Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy 19th Birthday Jill Duggar!

Jill Duggar, born on May 17th, 1991, is nineteen years old today. Happy Birthday Jill! 
What did you do to celebrate your 19th birthday? 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JILL!!! WOW, Our birthdays are only 2 days apart! Mine was on Saturday. I'm a little older than you, though...28. :)Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!!!

    PS I just LOVE "19 Kids & Counting," & I'm praying for Baby Josie & your entire family as she continues to get bigger & stronger in the days/weeks/months ahead, and as she recovers from all of her stomach issues.

  2. Wishing Jill a very Happy Birthday!
    I have a son who turned 19 on May 9th!

  3. Happy birthday, Jill!!

    Hmm, I can't quite remember what I did to celebrate my 19th.....I want to say that I was home with my parents, since I was in college at the time and probably home for Christmas break.

  4. Happy Birthday Jill! I love 19 kids and counting. And i love your family. Praying for your whole family and Josie.

    What i did to celebrate my 19th birthday. Actually at the time my parents were separated and contemplating divorce. Anyhow we went out to dinner with my dad. At a resturaunt called WINGER'S - so yummy! That is when i got my very first flowers. and just spent time with my dad and my mom. My brother was serving a LDS Mission at the time.

  5. Well, I turned 19 last july...didn't do much of anything! My sister came over for dinner, that's about it. I might have even made my own cake. I'm not sure what I'll do for my 20th birthday...probably about the same. My mom has terminal cancer though, and it's quite likely the last birthday of mine she'll spend with me. Seems like everything is a last these days...

  6. I'm so sorry anonymous. I know that your heart is breaking and that you probably wonder why you are experiencing such profound loss while others don't seem to. I know that the answers that comfort don't seem to come the way that the questions and hurts do, but our Lord knows and cares. One day we will understand what is impossible to understand now. I have many times struggled with trusting that Jesus will help through my journey if I trust in Him and lean on Him. Sometimes He asks us to go willingly through awfully hard things. Trusting Him in the dark times can be so hard, but He is the one sure place that we can turn. He says He loves us and will never leave us or forsake us. I will be praying for you.

    John 3:16 (King James Version)

    16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  7. I wrote the previous anonymous comment. I have found that my faith in God has actually strengthened through this. And the support of my friends has been wonderful. In the beginning it was very hard to let people know that my mom had been diagnosed with cancer. We only found out a week ago that it was terminal. She now has to have chemo every two weeks for 48 hours at a time (takes the pump home with her) and I guess we'll settle into a new normal. Seeing a family strengthen their faith and relationship in an equally difficult situation is helpful to me. I should find a way to send my thanks to the Duggars...

  8. I cannot imagine what you are going through, Anonymous. Tell your mom that she is being prayed for. I do agree that the Duggars are an wonderful family; I have been encouraged by them as well. And my hope is that this blog can pass some of that encouragement to others.

  9. What a blessing Jimbob & Michelle are to my entire family! I am constantly being encourages by their faith, their morale compass & simply "pure love". Thanks to all who helped create & guide the two of them throughout their life's journey.
    I can't count how many times I had a great day & remembered to sPread love & joy to my family & friends be ause I watched an episode of their show that morning
    Happy Birthday Jill

  10. I would like to meet your whole family in person.


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