Thursday, October 3, 2013

Photos: NICU Visit and Playgroup

On this week's episodes of 19 Kids and Counting, Anna takes her kids to a mommy-and-me playgroup, while Michelle visits the NICU with Jana and Josie. Here are a few behind-the-scenes snapshots:

Josie Duggar, who turns four in December, takes a nap on the couch.

Jana (the oldest Duggar daughter) feeds Josie (the youngest).

Jana Duggar talks with one of Josie's nurses at Arkansas Children's Hospital.
Can you believe this strong, active little Duggar was born at 1 pound 6 ounces?

Michelle Duggar visits with a couple whose infant is in the 
Arkansas Children's Hospital NICU.

Michelle Duggar encourages the mom whose son is in
the same NICU isolette where Josie once slept.

Anna Duggar braves the Washington D.C. subway with
Mackynzie, Michael, and Marcus.

Anna and Marcus Duggar

Anna Duggar amuses Marcus at a mommy-and-me 
playgroup in Washington D.C.

Michael Duggar takes a ride down a ramp at playgroup.

Mackynzie "Monkey" Duggar has a blast at the indoor playground

Anna Duggar's parents and brothers drive up from Florida for a visit.


  1. Whoa I just realized Joise looks a bit sickly and pale. Or is it just me?

    1. The fact that Josie has blonde hair, and the light in the first photo of her probably make her look washed out.
      What surprises me is that a four year old stil has someone feeding her? I would of thought a girl that age is old enough to feed herself.

    2. I think they were keaving early to go down to Little Rock. Josie was working on Duggar time and probably wasn't awake enough to be attentive to breakfast at the hour they needed to leave by. With Jana right there all Josie needed to do was open and chew and swallow :)

  2. Josie does seem to look like she is sick in that photo. I hope she's not. I do wonder why Jana was feeding her??? I think I have seen Josie feed herself in other episodes. While at ACH, she appeared to be acting just fine! Maybe, she was just tired.

  3. It was nice to see Anna's younger brothers! I wonder how old they are and what they do?

  4. I am really surprised that a hospital would let a film crew into the NICU. If I was one of the parents that had a baby in there I would have been really ticked off that the hospital allowed it. Those babies are very sick and the last thing they need is a bunch of people coming in for the sake of a Tv show.

  5. To the people that are so worried about if josie is sick she is not it is just the light in the picture that makes her look pale!!! And Josie can feed herself but her sister just wanted to help her out because it was so early in the morning!!!!!

  6. Lily and Ellie,
    Is Josie's hair naturally curly?

  7. I got the impression that they had to wake her up and leave early before everyone else was up. Jana probably fed her because they were in a hurry, didn't want her to get messy, or she wasn't fully awake and interested in eating yet.

  8. Why are they feeding an almost four year old?! I love the family, she is their Miracle and the baby so I guess I understand just funny observation

  9. @Anonymous 4
    Sometimes we have to feed our younger siblings when they won't finish their lunches :) I'm sure Josie is capable of feeding herself. Just maybe not willing, on that occasion :)

  10. Hi Lily and Ellie,
    Would it be possible to find out where Anna's skirt came from? It's really cute! (The denim one in the stroller photo)

  11. My Goodness. Why do some people seem to think something is wrong with Josie all the time!! It's evident that she is a miracle from God himself! People, learn his final command; to love one another. I'm sure happy He gave me Jesus who doesn't judge me.........if I repent!

  12. also surprised she isnt potty trained. jim bob could have changed his own DAUGHTERS DIAPER and bathed her when she had an accident , instead of her older siblings doing it shame on him

  13. our 4year old likes it ones a while to to be fed.\just fine.Josie looks healthy if you see her playing there.
    Love and God bless.

  14. We all do things that may appear strange to some, but we do it for a reason. Given the fact that Josie has been shown to eat for herself; we can assume there is some reason she is being fed. When my kids had tonsils taken out I fed them the first day. Just an example.

  15. I think Josie looks a LOT like Michelle! Could Michelle post a baby pic with you guys?

  16. wow how pretty Anna looks

  17. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous,

    It is a cute skirt, isn't it? Like the rest of the Duggars, Anna buys lots of her clothing second-hand. You might try shopping online or checking out your local thrift store. Might just fine some cute skirts similar to the one Anna is wearing in the photo. :)

    ~Lily and Ellie


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