Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2 New Episodes Covering Josie's Homecoming and Return to the Hospital

Next week, TLC will feature two new episodes of "19 Kids and Counting," one featuring Josie Duggar's homecoming and the other focusing on her health setback and return to the hospital. Josie Comes Home, a 60-minute special, airs at 8/7PM Central on Sunday, May 9th (Mother's Day).
TLC has recently announced that on Tuesday May 11th, Duggars at the Hospital will premiere at 9/8PM Central. After Jim Bob takes some of the kids back to Springdale to prepare their house for the family to return, they must rush back to Little Rock when Josie is readmitted to Arkansas Children's Hospital.  


  1. So how is little Josie doing? I Hope she is well and recovered and everything is getting back to normal. And home with all of you.

  2. The Duggars just announced today that Josie is still in the hospital but is doing well. You can check out the full story on the main page of the blog:

    Thanks for reading!


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