Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"19 Kids and Counting" Duggar Home Alone

This evening on "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar Home Alone...
Jason Duggar celebrated his 10th birthday by spending some one-on-one time with mom. "He is a sweet guy. He's very funny, he likes to joke and have fun" says Michelle Duggar. But he also has a tender heart and really enjoyed holding Josie at the hospital on his birthday.
When Jim Bob and the kids went off to the ATI home school conference in Big Sandy, Texas, Michelle stayed behind. As the mother of 19, it seems like she would enjoy some peace and quiet, but that's not the case!
"When my family's not there, it just doesn't seem right." Michelle would choose a dirty house full of people over a clean, empty house any day.
She spent a lot of time writing in the journal that she has kept since Josie was born. She needed a place to record her emotions and all the medical miracles that have happened in the preemie's life so far. "This will be her book one day," says Michelle.

Do you keep a journal?

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  1. I started keeping a journal since I was in elementary school. It's fun to read them and see how much I have changed and grown. However, with the ever-evolving internet world, I gradually stopped writing in my journal and write in a blog.....or 5....;)


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