Saturday, June 16, 2012

Collage: Duggar 2012 Portraits

Enjoy this picture montage, created by a loyal reader named Kristen.
Click on the collage to view an expanded version.

Happy Father's Day to Jim Bob, Josh, and to all of our readers!


  1. Kristen did such a nice job on the collage!!! I really like the May 2012 pictures!!! Everyone is really growing up!!! Thank you so much Lily and Ellie for doing this blog!!! I check it about every day for new updates!!! =) HaHa!!!

    Well, have a nice day and keep up the awsome work!!!!

  2. I love the older girls hair...its so thick and beautiful, and i love Anna's curls. Michael looks a lot like Anna, i reckon. Mckynzie is a doll :) Jennifer is a pretty little thing, Josie has grown so much, so has Jordan. Everyone looks great, i love the Duggars! Great job on the collage, love it! :)

  3. Oh, i LOVE this! Really nice. Great job Kristen!


  4. Delightful pictures. Kristen this is outstanding. Thanks Lily and Ellie for sharing.

  5. Just wait until all of their other children get married and have children. The pictures would be so small in a collage you couldn't see, and the intro on their show will be 5 minutes long! LOL Got to love it!

  6. Hello there,
    I was just wondering if the Zach Bates has ever set a wedding date with Sarah Reith yet. We have been waiting to see if anything has come yet but havent heard anything yet....

    1. I've been wondering the same thing!

  7. Lovely family! I am particularly amazed by the overwhelming love from the Duggar girls to their little bro and sis!!

    Jana, Jessa, Jill and Jinger have taken awesome care of the little ones like Jordyn and Jossie. Their future husband are definitely the luckiest guys on Earth haha

    God bless the family!

    Kevin from Hong Kong

  8. thx lily and ellie for putting this up for me
    i havent been on your blog for a couple of days as we had a very sad thing happen in my life these past couple of day :(

    kristen xx

  9. Cute! Happy Fathers Day Jimbob and Josh!

  10. Happy Father's Day to Jim Bob, Josh, and all the other hardworking, great father;s out there!!!

  11. Thanks Kristen for doing this collage! You did a great job!!!

    Thanks for sharing this Lily and Ellie!!

    God bless you all!!
    DON'T QUIT!!
    Catherine K.

  12. Does Kristen have a blog?

  13. They are growing up so fast and GOD BLESS YOU GUYS

  14. Why is McKynzie the only one that has a name that doesn't begin with a J??

  15. Scrap that I just realised there are two others. It's still odd how they are majority J's. I wonder how they picked there names

  16. It is because the ones that start with M are Josh and Anna's kids


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