Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trivia Answers and Giveaway

Let's see how you all did on Sunday's anniversary trivia.
Reminder: The $75 shopping spree giveaway ends in two days! Scroll down to enter.
  1. In what state were Josh and Anna married?  Florida
  2. How old was the couple when they tied the knot?                                   Both Josh and Anna were 20 years old
  3. Where did the newlyweds go on their honeymoon?                                  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  4. What is the name of the 18 Kids and Counting episode that shows the honeymoon?    "New Duggars on the Block"
  5. While on their honeymoon, Josh and Anna attempt to spend a night sleeping where? An aquarium, under a shark tank ("Sleeping with the Sharks")
  6. Just months after their wedding, the young couple is thrilled to discover that they are expecting. How does the today show reveal the gender of their unborn child (Mackynzie)? Josh and Anna cut into a pink cake on live TV


  1. Honestly, I would LOVE a hot water dispenser! We always had one growing up, and it was so nice when making hot chocolate/tea or oatmeal or even ramen! lol.

  2. My mom's birthday is coming up, hope I win for her! Love ya Mommy.

  3. Do we have to answer the questions to enter the giveaway?

  4. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous,

    You do not have to answer the question in order to enter the giveaway, but doing so will increase your chances of winning.

    There are two ways to enter (1. Mention one Quality Bath product that you would want; 2. Like Quality Bath on Facebook)

    To enter, you can do one or the other, or both. Doing both doubles your chances of winning.

    ~Lily and Ellie


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