Saturday, June 30, 2012

Duggars and Bates on TLC When??

New episodes of 19 Kids and Counting return to TLC this August. 

Readers have been asking when the Bates' series is scheduled to premiere, and we have the answer: August! According to Kelly Bates' blog, Monday, August 13th is the date that the network has given their family; earlier this spring, the plan was to release eight episodes.

On which night of the week would you like to see the Duggars' show air?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Michelle on ChannelMom Part 1

Missed Michelle's Saturday morning interview on The ChannelMom Show? Check out part one, as well as ChannelMom's Tips for Busy Moms. Part two will be posted soon.

Information about Michelle's upcoming appearance in Colorado Springs, as well as other Duggar events is available on the Appearances page.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Duggar Photos June 2012

New photos from the Duggars! See what they have been up to this month.










Duggar house



Jonathan and Jennifer Hartono

Jinger and friend

Jana and Jill at Journey to the Heart

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Michelle Duggar LIVE

A message from Jenny Dean Schmidt, host of The Channelmom Show...

Michelle Duggar will be on The Channelmom Show THIS Saturday!!  Fans of the Duggars can listen via LIVE STREAMING on Saturday, the 23rd, at 8AM Mountain time (9:00AM Central/10AM Eastern) at: 

Or, they can watch the show the week after at

We are really looking forward to interviewing Michelle!  We hope to have some fun surprises in store for her AND her fans.

YOU Can ASK Michelle

Your Questions!

 Just Call 303-297-1510

OR send us your questions at

Duggars' Jurisdictions

A reader from Hungary recently emailed asking about the Duggars' jurisdictions. Here is our response:

In the Duggar household, chores are called "jurisdictions." For years, Jim Bob and Michelle have used the buddy system; the older children are each paired with a younger sibling, whom they mentor and assist with housework and schoolwork. The Duggars firmly believe that by teaching their sisters and brothers, the kids learn much more than they otherwise would.

For larger jobs, Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger each head up a "buddy team."

When it comes to jurisdictions, Jill is the family secretary. Jessa is the family organizer and administers the kids' school assignments. The older boys are in charge of the yard and fireplace. The girls make lunch and supper, and everyone helps clean up. Other jurisdictions include maintaining the kitchen, clothes' closet, upstairs hallway, living room, dining room, and playroom. One of the little tikes is in charge of rounding up the laundry, and another is responsible for emptying the various garbage bins throughout the house and disposing of the trash in the dumpster outside. 

How do the younger Duggars stay on task throughout the day? They wear checklists that pin to their clothes. The inspiration for these chore packs came from Titus2's Managers of their Chores.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Michelle Duggar Interview: Homeschooling

Michelle Duggar recently sat down with Alpha Omega Publications, the organization from which the Duggars purchase their homeschool curricula for grades three through twelve. (Click here for a list of the education resources that they recommend.) Below is a snippet of the interview. Visit the AOP website for more.

AOP: How many hours of formal education do your children typically receive each day?

Michelle: We spend approximately four hours a day in formal schooling in core subjects with additional music lessons.

AOP: Where do you homeschool, and how do you organize your homeschooling supplies, educational toys, and each child's daily schoolwork?

Michelle: We have a schoolroom/playroom with lockers and storage bins for each child. Plus computer stations are set up throughout the house for individual learning study with the children who use the Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications.

AOP: How has Switched-On Schoolhouse benefited your family's homeschooling?

Michelle: The information and instructions are presented so well in Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS) that the older children can work independently and rarely need help or have questions. That frees up more of my time and makes teaching math easier now, too. Plus the lectures and mini-tutorials provide clear and concise explanations of the concepts being covered. The children really enjoy SOS and look forward to doing part of their studies each day on the computer. My daughter Jessa has taken on the responsibility of administering and assigning the SOS lessons each day. Her siblings say that she is tougher than Mom when reassigning lessons that haven't been completed properly.

AOP: What's the most important organizational advice you would give to a first-time homeschooling parent?

Don't overextend, and go easy on yourself... Most of all, have fun and just enjoy the gift of your children and the process of learning together.

Full interview on the AOP website

Duggar Trivia Answers

Here are the correct responses to yesterday's Duggar trivia. Thoughtful guesses on the challenge. That was a tough one!
  • What is Jim Bob's sister's first name? Deanna                                                                                
  • Where does Joy-Anna fall in the Duggar lineup? 9th                                                                       
  • How many Duggars have James as either their first or middle name? Four currently (five including Jim Bob's father, the late J.L. Duggar): James Robert "Jim Bob," Joshua James, James Andrew, and Michael James.                                                                                                                *Fun fact: Jim Bob's grandfather and great-grandfather make seven Duggar men with the name James.                                                                          
  • Challenge: To what state did Michelle's parents move after her high school graduation? (She ended up marrying Jim Bob and stayed in Arkansas.) North Carolina, although Michelle's family is originally from Ohio

Monday, June 18, 2012

Duggar Trivia!

Time for some Duggar trivia! Post your best guesses, and we will reveal the answers shortly.
  • What is Jim Bob's sister's first name? 
  • Where does Joy-Anna fall in the Duggar lineup?
  • How many Duggars have James as either their first or middle name?
  • Challenge: To what state did Michelle's parents move after her high school graduation? (She ended up marrying Jim Bob and stayed in Arkansas.)
*On June 19th and 20th, tune in to TLC at 7:00 AM EST for "16 Children and Moving In" and "On the Road with 16 Children." Both specials premiered in 2006. Can you believe that was six years ago? Time has flown by.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Collage: Duggar 2012 Portraits

Enjoy this picture montage, created by a loyal reader named Kristen.
Click on the collage to view an expanded version.

Happy Father's Day to Jim Bob, Josh, and to all of our readers!