had her first child at age 21 and will be 61 by the time Josie turns 18. That's 40 years of motherhood!

Photos courtesy TLC/DCL,,, Josh and Anna Duggar, Joy and Austin Forsyth,

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Grand-Duggar #9 is Here!

 Mackynzie Duggar, Anna Duggar, Meredith Duggar, Josh Duggar, 
Michael Duggar, Marcus Duggar

Another Duggar has joined the clan! Josh and Anna Duggar welcomed their fifth child today. He weighed 9lbs, 1 oz and was 22 inches long. As expected, this little Duggar has been given a name that starts with "M." Welcome to the world, Mason Garrett Duggar!

Garrett is a family name from Michelle's side. Her father was Garrett Ruark, and her brother is Garrett Ruark Jr. Joseph's middle name is also Garrett.

Visit to see a photo of Mason.

Photo courtesy

More Duggar Weddings?

Joseph Duggar, Kendra (Caldwell) Duggar, Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo, Jeremy Vuolo

In a span of just 10 months, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar gave three of their children away in marriage. So far, six of their 19 kids have tied the knot (No. 1, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6, No. 7, and No. 9).

Joseph and Kendra were the last couple to reveal a courtship or engagement. Which Duggar do you think will be next to announce that he or she has entered a relationship?

Photo courtesy

Kids for the Vuolos?

"We both have a soft spot in our hearts for our little nieces and nephews. And so when we see Spurgeon and Henry, it definitely makes us look forward to a family one day, as well."
-Jeremy Vuolo

On last night's season premiere episode of Counting On, the Vuolos and Seewalds meet up in San Antonio, Texas. When asked by the producer if spending time with Spurgeon and Henry makes them want to have children of their own, Jinger and Jeremy respond that they are enjoying this season of life as a couple but that they plan to start a family someday.

In the video clip below, Jessa and Ben share why San Antonio is such a special place for Jinger and Jeremy. Almost three years ago, when they were passing through the city on their way to a Duggar family vacation, the Seewalds met Jeremy...and the rest is history!

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Monday, September 11, 2017

'A New Courtship' Recap

Counting On "A New Courtship"

  • The Seewalds are packing to fly to San Antonio (where Jeremy first met Jessa and Ben) to spend time with Jinger and Jeremy. At two months old, Henry is about 15 pounds. “Right now, Henry’s personality is just really intense,” says Ben. “Kind of all or nothing.”
  • Down in Laredo, the Vuolos are packing for their road trip to San Antonio. “At this season, Jeremy and I are just enjoying being together, and it’s a joyous time,” says Jinger.
  • Jinger has adjusted her sleep schedule, as she and Jeremy go to bed early and rise early. (The Duggars are night owls.)
  • The reunion between the Seewalds and Vuolos is very joyful. "Ben and Jessa have handled the transition from one child to two quite well," says Jinger. "I think it has to be quite challenging, though. I couldn't imagine having two that close together."
  • When asked what they are thinking about having children after being with the Seewalds, Jeremy responds: "We both have a soft spot in our hearts for our little nieces and nephews. And so when we see Spurgeon and Henry, it definitely makes us look forward to a family one day, as well."
  • After sharing a meal at a restaurant, the Seewalds and Vuolos go out for paletas (Mexican Popsicles). In true Duggar fashion, they try a pickle paleta. 
  • Jinger and Jeremy are always asking Jessa and Ben to move to Laredo. The Seewalds say it could be possible. "We're not set on staying here forever, but if we were to be called somewhere else, then we would pack up and move," says Jessa.
  • Joy and Austin’s wedding is two months away. Michelle’s childhood friend Cindy accompanies Joy and Michelle on a church visit.
  • Joy and Austin say that their greatest desire for their wedding ceremony is to present the Gospel. When asked what his hopes are for the reception, Austin answers, “to get out of there.”
  • With 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen, Joy’s wedding party will be larger than all her siblings.
  • Joy and Austin’s wedding d├ęcor is going to be a surprise to them. Joy has told Cindy that she wants elegant but simple. 
  • At the Duggar home, Jana helps Joseph, who is preparing to ask Kendra to enter a courtship,  trim roses.
  • Joseph has invited Kendra and her dad, Pastor Caldwell (a mechanic) to accompany him to the car auction. Jana, James, and Lauren (Kendra's sister) also come along.
  • Joe plans to "pop the question" at the site of the house where he was born. He bucks the trend and buys Kendra a promise ring rather than a heart necklace. 
  • "I wouldn't call it romantic, [going] to a car auction and then to a slab of concrete," says John-David. "That's different."
  • "I would say that Joe is...the most tender-hearted of all the bros," says Jessa. 
  • "I think Joe and Kendra are a very good match because he makes a lot of corny jokes, and she laughs at them," says Joy, who has known Kendra for five years.
  •  The group buys three cars at the auction and then heads to the Cross Church campus, which is where the Duggars' old house used to sit. The siblings show Kendra, Lauren, and Pastor Caldwell around the property. Then Joseph asks Kendra if she wants to take their relationship to the next level. She is thrilled and says yes. The promise ring is silver and has both their names on it. It goes on Kendra's right ring finger. 
  • On the way home, the couple comes up with courtship guidelines. When they return to the house, both families are waiting to congratulate them.

Season 3 Starts TONIGHT

"Everybody hates to be that parent whose kid is creating a ruckus and all the other passengers are staring at you, like, 'Can you control your child. This is annoying.'" 
-Jessa Seewald

The day has finally arrived! Just a few more hours until the Duggars return to TLC with new episodes of Counting On. The show starts tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT. Will you be watching?

Below is a promo video. Be sure to come back to the blog after the show for our recap.

9pm ET: A New Courtship
The Seewalds and Vuolos meet up in San Antonio and take a stroll down memory lane. Joy begins her wedding planning with a walk-through of the venue. The Dillards get settled in Central America. And Joe asks Kendra an important question.
11pm ET: A New Courtship

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Wedding Wishes from Duggar Sisters

As per Duggar tradition, various family members have created video messages for Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell on their wedding day. Yesterday, we posted a clip from Josh and Anna Duggar. Now, here is one from the Duggar sisters (Jana Duggar, Johannah Duggar, Jennifer Duggar, Jordyn Duggar, and Josie Duggar).

Photo/video courtesy

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Wedding Message from Josh and Anna

"I have been waiting for a long time for another Duggar boy to get married and have a sister-in-law."
-Anna Duggar

It has been two days since Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell were married. Both sides of their families are thrilled for the couple and excited to see how God uses them in the future.

Photo/video courtesy

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Message from Joe and Kendra Duggar

"You always have expectations for the first kiss, but it blew all those expectations away. It was amazing."

-Joseph Duggar

There's a new Mrs. Duggar in the Counting On clan! Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are now Joseph and Kendra Duggar, and they are beyond elated. Following their beautiful wedding ceremony yesterday evening, the newlyweds made this video for fans.

Be sure to tune in to the Counting On season premiere on Monday at 9pm ET/8pm CT, only on TLC.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Friday, September 8, 2017

Duggar-Caldwell Wedding Day

Six down, 13 more to go! This evening, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar watched their seventh-oldest child, Joseph Duggar (22), marry his beautiful bride, Kendra Caldwell (19). Although there has been a rush to the altar for the Duggar sisters, Joe is the first Duggar son to tie the knot in nine years.

Joseph and Kendra were married by Kendra's father at First Baptist Church in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, this evening. Their colors were navy, burgundy, and soft yellow. All the details of the wedding, including the first photo of the couple, can be found on

Kendra's princess-style dress was designed by Renee Miller. I (Ellie) had a blast at Kendra's dress fitting.

In true Duggar style, the wedding party was made up of 22 people. Josiah Duggar was the best man, and Lauren Caldwell, Kendra's sister, was the maid of honor. Kendra had her mom and seven of her Duggar sisters-in-law as bridesmaids, among others.

The wedding will air on the upcoming season of Counting On.

Photo courtesy TLC

Joseph and Kendra in Panama

In mid-August, Joseph Duggar and fiance Kendra Caldwell embarked on a mission trip to Panama. They were accompanied by a group of friends, including Kendra's sister (Lauren Caldwell), Joy's mother-in-law (Roxanne Forsyth), and the gal who made Jinger's wedding cake.

While there, they partnered with local missionaries, shared their faith, and helped build a church building.

 Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell

 Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell

Joseph and Kendra with friends (Kendra's sister is to the left of Joseph)

Photos courtesy

37 Duggars and Counting

Michelle Duggar and the older kids go for a bike ride

Wednesday was the 13-year anniversary of the Duggars' first reality TV appearance. On September 6th, 2004, the family was featured on the Discovery Health special "14 Children and Pregnant Again!" Can you believe it's been 13 years?

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dillards Settle Into New Home

The Dillards' year of ministry is in full swing. Derick has begun his residency program at the Cross Church School of Ministry and has been working with international students at the University of Arkansas through "C3," the Cross Church college program. Jill and Derick have also moved into a new place.

 Derick in the Dillards' new kitchen

Although Jill is a full-time mom, she involves herself in Derick's ministry whenever she can, according to the latest update on the Dillards' website. Jill and Derick also look forward to serving on mission teams this year.

Here is a family photo from the Duggars' Labor Day outing at nearby Farmland Adventures.

 Derick Dillard, Jill Dillard, Samuel Dillard, and Israel Dillard

Little Sam is one day away from his two-month milestone!

Jill, Israel, and Samuel

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Vuolos Help Harvey Victims

 Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo

A team from Jeremy Vuolo's congregation, Grace Community Church Laredo, made the five-hour trek up to Katy, Texas, a city within the Houston Metropolitan Area. They are partnering with Thirsty Ground International, a non-profit Christian organization that provides disaster relief, to help residents impacted by Hurricane Harvey recover and rebuild.

Thirsty Ground is operated by volunteers, which means that 100% of donations go directly towards relief efforts. Jeremy took a disaster relief mission trip to the Philippines with Thirsty Ground a few years ago.

Jinger and Jeremy were also able to house some folks fleeing the storm.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Jeremy Vuolo's Big 3-0

Today is the day when the first of the Duggar children and in-laws hits the big 3-0 milestone. Happy 30th birthday, Jeremy Vuolo! Jinger and Jeremy are six years and three months apart in age.

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Ponies and Go Karts

The Duggars are always up for a trip to Farmland Adventures in their hometown of Springdale, Arkansas. They have visited this attraction, owned by the Parsons family, many times over the years. Yesterday, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and some of their clan spent the day at Farmland Adventures.

Spurgeon Seewald, 22 months old, took his first pony ride.

According to Jessa, he was very excited when he saw the pony.

He was pretty content...

...Until the creature started moving.

Spurgeon clung to Mama Jessa during the entire minute-long ride. 

At the end, Jessa stepped back to take a picture, and Spurgeon lost it. Well, at least he gave it a try.

Spurgeon may have been a little unsure about the pony ride, but the outing was still a blast.

 Meredith Duggar

 Meredith Duggar

 Meredith Duggar, Marcus Duggar, and Josie Duggar

 Spurgeon Seewald and Meredith Duggar

Michael Duggar and Marcus Duggar

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