Friday, October 15, 2010

James Andrew

"Who is #13 in the Duggar family lineup?" Is it James or Justin? The Duggar lineup sure is a tongue-twister with all those "J" names. It took me a few tries (I confess that I had to use my fingers), but the answer is James (aka James Andrew). Thanks to all who answered! Look for more trivia questions in the near future.

The Duggar Lineup:
1. Josh  2. Jana  3. John-David  4. Jill  5. Jessa  6. Jinger  7. Joseph  8. Josiah  9. Joy-Anna  10. Jedidiah  
11. Jeremiah  12. Jason  13. James  14. Justin  15. Jackson  16. Johannah  17. Jennifer  18. Jordyn  19. Josie

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