Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Two New Episodes Tonight!

Tonight on TLC:

9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM CST
19 Kids and Counting: "Duggar Growing Pains"
When Jordyn gets her head stuck in the railing, it's Jim Bob to the rescue. Later, the kids meet up with two other large families for a pizza and a lesson in pizza dough tossing. Plus, Jim Bob and Michelle head to DC and have dinner with Kirk Cameron!
9:30 PM EST/8:30 PM CST
19 Kids and Counting
"Duggar Sick Day"
Did you know the last 5 Duggar kids were born on TV? Watch as we take a stroll down memory lane and see just how much these little ones have grown. Get a peek at the Duggars' enormous pantry and all the food it takes to feed a family of 21.


  1. I really hope someone is kind enough to upload these!

  2. thanks to whoever uploaded the new episode last week!! also would you be able to do these two new episodes tonight???? again thanks soooo much this is the only way i can watch!!!! thanks

  3. Thanks for letting us know! I can not wait to watch they!
    God Bless!
    Don't Quit!
    Catherine K

  4. I second everything that the first two comments say! Please upload them! It is the only way for me to watch!

    Thanks very much!


  5. please upload? That would be so awesome =D

  6. do you have a recap from tonight? thanks for everything you do on the blog! where are you from lily and ellie?(which state). Have a good evening.

  7. @Anonymous

    Hi Victoria,

    Just posted the recap: http://duggarsblog.blogspot.com/2012/09/duggar-growing-pains-and-duggar-sick-day.html.

    We are honored to have you as a reader.
    Lily and Ellie

  8. What about Michael

  9. Does TLC mind that you are loading their shows? I am sure you have checked into it (legally speaking), but I just wanted to make sure you are not stepping on TLC's toes by sharing their shows with people that don't pay to subscribe to TLC such as I pay for.

  10. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous,

    We always do research before we post.

    ~Lily and Ellie


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