Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Duggars in Stitches

Tune into TLC tonight at 8/9PM CST for "19 Kids and Counting" Duggars in Stitches. Just as the Duggars are gearing up for a media tour, Jim Bob and Michelle have to rush Johannah to the hospital! 

Have you or your children ever had stitches? If so, how many?


  1. I have had well over 100 stitches after my son was born I was torn from 1 end to the other

  2. I'll be watching!

    My son first had stitches when he was around 5yrs old. He cut his foot rushing through a sliding door. Always rushing!

    Then last year he fell over a waterfall, falling about 15ft. and broke his foot in 4 places. Not stitches, but another ER visit and surgery. He's now 16yrs.

  3. I've never had stitches despite the fact that I am somewhat of a klutz. I'll consider myself lucky.

  4. i was the mother of a son for 10 years before his sister came into our life.he was always being stitched up. the worse one was during an electrical storm 13 months old came in to get in bed with me.his foot slipped and hit his forehead on the metal frame that holds the mattress a little after midnight.in a storm on the way to hospital 22 stitches later. it did not end there.a tree house was a down fall...

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