Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Recap: A Walk Down Memory Lane

"Josh & Anna: Our Story"...
  • Anna grew up in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a family of 10. She shared one bedroom with her four sisters, which she describes as a constant slumber party.
  • Josh, as you know, is the oldest of 19. "I was a very mischievous child," he says. "My mom would be right there to say, 'I'm watching you.'"
  • As a teenager, Anna says she planned to wait a while for marriage. But that changed when she met Josh at age 18. Several months later, the two began a long-distance courtship. During that time, they spent about an hour each night on conference calls with members of their family listening in. "It was really good for our hearts," says Anna, who believes a long-distance relationship helped develop their communication skills.
  • Six months later, Josh asked Anna's dad for permission to marry his daughter. After getting Mr. Keller's blessing, Josh headed down to Florida on Anna's birthday to pop the question.
  • During their three-month engagement, Josh and Anna saw each other only once. On the day of the wedding, Jim Bob had a conversation with his oldest son about the "birds and the bees" and gave him some "educational materials."
  • The couple saved their first kiss for the altar. Both had seen their parents kiss many times and were confident they could pull it off on the first try. Anna reminded Josh to aim. 
  • One of the highlights of the honeymoon, which the couple spent in Myrtle beach, was being chaperone-free for the first time. Upon returning home, they settled into their new home and began their life together.
  • Just over a year into their marriage, Josh and Anna welcomed their first child. "There was nothing like seeing Mackynzie and holding her for the first time," says Anna.
  • After suffering a miscarriage, Anna took another pregnancy test and got a positive result. She delivered Michael on the toilet after 16 hours of labor. In the summer of 2013, Anna barely made it to the birthing center in time for Marcus' arrival. Soon after welcoming Grand-Duggar #3, Josh and Anna headed off to the nation's capital to start a new life. 
  • Having lived in Washington D.C. for three-and-a-half months, Josh and Anna say their little family has grown closer to each other. "I want to be their best friend," says Josh of his children. "I want to be there for them."
  • Believe it or not, Josh and Anna didn't set out to give all their children names starting with the letter "M." Like Jim Bob and Michelle, it just sort of happened. They have more names in mind for future children, but of course, that's classified information.
  • Although he is 1,200 miles away, Josh is still fulfilling his role of oldest brother: "I have a place in my heart for any guy that wants to court my sisters. It's a very hard place, a very firm place, and it's not easily shaken."


  1. I absolutely loved this special I wish they would get there own spin off show and that Anna would write a book one day I know with three small kids and home to tend too plus being a wife she don't have time know just would love to get to know her better .

  2. Josh Duggar was on The Comfort Zone today. It was a great show! Great testimony!

  3. Obviously written by a homeschooled--grammar, spelling and all!

  4. Josh's comment about "fulfilling his role as the oldest brother" is hypocritical. Watching him on their reality show; he has never appeared connected to any of his siblings at any level! JD and he sort of worked for a short time together; but he is never shown interacting with his sisters of any younger siblings!

  5. Anna is so cute and seems to be very personable. She has grown so much since when we first saw her. I do hope they keep showing Josh and Anna!!

  6. ANOTHER RECAP! come on now, same story different DAY!

  7. So Anna shared a bedroom with her sisters, big deal! Many of us shared a room with siblings when growing up. And just how many Duggar sisters currently share one room? Where is it written that each child needs to have his/her own bedroom? As for Josh, it is not your responsibility to screen your sisters' dates (oops, they don't call them dates, do they?) because Josh, you should have Biblically speaking left your mother and father and gone with your wife! Leave the screening of the young men "courting" your sisters to your parents! You have a household of your own now.

  8. Josh an Anna we r enjoying watching u all family grow God Bless u all

  9. Parts 2 and 5 aren't on youtube. Is there any chance they're available and I overlooked them? Or, if they're missing, any chance they'll be re-uploaded?

  10. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous 9,

    It looks like parts 2 and 5 have been removed, either by the user who uploaded them or by YouTube.

    ~Lily and Ellie


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