Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Duggar-Inspired Chore List

Looking to organize your home but at a loss for which chores (or jurisdictions) to assign? The Duggars can help! For your convenience, TLC has posted Duggar-inspired chore ideas.

Ages 3-5
Wipe up small spills
Water garden vegetables or flowers
Put placemats on table
Sweep porch or sidewalk with child-sized broom

Ages 6-8
Measure and stir ingredients
Make bed
Fold towels
Feed pets

Ages 9-11
Carry in groceries
Clean bathtub and sinks
Trim fingernails and toenails
Take pet(s) for a walk

Ages 12-14
Peel vegetables, cut fruit
Test smoke alarms once a month
Clean toilets
Clip coupons

Ages 15-18
Deep clean household appliances
Dust ceiling fans
Iron clothes
Inflate bicycle tires, balls

Click here to download the Duggars' complete list of chores.

Do you have any chore ideas to add? 


  1. I love how the Duggar manage to find the balance between kids being kids and kids pulling there own! Also does anyone know what the bates announcement was?

  2. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous,

    The big announcement didn't end up airing. TLC removed mention of it from the episode summary.

    Enjoy your week!
    ~Lily and Ellie

  3. Thanks for posting this!
    God bless!
    Don't quit!
    Catherine K

  4. Thank you! I find it important to train our kids to be helpful, so I shared this list on FB and also in my blog: http://lillaskids.blogspot.hu/2012/06/chores-feladatok.html

  5. What about regular chores like cleaning kitchen or washing dishes or picking up living room?

  6. thank you for posting the list!

  7. The three things that strike me as most valuable in their suggestions is to start at an early age, make sure the chores are a meaningful contribution, and focus on life skills. So important these days since kids are getting far fewer opportunities to learn them. A lot of parents are just trying to get through the day and may find it easier to just do it themselves and get it done while missing out on opportunities to teach and provide practice

  8. I have noticed that the children seem to do everything, from cooking to housework to babysitting. What do you and your husband do?

  9. Do you give reward for the chores when they are all completed? I want to start a chores system for my 4 year old, but I am so confused, I read people saying that they give rewards, other don't, I think I need to motivate her, but I don't know how, please help!

  10. @Vanessa Lopez

    Hi Vanessa,

    The Duggars pay their kids for completing tasks around the house, to help them learn the value of hard work. The amount they earn depends on the age and the job. The little ones get 3 cents per chore.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  11. @Vanessa Lopez, I came across something today called http://myjobchart.com/. It's an online, free chore chart that helps you set, manage, and reward your kids. It may be worth a try. Good luck!

  12. @Anonymousdo you not seethem manage

  13. Love this post. We use a white board and we put names above and chores below, the girls don't get paid for their normal chores. They are apart of the family and don't need to be paid for helping to contribute to the family. Instead, we have a list of extra projects that they can sign up for and we pay them for that. Some goes to savings, church, and the rest to spend.

  14. No one has mentioned vacuuming. Am I old-fashioned or should I get rid of my carpets, for hard floors only?

  15. Here's a housekeeping helpful hint, especially for those with the ever-gross and never-ending job of cleaning around the boys potty. In Amsterdam, urinals have a drawing of a black fly etched at the point where fellas should be aiming. They say it improves aim by 80% making much less to clean off every other surface in the room. So get out your decals or markers or oil paint, drain the water, and draw that fly in the toilet. :)

    1. I am the oldest of ten children. My parents decided to just have the boys sit down to go potty, which cuts down on mess and eliminates problems with seats being left up.


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