Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Makes Michelle Duggar a Good Mom?

What makes Michelle a good mother? Her children say that she is always there for them. The past four months have been a roller coaster, with Josie in the hospital and 17 kids at home to love and care for, but Michelle has kept it together. She is the mother of 19 but is still able to make time for each child. Her patience with her kids, even when they disobey, is so encouraging. Some may call her Wonder Woman, but others just call her a MOM.

What makes your mom special?

Michelle is receiving the Mother of the Year Award in San Antonio this summer. Click here to read more.

To celebrate Mother's Day, TLC is posting video clips on Twitter of the Duggar kids saying Happy Mother's Day to Michelle. Click here to see the videos.


  1. You are such a good mom Michelle- Happy mother's day! i know and can tell how much you love your children.

  2. Michelle- You are such a wonderful mom. I can tell how much you love your children and are always there for them.

  3. I love Michelle! She is a wonderful encouragement to me!!


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