Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Duggar Day Out" Recap

On this week's episode of "19 Kids and Counting:"

  • Michelle is recovering from her gallbladder removal. "Surgery isn't for sissies" says the mom of 19.
  • To help out, Anna, Jill, and Jason took the younger kids out to expend some energy. It was Mackynzie's first time at a park! 
  • Afterward, Anna and the older girls went thrift shopping. They got some good bargains -- 23 items for $30! 
  • But buying clothes for the little Duggar girls isn't as easy as it used to be. Jennifer just turned 3 and is now picky about what she wears. And what do you think her favorite color is? Pink, of course! "I want pink, I want pink!"
  • Anna is driving her dream car, the Hummer H2! It gets poor gas mileage, and Anna will be glad when it sells, but until it does, she is living her childhood dream. Despite the Hummer, Anna says that she and Josh are still Eco-friendly. "My baby has a cloth diaper on. You may be driving a Honda, but your baby has a disposable diaper." 
What did you think of the show? Are your kids picky about what they wear?


  1. I loved this episode! Let's have more episodes like this with Anna interacting with the family. And getting to see the youngest kids play was so fun!! Jordyn looked so thrilled and happy at the ice cream store! These kids are all so adorable!

  2. I am pleasantly surprised to hear that Anna's baby is diapered in cloth! So much better for her, her mommy's wallet, and the environment!


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