Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Recap: Anniversaries to Remember

Tonight on 19 Kids and Counting...
  • Jim Bob is preparing a special 29th anniversary celebration for his bride. After enlisting his kids' help, he instructs his wife to pack an overnight bag with a few unusual items (anti-motion sickness medicine, anti-gas medicine, a jacket, and closed toed shoes).
  • "I feel pretty safe being surprised by Jim Bob," says Michelle. The Duggars jump in the car with chauffer Josiah and head to Terra Studios, where they try their hand at glassblowing. For surprise #2, the kids prepare Michelle's favorite dinner (beans and cornmeal) at War Eagle Mill.
  • "It made it so much more special having our children there for our anniversary," says the mom of 19. "It's a precious thing to have a mom and dad that really love each other."
  • After dinner, Jim Bob takes Michelle to a hotel similar to the one they stayed at on their wedding night. As usual, he tries to haggle. The agent refuses to drop the price, but she gives them a room with a Jacuzzi. "We're really moving up in the world," jokes Jim Bob, who says the Jacuzzi is a step up from the vibrating bed in their honeymoon suite.
  • The next morning, Jim Bob gives Michelle one final surprise: a balloon ride! Michelle, whose greatest fear is heights, is a little unsure about the idea but ends up really enjoying the ride.
Meanwhile in D.C.
  • Josh calls up Jana and Joy-Anna and asks them to fly out to help him prepare a 5th anniversary celebration for Anna. When the girls arrive, they are greeted with hugs from their brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephews.
  • While Jana and Joy take Anna out for some girl time in Old Town Alexandria, Josh prepares surprise #1 for his wife. The girls enjoy a professional manicure (Anna's first), while Josh does a photo shoot with his kids in their backyard. It takes a while, but Josh ends up getting a few great shots. "It's really hard to sit still," says Mackynzie.
  • "I'm sure Josh is going to be just fine with the kids, but I'm a little nervous leaving him," says Anna. This is the longest Josh has been alone with all three Grand-Duggars.
  • That evening, Jana and Joy watch the kids while Josh takes Anna out for a date night and presents her with the finished product from his photo shoot.
Random Facts:

1. What is one habit Anna wants to break Josh of? 
Talking too loudly

2. How many cans of hairspray does Jim Bob go through in a month? 

3. Where was Anna when she first told Josh she loved him? 
On her parents' couch

4. Where is the craziest place Jim Bob and Michelle have had Bible study?
 In the bathtub (with Jim Bob's waterproof Bible)

5. How long did Jim Bob and Michelle date before getting engaged?
Seven months


  1. Loved this Epsiode

  2. Stephanie ftim VirginiaOctober 8, 2013 at 9:52 PM

    So happy to see Anna out of uniform for her anniversary dinner. That is the best I have ever seen her look. Nice dress and real shoes and just having her third baby. I hope this young family is starting to make their own rules.

    I'm sick of Jimbob haggling hard working people for pennies. Michelle should mske him stop.

    Nice formal photos of Jimbob snd Michelle. Too bad their own daughters won't have special events and photos like homecoming or prom isn't it?

    1. Homeschoolers can have special pics made too. I went to public school and didnt have prom pics.

    2. stephanie from virginiaOctober 11, 2013 at 1:58 PM

      Let's list things the Duggar children missed out on growing up.
      1. Prom, picking out a gown withmom and friends taking photos, the excitement of who you are going with.
      2. actually having friends you aren't related to.
      3. Going to cheer on your football team on Friday nights.
      4. Being in a marching band at school
      5. Being in a yearbook with friends and signing etc.
      6.picking out classes to plan for college
      7. Visit college campuses and think about a career you would like to pursue
      8.no sports for girls because uniforms are immodest. None for boys because idk
      10. No cap and gown
      11 no senior year

      Honestly no one hear thinks having NO friends is normal? I hope the realize what their parents have done.

  3. SWEET TEA!! lol that was the best

  4. Sad that anyone even takes the time to be judgy of this lovely family. Home coming and prom? What about weddings and family gatherings!!! I'm sure all the children will have special events! It isn't our place in this world to judge negatively. I see far more beauty in this loving family (in just a few of their hours a week), than I do in many...that speaks volumes.

    1. stephanie from virginiaOctober 11, 2013 at 2:03 PM

      Jana has been raised to serve Jimbob and a future jimbob clone. You think that's beautiful? It's sad she can't support herself if she needed to and she's 24. That is a huge step back for women. I wish she would leave and go to college but she has been trained to obey no questions asked. Not beautful but sad

  5. They need to let their kids learn from there own mistakes and let them live a life that they choose to it would be nice to have the kids experence going to public school or private school so they can experience being a senior and getting a real dipolma from a school

  6. Thanks for this update. I thought that Anna had a mani and pedicure (or perhaps it was just the latter) just before she gave birth to Michael.

  7. I'm confused, the episode made it seem as if the anniversaries were at the same time? The older girls said they was sad to miss her parents anniversary but happy to go help Josh with his?? Michelle and Jim Bob were married in July and Josh and Anna is September?

  8. Jim Bob, funny as ever..He cracks me up. He was very thoughtful and of course loving..He cant keep his hands off her..They have a beautiful marriage and their kids see it and know it. What better gift can u give than the security of that! Love them both..

    As for Josh and Anna..Well done, Josh is like his dad totally considerate. Im sure I would not have gone through all that trouble to attend a childrens play group across town. I had three children under the age of 4 as well..Its draining on mom..Im sure there has to be one much closer in her community where subways are not part of the commute..They would have been just as happy going to the local park..and Anna could meet people anywhere.


  9. Thats so true! Stephanie I also saw that part.the duggar family has plennnnnnty of money and I understand trying to negotiate but come on 69 bucks when motel rooms are clearly over 100 bucks for a night nowadays cmon pay the 70 bucks geez its your anniversary maybe he couldve negotiate off to the side and not do it in front of michelle I found it not cool

  10. I was kind of dissapointed with some things in this episode. I mean overall it was sweet but it's not as inspiring as the show used to be. The questions about their favorite part of their first night together as a married couple and then the craziest place they have had bible study? We dont need those images in our head nor do i really think they foster any sort of spiritual growth which was the duggars main purpose of this show to begin with..to reach people for God. Still gonna watch the show but kinda sad it seems they are loosing their focus

  11. I absolutely loveddddd! the episode from jim bob and michelle anniversary day and the meaning behind each activity and absolutely loved the end with jim bob and michelle slow motion pictures of them smiling ! It was beautiful beyond words.im so gonna to try and be more like them more affectionate toward my husband and vice versa and then showing affection towards each other in public which we do but not like jim bob and michelle.I wish more married couples were like them the divorce courts would shut down because no one will gwt divorce.it doesnt matter to me what anyone says I would love to see them have more children if the lord saw fit its not us to judge anyone on havibg more kids esp if they are not on government assistance and raising them according to the bible like they seem to be doing god bless the duggars and anyone who feels the same way I do!:)

  12. When is this episode going to be up on YouTube? This sounds like a really great one.

  13. Bible study in the bathtub? Wayyy TMI. O.o

    And yes, the haggling needs to stop. Don't they realize how disrespectful it makes them look? They are making tons of money with their show and haggling over a few bucks for people who really work hard to earn a living. =/ I'm one of these people, and let me tell you, I don't like it when folks haggle with me. It's my income!!

  14. You guys are just too cute!! Keep on sharing God's message:)

  15. So enjoyed this episode, Jim Bob and Michelle seemed especially relaxed and light-hearted together. Loved that sweet Jana and Joy-Anna went to DC to help with the children. The genuine joyful smiles they all had at their reunion in DC was delightful to see. It's also fun to see Josh and Anna establishing themselves as a separate family unit, Anna really seems to be coming into her own and Josh looks like he is bearing up under the added weight of his new responsibilities. I think he is a young many who has a tremendous amount of potential and this looks like a terrific opportunity for him to stretch and grow in new directions. Someone commented on Anna's dress, it was very attractive, perfect for a special evening out together. So many great moments in this episode and I loved the gift Josh gave Anna. What an advantage Josh has as a father over so may other men, he really can handle young children with patience and humor (but he clearly has an awful lot of respect for his wife and her management and care of the children.) His photos were adorable and captured his children's personalities. Jim Bob and Michelle looked like they were really enjoying their time together and I thought the art garden was romantic, the glass blowing interesting, the Duggar-style dinner party was sweet, and the balloon ride was great, especially appreciated the way JB drew analogies between the various activities he planned and the connections to their life together. He seems to have put a good deal of thought into their anniversary celebration. Also fun to see photos from their early years - they were a couple of cuties to be sure.

  16. There is a time to be cautious with your money and then there is a line drawn when you start taking advantage of those that are less fortunate or less off then you. Jim Bob is more then well off, so really needs to quite trying to take advantage of people by paying less than what is asked. It is on most every show, I can't imagine how much he does it on a daily basis. How embarrassed I would be as his wife knowing he is trying to make money off of other people by paying as little as he can. Just pay your fair way buddy and get over it!!! I couldn't believe how much hording he has done by seeing their storage warehouse. MY GOODNESS!!! reminds me of the bible story of the man who had soo much grain he decided to build himself bigger barns to store all his grain for himself. Not a pretty story!!

  17. michelle is very controling of her children . glad josh and anna moved away and anna can maybe relax and where pants. since josh is wearing shorts YOU CAN STILL BE A GOOD CHRISTIAN and where regular clothes!

  18. Someone has kindly uploaded this episode on YouTube already!
    Here is the link to the first part:

  19. No one ever said you cannot wear shorts and still be a Christian. The clothes do not make you right with God. The clothes represent an attitude of the heart. They feel a conviction to dress a certain way. Josh feels a bit different. The Duggar boys wear shorts to swim in. Josh's shorts are still not above the knee. The Duggars feel that showing above the knee is not right for them. Josh is still keeping with that same conviction.
    Christianity is not a list of dos and donts, it is a relationship with God. After a person turns their life over to God then they change on the outside.
    Anyone who makes it all about dos and donts are being legalistic and adding to what the Bible says.

  20. Homeschoolers can have real diplomas and real graduations. I went to public school and it did nothing to prepare me for life. That is done in the home. As parents we do not leave all choices to our kids and let them decide how their lives should be lived. Even parents who send their kids to public school keep a reign on their kids. Well, they should.

  21. I've watched most of the shows about you guys and have really learned a lot from you. I've tried your financial advice and it's really made life easier...and more enjoyable. I have to admit though that when I first heard how you guys do with money, I thought it was far-fetched and would never work; however, my ex-sister-in-law asked me to try the way you guys do with the money for six months and see how it works. It took some self-discipline to get started with it and stick to it at first. Now, I don't feel as though I'm missing out on anything by blowing money on things that costs more just because of the label. The Tater-tot casserole, tried it and I'm hooked on it. So, thanks for making life easier and more enjoyable for my family and I...and you didn't know how much of an impact you have on people watching the shows about you. You guys are awesome!

  22. I appreciate this family for sticking to their convictions concerning the way they dress and I would be disappointed if the girls started wearing pants because it seems to me they would be conforming to the world's standard. I don't think there is anything wrong with girls wearing skirts, they look very attractive and if they don't care to conform then as the saying goes, "my hat is off to them." It continues to surprise me that it is even an issue. I remember when a big fuss was made years ago about women wearing pants and now it seems to be a problem if they wear skirts.

  23. I really that they need to stop the show. I love duggars but they have done too many seasons... Just saying they are sinking fast in my opinion.


  24. Yes, Jim Bob loses points in romance with his haggling. Especially on their anniversary. And I think picking a balloon ride for his height phobic Michelle was not considerate of him. I love watching the show.

  25. Do you have the youtubelinks for this? I would love to see the show, but don't have it in Norway :(

  26. Where on earth did you get the idea these people have no friends? Ive seen several different episodes of them with their friends who are unrelated, plus the obvious of the Bates. I also cant stand how people think that just because homeschooled kids don't have the same 'great' experiences as public schooled kids that means they don't have their own great memories. Can you seriously look at their trips and say, 'oh, but they didn't get a prom and so theyre deprived'? I had a prom and I hated it. Sad people can be so narrow-minded that they think only public school can give you a good life.


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