Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Duggars at the Hospital: Josie returns to the NICU

This evening on "19 Kids and Counting" Duggars at the Hospital....

We checked in with Josh and Anna, back in Springdale, Arkansas. Mackynzie is seven months old and is rolling over and even starting to say "Mama." John-David has started his own towing company, which has been a blessing for Josh's car lot.

With Josie home from the hospital, Jim Bob took some of the kids back to their home in Northwest Arkansas to do some spring cleaning. They discovered a Duggar-sized rope swing packed away, and the kids (and Jim Bob!) had a blast swinging from one of the massive trees in their yard.

While they were gone, Josie was rushed back to the hospital after developing a blockage in her intestine. During her 2AM feeding, Michelle noticed that Josie was not eating and was experiencing constipation. Jinger and Jessa awoke to hear Jill talking to a 911 dispatcher. "We ran in the room, and we just started praying," said Jinger. Josie's heart rate had increased, and her breathing had dropped dangerously low.

"I really was terrified because I didn't know what was going on," reported Michelle Duggar. "This was the reason why we wanted to stay in Little Rock, because we know you can never trust a preemie." Having Josie home was wonderful, but Michelle is relieved that she is receiving the help she needs at the hospital.

Doctors are in the process of working out her "plumbing" issues. When she gains more weight, Josie will need laparoscopic surgery on her digestive tract.

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