Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Recap: "A Big Idea" & "Flea Market Challenge"

On tonight's episodes of 19 Kids and Counting... 

"A Big Idea"
  • Anna's parents and youngest brothers, Nathan and David, drive 12 hours from their home in Florida to visit. Grandma and Grandpa Keller are thrilled to meet their newest grandson and tour Josh and Anna's spacious home.
  • Anna jumps in her Lincoln sedan and ventures into D.C. solo for the first time. The drive takes 20 minutes, and the mom of 3 finishes it off with a solid parallel parking job on a busy city street.
  • Fun fact: Josh saves $50 a week by packing his lunch.
  • Back in Arkansas, Michelle and Jana take Josie to visit Arkansas Children's Hospital, where the youngest of the 19 Duggar children--born at 1 pound 6 ounces--spent the first several months of her life. Josie greets Dr. Arrington and the nurses with hugs. 
  • While Jana and Josie hang out in the playroom, Michelle visits and prays with parents of preemies, including the mom whose son is in the same isolette as Josie.
  • "I know it took many people for [Josie] to be here and to be thriving," says Michelle. "We are extremely grateful...because we know it could have been so different. "
  • At home, Josie has an accident. Jim Bob, whose experience with potty training is more limited than Michelle's, carries her upstairs, where Jinger and Joy volunteer to help clean her up. The older girls say that Michelle is the primary potty-trainer, while they are on clean-up duty.
  • Jim Bob has put the Duggar Family Farm on hold but has another big idea. How about a Duggar Family Flea Market? He shows his wife a storage shed filled with items collected throughout their 29 years of marriage, including furniture, toys, clothes, tools, mattresses, and...Michelle's long-lost salad spinner.
"Flea Market Challenge"
  • Michelle is on-board with the flea market idea, as long as they donate the proceeds to families with infants in the Arkansas Children's Hospital NICU. Jim Bob pitches the idea to his kids, and the family heads out to the warehouse to start sorting. "I absolutely love organizing things," says Jessa. "This is going to be exciting. Let's just say my dad likes to collect things...a lot of things."
  • The Duggars stop at a local flea market to get some ideas for theirs. For an educational experience, Jim Bob and Michelle split the family in half (boys versus girls) and give each team $50 to see if they can turn it into $100 at the Duggar Flea Market. Jim Bob says he encourages his adult children to develop their own ideas but admits that he is still getting used to dealing with opinions that conflict his.
  • The girls end up spending their $50 on hair bows and wooden ping pong guns, while the boys invest in a bucket of knives.
  • Michelle and Joy sort through baby clothes to sell at the flea market. "This is the first time in 24 years that we don't have a baby in diapers, and that is a big change," says the mom of 19. "Jim Bob and I have been praying about adoption." Michelle says she is learning how to welcome this new season of life.
  • In D.C., Anna takes her kiddos to a mommy-and-me playgroup...on the subway.  "I have never taken the Subway by myself, or by myself with kids, so I'm a little nervous," she admits.
  • Mackynzie has a blast right off the bat, but it takes a little while for Michael to realize that mommy isn't leaving. Anna enjoys talking with other moms and hopes to attend playgroup more often.


  1. I noticed they said they were considering adoption. I just wanted to know if they were to adopt, would they only consider a child with a "J" name? If not, won't that child feel like an outsider if they are the only one with no J. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for standing up for what you believe. I appreciate your family being God centered and God fearing! Your a wonderful example of what a Christian family is. Thank you! Cindy from California

  3. Love the indoor playgroup wish we had Somethg like that where I leave .me amd some Of the other stay at moms getting together at our local park from time to time but that's detrimine by the weather. Would love an indoor area so we could meet more often .inthink it's a great thing for her to connect w other moma in the area and the kids know have friends

    1. If any members of the group attend a church without a preschool, you group might be able to arrange occassional use of there space for a donation toward utility costs and the group cleans up after itself. Hope you will be able to find a place.

  4. "An Emotional Goodbye" and "Farm Fresh Duggars"are on YouTube .

  5. Just thinking about this precious duggar family. They are considering adoption; which would be great but maybe they could also help other families with adoption expenses by setting up a foundation in jubilee shalom name.there are do many families with no children that also cant afford adoption expenses. I know from experience. My husband and I spent many dollars on trying to concieve and then could not afford adoption. I was finally blessed with 2 boys but I know others who were on the same situation who needed help

  6. Has anybody posted links to watch the past 2 weeks new episodes?

  7. Stephanie from VirginiaOctober 2, 2013 at 7:23 PM

    Why did Anna take Josh his lunch at 3:20 pm? Please don't make excuses for the fakery.
    I must say I am glad to see Anna in a big comfortable home especially since she has helped earn their money by giving birth on television 3 times.

  8. "A Big Idea" is now available on YouTube. Just found it & thought I would share with everyone. Love the Duggar Family and this is such a great blog

  9. Has anyone else noticed that there's not a picture of Jana on the cover for Volume 9 on iTunes? All the otter kids are pictured? Odd.

  10. It's great that Anna is finding ways to connect with other young moms and that the children will be interacting with other children and making new friends! Especially since Mckynzie is so used to having her aunts and uncles to play with! :). Kudos to Anna for taking the subway! Their house is lovely and its always nice to see Anna's parents- love her mom by the way- she is genuine!

  11. @Stephanie from Virginia

    I am not sure where you saw the time, but if it was on the clock in the car, it is possible that they have not yet switched the clocks from Arkansas time to DC time??


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