Sunday, October 13, 2013

Love at First Sight? Not Quite

Josh and Anna's first encounter was love at first sight for Josh, but Anna remembers things a bit differently. "I thought he was a nice guy, but it was very neutral," says the now-mother-of-three. "I didn't like him, and I didn't really dislike him." The couple tells their love story in the following TLC webisode.

Jim Bob and Michelle's first meeting was similar to Josh and Anna's. Check out Wednesday's post to hear how the Duggar patriarch and matriarch got to know each other back in the '80s.


  1. They're such a cute couple. It's funny how it was the same with Jim Bob and at first sight with him, but not with her.

  2. I saw online that Michelle Duggar is pregnant! Have you heard anything Lily and Ellie?

  3. Is it true Michelle is pregnant again? I just read an article about them being on the today show and anouncing four days ago.

  4. They did the same story, but from a few years ago.

  5. @Laura

    Hi Laura,

    The Duggars recently said they would love to have more children, but Michelle has not announced a pregnancy. There are some news websites with misinformation.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  6. The reason why Anna said she was neutral is because when you are raised with the courtshipthing you are told it is wrong to have feelings about boys until you start courting. They say it's giving away your heart and that you need to guard it. So Anna would have been disobedient to her father if she had feelings for a boy before he told her it was okay to start courting. All the Duggars are raised thisway as well.

  7. Wouldn't it be a blessing if JimBob and Michelle could simply be content with all the gifts God has given them already? Be still and listen.

  8. That's how it was with my dad and mom too! Lol! Dad at first sight, but not my mom.



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