Monday, May 10, 2010

Current Josie Update From Michelle Duggar

 And now for a Josie Update! Josie Duggar is still in the NICU at Arkansas Children's Hospital, but she is doing great! Michelle Duggar told People Magazine that Josie "reached the 6 pound mark" late last week, and the Duggar family celebrated with a Six Pounder Party. Josie has been eating Michelle's breast milk, with added fortifiers, and her health has been positive. Her doctors have been able to get many of her digestive problems in order, although Josie still needs an enema "here and there," as Michelle puts it. 
"She’s getting a little double chin," Michelle excitedly told TLC. "It’s just too cute to see her little face filing out instead of being long and narrow and skinny."  
The NICU doctors have been performing frequent tests, in hopes that Josie will be able to go home permanently very soon. To see Josie's return to the hospital, tune into TLC at 9/8PM Central on Tuesday for "19 Kids and Counting" Duggars at the Hospital.


  1. Has anyone else noticed that Jana hasn't been on the show a lot this season? I have noticed that Jill has narrated a lot (and she is quite eloquent at it), but that Jana seems absent.

    Just curious.

  2. Don't you mean anemia & not enema?

  3. I changed the sentence so it is easier to understand, but I do mean enema, not anemia. Thanks for your help! :-)

  4. I am working on a post about Jana and why you may be noticing that she is not on "19 Kids and Counting" as much as the others. I will be posting it Tuesday afternoon. Thanks for reading =)

  5. I read on the TLC website that Jana has been pursuing more midwife and music studies, sort of deciding what she wants to do. She's been at some births and things, and I think michelle mentioned some music teaching stuff, so she's been a bit busier!

  6. Yes, that is true about Jana. I was actually going to post about that tomorrow, but since you mentioned it, I thought, "Why not just post it now?"
    Thanks for reading! =]

  7. I just wanted to say that the Duggar family is very encouraging and uplifting. As Christians, we face a lot of persecution through-out our lives, but I haven't faced nearly as much as ya'll have, especially lately with Josie. To watch Jim Bob and Michelle keep up their Christian testimony as they do, and continue to live for Christ and follow their convictions no matter what other people say is Amazing! I look forward to meeting ya'll and all other Christian brothers and sisters in Heaven one day, where we can all Praise our Heavenly Father together, Forever!

    Romans 1:16


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