Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Duggar Growing Pains" and "Duggar Sick Day"

On tonight's new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting...

"Duggar Growing Pains"
  • Jim Bob and Michelle pack for their trip to Washington D.C. Jim Bob likes to be prepared, in case he gets stranded. Justin puts it this way: "The reason why my dad's suitcase is bigger and my mom's suitcase is smaller is because my dad, he has to pack underwear, lots of underwear."
  • As Jim Bob and Michelle are going out the door, they find three-year-old Jordyn laying partway down the spiral staircase with her head (her Duggar-sized head, according to Michelle) stuck between two railings. While Jim bob maneuvers her head out, Jordyn stays calm. She is naturally a mellow, easy going little girl. 
  • After Jim Bob and Michelle leave, Grandma Duggar and the kids head to Oklahoma to meet up with friends.
  • Whenever Jim Bob and Michelle are away, they are constantly talking about their kids. "As a parent, it pulls my heart," explains Michelle. "I want to be with my children."
  • While at a speaking engagement in D.C., Jim Bob and Michelle meet a young fan who can list all of their children's names. Even after all these years, Jim Bob admits that he still does not care for public speaking.
  • During the book signing that follows, Jim Bob and Michelle purpose to make each person they meet feel special.
  • In D.C., the Duggars take a night off to have dinner with Kirk Cameron and his son at Ben's Chili Bowl, which also happens to be President Obama's favorite restaurant.
  • At the restaurant, Jim Bob and Michelle take the time to personally introduce Kirk Cameron to each member of their camera crew.
"Duggar Sick Day"
  • The five youngest Duggars (seven if you include Mackynzie and Michael) were born on TV. Jackson Levi, Johannah Faith, Jennifer Danielle, Jordyn-Grace Makiya, and Josie Brooklyn each made their grand entrance on TLC.
  • JOSIE UPDATE: "Josie has turned into an energetic, amazingly sharp little girl," reports Michelle. The almost-three-year-old has caught up and is thriving.
  • The Duggars explain that they are still grieving the loss of Jubilee. "We are healing, and we are moving forward, yet we still remember and think about our little Jubilee often," says Michelle. 
  • Jim Bob, who worked at a grocery store for five years, guides the children as they restock the shelves of their in-house supermarket.
  • In the kitchen, Michelle lets the youngest Duggars set the lunch menu and help prepare the food. Jackson chooses stuffing, Johannah picks mac 'n cheese, and Mommy adds broccoli to the mix. And a carrot for good measure.
  • Prior to meals, the Duggars label each child's plate to make cleanup and leftovers easier.
  • Does Michelle get her children confused? Her response: What parent doesn't?!
  • Jedidiah, who is learning the art of film-making, shows viewers his waterproof camera. The Duggars' crew is amazed at how much he has learned.
  • When strep throat makes its way through the Duggar household, the crew comes over anyways (armed with gloves and face masks). Although not as bad as the infamous chicken pox epidemic, dealing with an illness in a family of nineteen is no easy task.
  • Once the kids are feeling better, the family invites a friend and her two children over for lunch.
 The Duggars on a previous visit to Ben's Chili Bowl 
(circa 2010)


  1. when the duggars went to Ben's Chili Bowl that was back in 2010

  2. I look forward to watching the Duggars. They're an amazing family with such wonderful values.

  3. Thank you do much for the the recap!
    You two are such blessings to the Duggar fans!

  4. thanks so much!!

  5. @Anonymous

    Thanks, Brittani! Just a little typo on our part.

    We are honored to have you as a reader,
    Lily and Ellie

  6. Does anyone know why the Duggars aren't on itunes this time or if it will be soon be available on itunes. Thanks

  7. I thought it was cool to watch The Duggars! I am bad at watching my weight on like the girls I would go for the Pizza not for a salad I am trying to watch my weight but I still pick pizza over salad! I thought the shows were pretty funny and moving!

  8. these episodes were just upload to youtube by gtaboy107 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gniJyKSfpzA&feature=g-all-u and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=figi6myao6o&feature=g-all-u

  9. Aww, having to deal with strep! that really sucks! My older(and younger) sister both got it at the same time and they said it wasn't any fun. I can just imagine 19 kids having it!

  10. Hello,

    Youtube has the new episodes up


    Thank you uploader x

  11. you guys are so awesome! the recaps are always great!!! =D THANK YOU, LILY ANE ELLIE!!!

  12. duggar sick day is on youtube!!!!

  13. i thought the duggars didnt eat pork? they lady that visit them brought pork. i wonder if they ate from it? also when jim bob was saying "this is great" it looked like michelle was making a face at him, and then smiled or something, lol....

  14. wanna say thanks to gtaboy107 for loading these up again!!! thanks so much...this is the only way i can watch since i dont have cable...thanks so much again...growing pains is also uploaded!!!!

  15. thanks soo much for posting this!
    God bless!
    Don't quit!
    Catherine K

  16. Will this season be available on i-tunes? I can't seem to find it.

  17. Both shows are on youtube

  18. the last two eps are now on youtube. In case you didn't know...

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gniJyKSfpzA it's on !

  20. I was wondering that myself about the pork! I felt so bad for baby Jordyn getting her head stuck in between the railings! That most have been scary! Josie is doing great she is doing well for being born so early! Jed has such talent and so does Jinger!

  21. That chilli place looks wonderful. Will have to check it out some time!

  22. I'm confused about Justin's comment about Jim Bob having a bigger suitcase because he has to pack underwear. Doesn't Michelle take underwear with her when she travels, or does she go commando?

  23. Thank you sooooo much for uploading!

    God bless.

    Tiffany from Germany

  24. Sorry guys. Once again:

    God bless you!

  25. I don't think the Duggars avoid pork for a religious reason. I think they do turkey bacon because it's healthier. I also think the comment about Jimbobs undies was from always hearing him talk about them. I think Michelle is a little more discreet. To me the most exciting part of this episode was seeing Josie be one of the kids. I kind of hope she gets a younger sibling so she's not always singled out as the special one

  26. Im from the uk I hate having to wait for the episodes to come here me and my husband love the duggars we are in awe of there patience and family values we have nine children and our lives seem more hectic than there's they seem to do it effortlessly I wish I could be like them lol x

  27. LookIng forward to next weeks episode. Love seeing what the Duggars are getting into these days. Their children are such blessings. Well behaved and each one beautiful in their own way. I hope that my children grow up to be just as loving and amazing as they are. I'm Jewish and I try to instil the same moral values as they do. By keeping god in your heart you will go far.


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