Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Season Finale Tonight

Inquiring minds want to know...Is tonight really the season finale of 19 Kids and Counting? The answer is yes, but TLC has assured us that they are in full production mode for next season. New episodes of 19 Kids and Counting will return in 2014.

Tune in tonight at 9pm CST/8pm CST for "Flea Market Finale," and then stick around for "Josh & Anna: Our Story," a one-hour special featuring new interviews and photos from the couple's five years together.

A seven-hour Duggar marathon starts at 2pm EST/1pm CST this afternoon and runs until the premiere of tonight's new episodes (schedule on the Showtimes page). 

Oct 22, 9pm EST/8pm CST
Flea Market Finale
This big family is preparing for an even BIGGER event! The Duggars are gearing up for the first ever Duggar Family Flea Market to benefit Arkansas Children's Hospital. With a long to-do list and an ambitious goal, will they be able to pull it off?

Oct 22, 10pm EST/9pm CST
Josh & Anna: Our Story
They may not have 19 kids, but with 3 and counting, Josh and Anna Duggar have quite the story to tell. Watch as we take a retrospective look at their defining moments from courtship to marriage, with never-before-seen footage of Josh and Anna through the years.


  1. Looking forward to the josh and Anna special sooooo excited !!!!! They r such an inspiration for young couples starting out in marriage and starting families !!!!! Just love love love them !!!!

  2. I wish I had TV :( Only to watch 19 kids and counting

  3. Why is this season so short??

  4. I am glad this family will be on hiatus for a little while. It seems like lately they are using their TV show as a political forum. If I wanted to watch a show about politics, I would tune into CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News, and not TLC and a reality show. I watch the Duggars for entertainment; not for debating politics. It is my opinion that if the Duggars keep up the political posturing on their show, TLC may have second thoughts.

  5. The seasons just keep getting shorter and shorter!!! So frustrating!

  6. Lily and Ellie, would you happen to know why the season is ending so soon after it started again? Also last week you stated to stay tune to this week because one of the Duggar girls had an announcement, what ever happened to that announcement? Are they still going to announce it? Thanks

  7. That's ridiculous! The season only just started and they are ending it ALREADY! The Duggars are probably just getting too busy with life and are starting to wean us off their show by making the seasons shorter. While it's fine if they get involved in politics, I don't see why they feel the need to travel around for it. Constant travelling is NOT healthy for young children. And they could save even more money by staying home and releasing a statement or appearing via video link. It's time to slow down Duggars. Give your little kids a chance to grow up in a house, not a bus.

  8. Wow, the seasons have gotten so short now! I know we have been lucky to have two new episodes every week, but this is still super short. This "season" was only 10 episodes long over only 6 weeks and the midseason breaks are starting to get longer. I hope this doesn't mean the Duggars days on TLC are limited. There are so many more milestones and special events that most of us on here really hope to see, especially after having the privilege of watching these kids grow up. This family is such an inspiration to so many people it would truly be a shame to see the show end.

  9. What an uneventful season! No promised big announcements.. Erin's engagement does not count since she is not a Duggar.. I am kind of disappointed in this season

  10. What about jessa and Ben?

  11. Why are the seasons so short??

  12. So happy that they are going to continue to follow Josh and Anna on there relocation to Washington DC.

  13. What a precious family!! This show is such an inspiration to my family about living life the right way with God leading the way. God Bless This Family

  14. when's the announcement of which Duggar is engaged?

  15. Loved the show that just aired about making the money for the hospital. I cried and got goosebumps congrats. your family is great

  16. When are you going to post the episode(s)?
    Hope soon! Thanks for all you do!
    Answer back SOON please!

  17. I'm disappointed in the incredibly short season too. However, the episodes have had NOTHING to do with their political activity. Not sure what some commenters are talking about.

  18. These seasons are so short. I look forward to them for months and then after a month, I'm waiting again. I wish they could have new episodes more often.

  19. Stephanie from VirginiaOctober 24, 2013 at 9:18 PM

    Jessa was very rude and disrespectful to her grandmother in the kitchen and I did NOT like that. Michelle needs to remind her "the first time I say it, you obey it" to her 21 year old. Grandma told her two maybe three times to stop and not only did she not listen the first time, she never obeyed her grandma. NOT cool Jessa.

    Jessa I understand if you are burned out at home, I don't blame you, but don't take it out on grandma.

    Anna's kids adore Anna so much and it shows. Their relationship really shows the love. Jen, Jordyn, and Josie really don't react to Michelle that way. Maybe the older kids were like that when they were all together all the time.

  20. Idea to be a POLITICAL SHOW NOW! ITS A PERSONS COICE . to much talk about abortion, politics and alot of nrepeats b.days anniversaries etc.

  21. Why do you super fans think the adult Duggar kids agree to allow their parents to control phone calls?
    Do you think the adult children 100% abide by this?
    John is a 23 year old grown man. Do you think he should be monitored by his parents 24/7?
    Do you think John has is own phone bill and has some privacy of his own?
    Do you think Jessa was rude to grandma while cooking?
    Do you think Ben, at 18 years old, is readt to get married?

    As the moderators know, I am a fan but, I'm a critical fan. I seriously would like to know what you think ahout the above questions.

    1. I think its their family, their business and its working just fine despite what anyone else "thinks". My husband and I were engaged at 18 & married at 19 and we have endured more trials (cancer, the birth of our first baby who nearly died at birth & more) than any young couple could possibly imagine. We are about to have our 34th anniversary and are as crazy in love and more than ever! AGE is just a number. When Christ is the center of a relationship there is peace and stability. As for the kids allowing moderators and being obedient to the parents, that comes from biblical instruction. These kids know God instructs them to "Obey your parents in the Lord for this is right" and they love the Lord and seek to please HIM first! Its just that simple.

  22. @Sarah

    Hi Sarah,

    Erin Bates is engaged, and Jessa is in a courtship.

    ~Lily and Ellie:)

  23. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous 7,

    It was a short season, but since the episodes were double-stacked every week, TLC completed their inventory in a shorter amount of time.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  24. I love the Duggars! I don't think they have to worry about their kids when they reach a certain age because they have been raised with such strong morals and convictions. I think their children abide by the rules...they have loving, kind parents who have raised them to be respectful and I have no doubt they do what their parents ask of them. Yes, I think the older kids pay for some things once they have jobs and are making money. No, I don't think Jessa was rude....her grandmother had a very strict home ec teacher but not everyone cooks by measuring out every little thing. I personally was married at 18 and have been married for 25 yrs this Dec ...so, that's a matter of opinion. Keep up the wonderful work Duggars...can't wait to see you Nov. 4th in TN!

  25. Why can't TLC put one episode on per week and keep it running longer? I am a Duggar fan but I think that "The Little Couple" who are way more down to eath and not as preachy have taken the lead on TLC. They are Christian and it shows in everything they do! No words necessary...just actions.


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