Friday, October 8, 2010

A Very Special Duggar Birthday!

Today we are celebrating not one, but TWO Duggar birthdays, and they are not twins....
Johannah is 5, and Mackynzie is 1! 
Happy Birthday, Johannah and Mackynzie!!

Do you share a birthday with a family member or friend?


  1. Sorry but Johannah's birthday is the 11th not the 8th. Michelle says this on a video that appears on Radaronline.

  2. My daughters were born on the same day exactly a year apart. And my son was due on that same day the following year, but we got him a week early!

  3. So why is TLC not posting any episodes any more? I used to watch all the episodes a week late on, but they've quit posting them. I don't know where to watch them now. The only you tubers who post the episodes faithfully, just set a camcorder in front of their tv set. Pathetic!
    I miss watching this show! :(

  4. I was born at 25 weeks back in 74. Weighted 1 lb 6 oz. In 2005 we were starting a Bible study at our house and some best friends of ours invited their best friends. Turned out to not only share the exact same birthday but also 8 weeks next to each other in NICU! We are best friends. Her mom even remembers my mom. Even though back at that time moms weren't allowed to hold their sick babies.

  5. happy birthday! My husband and I have the same birthday (Oct. 20), im just one year older. it makes the day so much more special when you share it with someone you love!!

  6. No shared birthdays in my family.
    Happy Birthday Mackynzie!
    Happy Birthday (a little early) JoHannah! It will be fun watching the birthday episode when it is aired.

  7. My question was not rhetorical. :)
    Seriously, where can you watch this show online nowadays?

  8. Hi Ginger! Sorry about that. I published your comment right as we were leaving for a weekend camping trip, and we just returned. I found a few sites where you can pay to watch "19 Kids and Counting" (Amazon, Itunes), but none where you can watch for free. I know YouTube isn't the greatest -- we don't have many channels, so we watch shows on there as well -- but I haven's been able to find any sites that have free episodes of "19 Kids and Counting," and, unfortunately, TLC has stopped posting them (at least for the time-being). I will keep looking and let you know if I find anything. Thanks for being a faithful reader of the blog! =)


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