Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tonight on "19 Kids and Counting"

Less than four hours until showtime! Tune in tonight for two new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting, only on TLC. 

19 Kids and Counting: "All You Can Eat" 
With a family of 19 kids, there's no such thing as a light snack! Watch as we find out how the Duggars keep their bellies full between meals. Later, Anna spends the day with Mackynzie, while Josie Duggar reaches a milestone at the doctor's office.

9:30PM EST/8:30PM CST
19 Kids and Counting: "Puppies, Properties & Patients"
The Duggars are pet sitting! See how the little kids handle taking care of two puppies and how Michelle keeps her cool when the puppies aren't the only ones not listening. Later, the family works together to ready a new property for renovation.

*Image Credit: TLC


  1. We own the Jeep Josie is sitting in on the picture! : )

  2. Hello Duggar Family!
    Love your show! I too had a premie baby!(3lbs 6oz-who is now 18!) I was watching as Josie was about to receive her needle and the poor babe and her tears rolling down her eyes! My children were very similar! Their pain was mine and I just couldnt go through that anymore! Have you heard of EMLA? Its a topical cream or the EMLA also comes on a patch. It numbs the skin where the needle will be given. The babies don't feel the needle going in. I hope you look into my suggestion and can begin using it on your children who have a tough time with getting needles! It worked really well for us and I didnt cry any more! haha!AND I wont tear up if Josie has to get more needles :)
    Huge hugs to each of you!
    (Whitehorse Yukon Canada)

  3. Enjoyed tonight's episodes!

  4. can anyone post the episodes from 9-11-12? if so please do.


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