Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hey Duggar fans!

Now that the 4th season of "19 Kids and Counting" is over (but don't worry, TLC has said nothing about the show being canceled)....
What was your favorite episode? 
Have you enjoyed "19 Kids and Counting" more than "18 Kids and Counting" and "17 Kids and Counting?"


  1. my favorites was when Josie was born and then came home. I Love all of them. SO many to choose from. By the way! when is little josie coming home again? how is she doing?

  2. I think it was a very different feel for this latest really made them even more human, because they were dealing with a very stressful situation and you could really sense the many emotions going on. I definitely watched it more (on the tlc website as my parents don't really care for reality tv) than the others, although I own the rest on dvd and watch it on my computer. I have a feeling that there will still be some filming that gos on from time to time during the two month-three month break so that when it starts back in august they have the episodes! I have been praying that Josie gains weight to eight pounds soon so that she can have more testing and then the little bit of surgery done and come home for good and be healthy and grow into the wonderful life that she has for her.

  3. I think my favorite has been Josh and Anna's wedding and honeymoon. Having decided to remain pure myself, their testimony blesses me and is an encouragment!!! Thanks, Josh and Anna, for waiting and encouraging us teens to too!!!! I love the Duggars!!!

  4. My favorite shows have beent he ones of Josh and Anna's wedding and honey moon...commited myself to remain pure for my Husband, their testimony encourages me and I want to thank you for the wonderful example!!!

  5. I really enjoy all the episodes. I only "watch" 3 tv shows anyway. I purchase season passes to them on iTunes and watch on my computer. The other 2 shows are weight loss related (because I'm always trying to lose weight and get fit! :-)), so watching "19 Kids and Counting" is the one show that we watch as a family.
    My littlest girls have often said that they wished we had that many children--when I asked them why, they said "they always have someone to play with!".
    I guess my favorite episodes are when the Duggar and Bates' families get together. I think it looks like loads of fun to have that many children playing and having good, clean fun. :-)
    It was rather painful to see them go through all that they have with Josie. The episode where she was born brought back a lot of unhappy memories and my dh and I shed more than a few tears. But seeing Josie do so well (in spite of the intial scares)was a healing balm and I look forward to seeing her grow in the next season.
    I think I've enjoyed all the seasons equally--they are all uplifting and it's so nice to have a show that we can snuggle on the bed and watch with our children. Even our 19 year old son will come and sit in the computer chair to watch with us. :-)


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