Thursday, October 10, 2013

Photos: Duggar Anniversary Highlights

Tuesday's show focused on the anniversary celebrations of Jim Bob and Michelle (29 years) and Josh and Anna (5 years). Check out these pictures from behind the scenes:

 Jana and Joy-Anna Duggar head off to D.C. to help Josh 
pull off a day of surprises for Anna

 Catching up in the kitchen of Josh and Anna Duggar's new house

 Joy Duggar shares a snack with nephew Michael

 Anna and Marcus Duggar

 Brothers Michael and Marcus Duggar

 The girls head out for a professional manicure while Josh

Josh and Anna enjoy a romantic dinner on the night of their anniversary

One last kiss before heading home to the kiddos

To celebrate their 29th anniversary, Jim Bob Duggar
takes Michelle on a hot air balloon

Michelle's greatest fear is heights, but she enjoys the ride!

"It's a precious thing to have a mom and dad that really love each other."
~Michelle Duggar


  1. Beautiful! Happiest of anniversaries to both couples & many more years of wedded bliss ahead of all of you.

    With love~ Andrea (who has been married to the love of my life for 37 yrs so far) :-)

  2. if the duggars are suppose to be modest why are they kissing and touching each other all the time.

    1. Because they are married. I guess i know who won't be kissing their spouse. Plus you don't see the little girls kissing do you?

  3. i am sure alot of moms and dads love each other , really love each other. what a strange statement she made.

  4. Awww so sweet. I really wish I could have seen this episode! Do you know when it will be on youtube?


  5. Has anyone heard anything on Jessa and Ben's courtship ? I can't wait to know!!!!!!

  6. Cute couples! I am so glad that Josh and Anna moved to DC. I really feel that they will enjoy some space.


  7. Oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they are soooooooooooooo cute

  8. @Anonymous
    They have a license to do so!!!

  9. Anna looks great!



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