Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hearts at Home: Full Speech

Yesterday we posted parts one and two of Jim Bob and Michelle's speech at the March Hearts at Home conference. The remainder of their chat is now on YouTube; all five parts are posted below. There is a little bit of overlap between the segments, but it is well worth listening to.

This fall, the Duggars will be at the Hearts at Home conferences in Colorado and Minnesota. Details are on the Appearances page.


  1. i enjoy watching the duggars! thanks lily and ellie!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing his inreally enjoyed it!

  3. Thanks Lily and Ellie for finding these clips for us!

  4. The true facts are (1) most people do not desire to have 19 children and counting and people should not feel inadequate for that. I interpret the scripture the Duggar's use in a different in that God was talking to the animals off the ARK to go forth and multiply; (2) A lot of mom's cannot stay at home and homeschool and should not feel inadequate for this. Michelle worked when she was had her first "brood" -- yes, she did -- she worked in the car lot, etc. (3) The Duggars happened to win the TV lottery. There are thousands more families that have more than 19 children in the entire world, yet they didn't hit the Discovery TV lottery. (4) How can the daughters really write a book teenagers/young adults can really relate to and not feel guilty, when these Duggar girls have never lived in the "real world" that most of us live in? Questions I would like to see answers to!

  5. @Anonymous
    1. Im sure they didnt plan or felt able to have 19 children either, but they trusted God and God provided for them every step of the way.

    2.Shes not forceing homeschooling on others, but if you knew how schools are being run nowadays , you'd care enough to teach your children and put the right info in their minds and not any info they dont need.
    And I think that says alot that she worked
    (not full time, but helping out Jimbob) and still was able to homeschool her children.

    3.There is no such thing as luck, it was God's plan for them to be on tv and encourage others, and they're doing just that. God trusted that they will stay humble and they will use tv as a way to spread the gospel, because people's eternal destiny is more important than being famous.
    And are you saying every family with alot of kids should have a tv show? Why are you against them when they are being a good influence in a fallen world, encouraging famlies, sharing what they've learned, using their popularity to glorify God, and using the money from the show wisely and humbly.

    4.The book isnt to relate but to give encouragement because they're blessed to have godly, dedicated parents and some kids might not have that.

    Im not answering you because I want to win this conversation, but ultimately so you'll see that they trusted and obeyed God, and He blessed them. Its all about God, not about them. That doesnt mean they're perfect or that everything goes fine for them, but they trusted/ obeyed God with their lives and they're reaping what they've sown.

    And if your a christian I hope you will understand this, but if your not, I hope you will get to the point in your life where you'll surrender your whole life to Him. Not because you'll get peace, joy, contentment (though its part of it) but ultimately because everyone dies, and to die without christ as the Lord of your life will be eternally tragic.

  6. That was so very well put!!! Whoever you are, God bless you because you are headed in the right direction and have quite simply said it how it is in a very loving, kind way. I am pretty good with words but I could not have said that better myself!!


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