Sunday, May 30, 2010

How do the Duggars Keep their Socks Straight?

Even in a small family, matching up socks with the right individuals can be challenging. So how do the Duggars, who have 19 children, manage this task? To make it more simple, the girls wear white socks, and the boys wear black. And they keep their family "clothes closet" very organized with bins for socks and undergarments.
What is your family's laundry system? How do you know who's clothes are whose?


  1. Ok, I love the Duggar's, and I think their family's system of organization is great... But I just realized that that implies they all wear each other's underwear! Icky! I don't think I could share my underwear, even with my family! lol

  2. Although I only have 4 living children, only 3 live at home now, and only 2 really need for me to care for them, laundry is still one of the things that I have to keep going and organized.
    My 2 youngest children (ages 6 & 7) wear the same size clothing. A lot of times when I buy some new article of clothing (whether from a consignment shop, Goodwill, or Salvation Army) I will buy it with a particular child in mind. Often times, my children decide amongst themselves who will actually wear the clothing and it's not always who I had it in mind for.
    Thankfully, since they can wear the same size, if I give it to the wrong person, they just swap it themselves but sometimes they will just wear whatever ends up in their drawer - even if it "belongs" to the other person.
    Their body shapes are very different and because of this, there are things that often start out being worn by our 6 year-old and then get "handed-down" to our 7 year-old. So far it's been ok, but being girls, they may reach a point in the future when they don't want to share all their clothing--I guess we'll figure that out--if it happens. :-)
    Our girls are being taught to sort laundry and how to load the washer and swap clothes to the dryer now.Then,like their older siblings, when they reach the age of 12, they are responsible for their own laundry. It's an important life skill.

  3. Emily,

    I wish you hadn't brought up the shared underwear, that's something I'd really rather not think about!

    I remember Michelle talking about how they divided sock colors by gender. White for (either the girls or boys) and black for the other. Thay does make a lot of sense, socks are hard emough to match without having every pair be something unusual.

    Sharing socks with same gender family members would seem off at first, but I don't think it would bother me. Now, sharing things like bras or panties is just too weird for me.

  4. I don't think that implies they share underwear...for all we know, there are bins for each person. Actually, I SAW Michelle showing the bins for each person back on 14 kids and pregnant again. Lots of families that are large also use little pieces of coloured thread or something so that they know whose is whose.

  5. We have a family closet. I have 2 boys and 5 girls. I buy everyone a different style of socks, unless they wear the same size (2 of my girls), then they just get the same one. One boy wears ankle socks, the other tube socks. They each have a basket just for their undies and socks. Makes it easy for me to see who needs more.

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  8. Brilliant blog, I had not noticed earlier during my searches!
    Carry on the wonderful work!


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