Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Duggar Heavy Metal

As usual, the Duggars accomplished a lot in their weekly episode of "19 Kids and Counting!" They drove up to Mountain View, Arkansas, a little town nestled in the Ozarks. "It's like living the way people used to live," Jim Bob described the town.

His friend Corky manages an ironworks business in Mountain View and invited the Duggars to learn about traditional blacksmithing. Everyone in the family helped create the Duggar Family Tree out of metal, with each person's name on a gold leaf. Corky even gave Jim Bob a few extra leafs, just in case!

The Duggars went on yet another field trip, but this time to a farm out in the country. Their neighbor in Little Rock taught the kids about gardening and livestock. Cousin Amy and some of the little kids decided that it would be fun to chase the animals. "Who else is chasing lambs at 8:00 in the morning? We are!" shouted Amy.

And no episode of "19 Kids and Counting!" would be complete without checking in with Josie. Flu season had ended, so the hospital allowed Josiah and Joy-Anna to visit their baby sister for the first time since she December. Being a girl, Joy was thrilled to finally hold Josie, something she had been looking forward to for months.

What did you think of this episode?


  1. I just watched this episode and want to know if I am able to get a family tree like the Duggars made.

  2. Acutally, the Duggars inspired Stony County Ironworks to sell family trees to the public. They talk about the family trees on their homepage:

    Visit this URL to purchase them:

    Enjoy! We'd love to hear if you decide to purchase one.

  3. i also wanted to purchase this family tree. whew!!! you will pay a pretty penny- $500!!


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