Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chat with Jill Duggar: New Book 3

Be sure to read segments one (click here) and two (click here) of Ellie's chat with Jill Duggar. Here is part three:

Ellie: Do you have a title in mind for the book?

Jill: "We had thought about [Growing Up Duggar]. We are still trying to decide as far as what we actually want it to be, so it's not totally set in stone."

Ellie: Writing a book is a huge undertaking. How do you find the time to work on it?

Jill: "Yeah, it takes a lot of time, and that's what we're finding, it's very hard to find that time. It does make it a little bit easier that there are four of us working on it. Challenging in the way that we all have our own say, like 'Oh I think it should go this way, and I think we need to add this our take this out.' But the beauty of it is that we have all four of us working on it together, plus my parents. Since they have already written two books, they can add their wisdom in there, too."

More from Ellie's interview tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day).


  1. I don't think "Growing up Duggar" would be a good title. It reminds me of a book "Growing Up Brady" about the Brady Bunch.

  2. wow that is great! the title sounds wonderful!

  3. OH Thats so cool that y'all are gonna be writing a book together I can't wait to read it!!You girls and your family have been such an encouragement to me and a huge inspiration.I am 15 and have recently come more closer to God! and also have a closer relationship with my parents now!!
    I have also recently made it my personal conviction to dress modestly with below the knee length skirts and high-collared shirts.My family also stresses being frugal and buying used clothing,and focusing our life on others and God!! Thank you guys so much!! God Bless Y'all Be Safe!!

  4. The book sounds awesome. Totally unrelated but do you know when the bates summer series that was suppose to start in June starts?

  5. @3 stars

    Hi 3 stars,

    It looks like the Bates' eight-show series will not be starting until August. We will post updates when we receive them.

    Thanks for being a loyal reader!
    Lily and Ellie

  6. I think the book will be great for the girls to get their own story! I can't wait to read it!

  7. Thanks for posting these. Will they go on a book tour when it's done?

  8. Wow, it's so awesome being able to hear about the book from your interview, Ellie! I think Growing up Duggar is a great title for the book. I really can't wait to read the rest of the interview this week! Did you interview Jill on the phone or by email, or some other way, Ellie? Thanks for having such a wonderful blog!


  9. @Mckenna

    Hey Mckenna,

    Glad you enjoyed the interview! Jill and I chatted over the phone.

    Thanks for being a faithful follower,

  10. dear lily and ellie, When are the bates coming on TV?? I would really like to know.. do you know the duggars phone? do they know or like that you made up this blog??? thanks, jessa

  11. Hi Ellie!
    I think it's really cool that you got to talk with Jill! How did you reach them and figure out how to talk with her on the phone?

  12. "I have also recently made it my personal conviction to dress modestly with below the knee length skirts and high-collared shirts"
    Any kind of clothing can be modest. and I think some things are better new. Anyway speaking of frugalI hope there is Kindle edition to save money

  13. @Anonymous

    Hi Jessa,

    The Bates' eight-show series is scheduled to begin in August.

    We have spoken to the Duggars about our blog, and they totally approve of it. Our goal is to provide factual, encouraging information and to shed a positive light on their family.

    Thanks for reading!
    Lily and Ellie

  14. are the duggar family coming to Louisville ky soon again


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