Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Country Flea Markets & City Streets

It's Tuesday again, and you know what that means! (Is it just us, or are the weeks flying by for you, too?) Tune in to TLC tonight for two new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting...

9:00pm EST/8:00pm CST
19 Kids and Counting "A Big Idea"
Josh and Anna continue adjusting to life in Washington, D.C. But when Anna decides to venture out on her own, will she be able to brave the DC streets, or will she have a parallel parking mishap? Meanwhile, the Duggars get a big idea for how to give back.

9:30pm EST/8:30pm CST
19 Kids and Counting "Flea Market Challenge"
The Duggars are headed to the flea market! After deciding to hold a fundraiser for Arkansas Children's Hospital, the whole family lends a hand to organize a warehouse full of Duggar family treasures. Meanwhile, Anna braves the city metro for the first time.

*Tune in at 8pm EST/7pm CST for reruns of last week's episodes ("An Emotional Goodbye" and "Farm Fresh Duggars"). These episodes are not on YouTube or Amazon yet, but they are available on iTunes. 


  1. I wish Amazon would finally post the episodes from last week, they're taking forever.

  2. can't wait!!!! i wish they would say something about jessa's courtship.............

  3. Awesome!! I can't wait till the last ones are on YouTube, and these ones. That is the only way we can watch them, because we don't have TV.

  4. Last week's episodes are being oploaded on YouTube right now :-)

  5. Why are the episodes not coming up on Amazon??? They posted the first one, but no others have been posted. :(

  6. The episodes from last weeks are on YouTube by a different person. Nxt weeks episode is about the newest courtship

  7. Found An Emotional Goodbye on Youtube

  8. Where can I find the newest episodes?

  9. Lily and Ellie, I just found both Farm Fresh Duggars and An Emotional Goodbye on YouTube, posted by KoolJ MusicL. Please keep us updated!!!


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