Friday, October 8, 2010

Duggars Making a Difference

What's the latest in the Duggar home? Jana, John-David, and Jill are now certified First Responders, which means that they are authorized to perform pre-hospital care. And just recently, Jana and Jill joined John at the Volunteer Fire Department!
"They have responded to car wrecks and fire calls," says Michelle. "It’s just amazing. They really wanted to go out and make a difference in peoples’ lives. And just getting to hear those stories. When they get a call and they fly out the door, we’re praying." 

Does your area have a Volunteer Fire Department? 


  1. I'm sure you are proud of them for giving to the community. I remember an episode when the older girls baked cookies for the fire and police departments. It seemed like it was their own idea. What thoughtfulness!

  2. no i am from canada. I volunteer with St John Ambulance, have been there for 2 years it awesome, what we do with St johns we go to events and provide first aid at events. I have also taken the first Responders course. Way to go Guys

  3. I have been a Volunteer Firefighter for 18 years and was a Fire Explorer for 5 years before that. I was also a First Responder for a while. It is an awesome feeling to know you are one of only a handfull of people who can go and help when the pager beeps. First and foremost, I am a worker for Jesus Christ, and I pray every time I respond to a call. I pray for courage, protection and for God to be close to each victim. I sincerely applaude you all joining the First Responders and Fire Dept., but I applaude you harder for your commitment to God and showing that in everything you do! Be appreciative that God sees fit to use you as a tool for Him in this way! Way to go!

  4. I too am in a volunteer fire dept in a small town. I am a young college female and I too love the dept. It is so fun and a great way to give back to the community. Great job kids!!! Keep it up!! :)


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