Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recap: "Busy Duggars" and "A Duggar on Her Own"

Tonight on 19 Kids and Counting...

"Busy Duggars"
  • Michelle has converted one of the closets in the boys' room into a schoolroom for her youngest students. She explains the difficulties of teaching little ones, like Johannah, who are always on the move. 
  • "She's really good at reading," says Jackson of Johannah. The two have been buddies for years. "They've been at such a fun age, says Jim Bob. "I'm almost going to miss that stage." 
  • When the boys finish their schoolwork for the day, they often request to use their BB guns. Jill enjoys facilitating target practice. 
  • Jim Bob explains the importance of teaching gun safety to children, even for families that do not own guns. You never know when you will come across one, he says.
  • Michelle stays at home with the little ones, while Grandma, Jim Bob, and the older kids head for the forest. After hiking a local trail and then continuing on to a woodsy, five-acre property owned by Grandma Duggar, the group ends the day with fishing at a pond that they also own.
  • "I'm not a city girl, but I'm not a complete outdoors girl." says Jana.  
  • While Grandma calls fishing with her grand-kids a "catastrophe," she also says that it is loads of fun. 
  • Joy-Anna, who has her learner's permit, drives one of the Suburbans. "Probably the hardest part is not going too fast," admits the fourteen-year-old. "I speed a lot." 
  • Cousin Amy and the Duggar kids (even Josie) ask Grandma to put her chores on hold so that they can pamper her. The girls give her a facial and manicure while the boys massage her shoulders.  

"A Duggar on Her Own" 
  • Anna takes Mackynzie and Michael to the local library for the first time. Mackynzie loves books so much that Anna is concerned her daughter will request to borrow the entire children's section. 
  • While at the library, Anna reads a book to a group of toddlers and moms. "It was definitely out of my comfort zone," says Anna. 
  • The entire family waves goodbye as Jana heads off to Chicago and then Michigan to minister with Journey to the Heart. 
  • "We were so excited about Jana becoming a journey leader," says Jim Bob. Knowing what an impact Journey to the Heart has had on their daughters' lives, he and Michelle were thrilled to hear that Jana would be using her gifts to lead other girls. 
  • On a beautiful day, Jim Bob takes his family on a bike ride. When they arrive at Dogwood Junction, a bike shop in Siloam Springs, to repair several of their bikes, they are surprised to find a fleet of four-wheel bikes waiting for them. Eager to being their ride, the Duggars divide into groups and hop on.
  • Everyone quickly discovers that four-wheel bikes are not as easy as they look. "The first point where it stopped becoming fun was the first hill," reports Jeremiah.


  1. Can't wait to see the last episode! :)

  2. I sure wish a Duggar would do something interesting. This show is getting dull.

  3. Hope they are uploaded to youtube fast! I can't wait as always to watch them!


  4. I can not wait to watch it!! Thanks for the recap!
    God bless!
    Don't quit!!
    Catherine K

  5. I loved this show today!

  6. Why didn't they build a classroom when they built the house? They never use the playroom I think they should convert that to a classroom. School in a closet is a new low. How can that possibly be better than a real school? This blog never posts opposing points of view or Duggar criticism. Let's stop fake fishing and torturing Grandma. Show us the truth. Santorum campainging, purity rings Bill Gothard. Fake scenes saying goodbye to Jana, we all know Jana left when family was on the road. You don't have to "act" out goodbye scenes. And STOP USING THE WORD TRAINING WHEN TALKING ABOUT RAISING YOUR CHILDREN. Animals are trained, not humans.

  7. Duggars aren't getting dull! :P

  8. The Duggars are not getting dull that is for sure!

  9. I hope the Duggars would investigate www.recoveringgrace.org before they send their children on any more Gothard trips.


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