Friday, October 11, 2013

Hear the Duggars Speak

Jim Bob and Michelle are in D.C. for the Values Voter Summit this weekend. You can listen live online at Josh will also be speaking at the event. Here's the schedule:


8:45-noon EST 
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Josh Duggar

4:15-5:00 EST
Breakout session (Josh Duggar)

Hanging out at Josh and Anna's new house with family and friends


  1. Am I right in saying that Johannah is wearing Jeggings looks like with a skirt or long top???

  2. Hi Lily and Ellie! I know this is kinda off topic but is the last new episode of 19 kids and Counting on October 22?

  3. Yes Johannah is wearing leggings under her skirt. Typically young girls these days aged 0 years to 10 -12 years wear them under a skirt or dress and although not official school policy ,under a school dress or skirt. It is quite the norm especially here in Australia where we have a wide variety of cultures and religions. These days they are worn instead of tights which can end up down around your legs somewhere whilst all the while you are trying ( with a smile) to maintain some sort of dignified decorum and trying to walk in a straight line all the while going about what ever the day brings us. ( most of us have been there !). A friend of mine hasn't worn skirts or dresses in years because of this very reason ! Leggings are much easier to manage for children when potty training as the child is able to do more for itself quicker. My nieces wear them all of the time and would feel out of step with their friends and school mates if they couldn't wear them.They are good for climbing that tree or for being upside down on the monkey bars in front of friends whilst maintaining some sort of modesty and - oh going down that slippery slide on a sunny day with out getting burnt !
    Typically mothers with put their baby in them with a t /shirt or top when learning to crawl and when they learn to walk you add a skirt or dress to them. All four of the younger Duggar girls have worn them - some as babies and then toddlers and some just as toddlers. Joy- Anna wore them under a skirt when she went wall rock climbing (for one of her birthdays - I think it was ?). And remember both the Duggar girls and the Bates girls wear them as a part of their modestly skirted swimwear. So this quite the norm even for the Duggars. and all their dress code rules; who like most young girls I know these days wear leggings in place of tights.

  4. What's wrong with leggings? She obviously wearing something over the upper part

  5. Yes, looks like she is. If you remember Joy Anna used to dress like that for years. Leggings with skirt over. I think it is standard for the Duggars because it is most modest for a girl that age. They are all over the place running, playing, falling, climbing... If they where in just a skirt their knees, thighs or undies might show up by accident. Having a skirt over it keeps the lady like.

  6. the duggars girls only wear skits so it could not be just leggings. legging under a dress yes

  7. I wish the Duggars would stop comparing the Holocaust to every other problem. Michelle calls abortions the Holocaust and JimBob compares our governments's shut down to the Holocaust-as a time where citizens are not doing anything about the problem. Please find another historical event to that is truly relevant to our current crisis.

  8. Josiah is so cute with the younger ones. They all seem to love him.

  9. nice to see they socialize outside there circle. seem to be doing well away from family. not being controlled

  10. @Anonymous
    I can't think of any historical event more relevant to our abortion crisis. Millions of Jews were killed; millions of babies are killed every year. Mass murder is mass murder.


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