Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jessa Seewald on Parenthood

Baby Seewald at 19 weeks, 3 days
We have been posting Jessa Seewald's responses to the questions you submitted. One reader asked the expectant mother what is going through her mind as she prepares to enter parenthood within the next several weeks. (Baby Seewald is due November 1st.)

What are you looking forward to most about parenthood, and what are you nervous about?
Jessa: Being that I am currently pregnant, I think I am most looking forward to holding this precious little one in my arms for the first time! Sometimes I just sit and wonder what our baby’s little face will look like. Will we see more pronounced “Seewald” or “Duggar” features? Will baby be born with Daddy’s blue eyes, or Mommy’s curly hair? 

It’s so amazing to think that God has entrusted us with this precious little life to love and care for. I think it is only natural for us to feel unprepared for such a huge responsibility, but we know that God will guide us each step of the way. Each night, we pray that God will prepare us to be good parents and that He will give us the grace to be able to raise this little one for His Glory. Ben and I feel especially blessed to have so many godly examples of other parents around us to look up to and learn from! We are constantly asking questions and learning from those who are further down the road in this journey of parenting. 

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Photo courtesy of duggarfamily.com


  1. So excited for you Jessa and Ben

  2. I'm sorry, but can't we hear about someone else sometimes instead of Jessa ALL the time??

    1. Yeah and when Jill was engaged and married and pregnant people were saying the same a about her. How about just being grateful that we are hearing anything about any of them!!

  3. Baby seawald will be so cute

  4. May God love you and trust you with his child you are about to receive.

  5. cute picture, love this family, may God bless your marriage and your expecting baby!!!!
    May God continue blessing the Seewald, Dillards and the Duggar Family.......waiting for you return on tv.....praying for all of you including anna and Josh..........

  6. it certainly sounds like jessa has her head on straight! i'm sure she will be an awesome mother.

  7. Of course Jessa is looking forward to seeing her newborn, isn't very mom? Nothing new.

  8. So happy and excited for you both! You have everything it takes to be great parents!

    1. Every thing it takes..could u be more specific??

  9. awwww wow!!!!
    I know that the baby will be so cute!

  10. A boy

    curly sue
    should be it
    if its a boy

  11. Such a special time in life, and it is refreshing to read Jessa's clear message that she is thrilled to bring a new life into the world and loving the process. God bless

  12. Thank you so much for keeping us posted. I miss you on TV so very much. I think of your family so often and prey for all of you. God bless you and Ben and so look forward to seeing a picture of your precious gift from God.


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