Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"All You Can Eat" and "Puppies, Properties & Patients"

On tonight's new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting...

"All You Can Eat"

Josh and Anna Update
  • Mackynzie (almost three) and Michael (age one) are "at the age where they can kind of play together," says Anna.
  • For those wondering about diapers: Josh and Anna used cloth for Mackynzie, but life can get pretty hectic with two kids, so the couple has switched back to disposables for Michael.
  • Mackynzie was nursed for the first nine months of her life, while Michael started eating solids a couple months earlier than his sister. Anna occasionally uses premade baby food, but she, and Michael, prefer homemade.
  • "I love being a stay-at-home mom," says Anna. While she is happy for her peers, many of whom are finishing college and launching their careers, the twenty-four-year-old is content being a wife and mommy.
  • Are there more Duggar grandkids in the future? Not yet, although Mackynzie wants more babies, and Anna is secretly hoping for twins.
  • Anna takes Mackynzie, who is starting to exert her own opinion, and Michael to a local consignment shop to buy clothes. At this particular store, parents trade in shoes and outfits that their kids have outgrown in exchange for store credit. 
  • Anna returns home with a pile of clothing, for which she paid less than one third of retail.
Duggar-Style Snacking
  • Snack time at the Duggars' is no simple task, and the kids are constantly hungry. According to Jeremiah, they eat about nine meals each day.
Grandma Duggar
  • When the camera crew interviews Grandma, what does she say? "I don't have time to be lonely, not with the Duggars. They show me a lot of respect, and we all just get along so well."
  • According to Michelle, "Grandma Duggar is like the matriarch of the family." Constantly in the laundry room, she does seventy to eighty loads each week.
  • For a special treat, Jill and Joseph plan a night out for Grandma. Dressed in fancy clothes, the two Duggars escort her to a widows' banquet at a nearby church.
Josie Update
  • Josie, who associates the doctor's office with pain, has reached a milestone. "Our doctors recommend that she receive RSV shots for the first two years of her life," says Michelle. In this episode, Josie has her last round of these shots.
  • James, "the fun buddy," accompanies his youngest sister to the pediatrician and does his best to keep her distracted.
  • In the examination room, Michelle is elated to hear that Josie weighs 23 pounds. But Josie is far from thrilled. Even before the nurse brings out the shots, she is clinging to Michelle for dear life.
"Puppies, Properties & Patients"
  • With Josh busy at the car lot and Anna helping him occasionally, Mackynzie and Michael have been spending time with Grandma and Grandpa and their aunts and uncles.
  • In addition to their cat, Milky Way, the Duggars are dog-sitting for friends. Michelle catches the kids feeding the pups cheese and scrambled eggs. The outcome? The dogs vomit so frequently that Michelle can hardly keep up with the cleaning. 
  • Meanwhile, Mackynzie makes Josie cry. After caring for Josie, whose hypersensitive gag reflex causes her to throw up if she cries to hard, Michelle lovingly corrects Mackynzie's behavior.
  • Jim Bob and the older kids--armed with gloves, masks, and shovels--head over to a house they recently purchased to fix 'er up. Jim Bob's goal is to transform it into a rental property or eventually hand it over to one of his kids. 
  • Nearby, John-David is doing contract work for a bank on a different property. If he cleans it up adequately, the bank will give him another piece of land.
  • Later, Michelle, Jill, and Joy wrangle up several of the little ones and head to the dentist. Jill, who loves spending time with her siblings, jumps at any opportunity to break away from other duties and help with the kids.
  • Jennifer does well at the dentist, but Josie isn't too pleased with the whole ordeal.


  1. This is so random but Anna has Mackynzie dressed up so adorable! I thought her outfits in both episodes were just darling! :)

  2. So excited we got an update on josh and Anna !!! She is an amazing mom and wife !! The kids r adorable I'm also hope she has twins next !! Wishing we had a big consignment store where I live like once upon a time is . And michelle exercised amazing patiences w the kids not listening wand the dogs puking then kynzi making Josie cry and puke too !! I would have lost my cool but she push through and loving corrected all the kids and got the messes cleaned up and thg bk on track Anna has twins next they may b looking to move into bigger rent house lol.

  3. I missed the air times tonight for the two episodes. Hopefully someone will repost the youtube links soon! :)

  4. Loved the shows especially seeing Josie. At first when I saw the preview of Josie being sick at her stomach, I thought the kids had given her cheese. I wonder if she's still lactose intolerant and how they keep her from having what she shouldn't. I am also excited about next week when they visit with the Popes. I follow Sarah's blog and Samuel is darling.

  5. are the episodes on youtube? thanks for the recap.
    - Grace

  6. Cant wait for The Episodes on Youtube
    Because im from germany!

  7. I loved the duggars last night. Think this night was one of my favorites. Just wondering why Anna would want to trade in the kids clothes. Im sure she will use them again or does she buy all new clothes for ea child?

  8. I've uploaded it to Youtube, the first is viewable, the second not yet.

  9. SEE, PEOPLE?? ANNA'S NOT PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-P

    Hopefully I get to watch these soon! ;)

  10. Sheila-anna goes to once upon a child, so she gets the clothes second hand for a fraction of the cost. After the kids grow out of them she can trade some clothing for store credit, plus she knows the owners so she knows all the good deals ahead of time. Its prob just a way for her to get newer clothes without hanging onto the ones she has and takinh up space. Once upon a child is a nice store. Loved the episodes!

  11. new episodes are on youtube just letting everyone know!!! also thanks to whoever did put them on their!!! thanks soooo much!!!!!!!!

  12. Just wanted to point out that cheese is fine for dogs. There are many homade dog treat resipes that call for cheese. But when you have 19 kids running around a house giving them nothing but cheese, you will pay.

  13. Wow! If having 2 kids is soo busy she can't use cloth diapers, I don't know what she thinks she is going to do with twins!!!
    She better start strapping herself down then.

  14. I too agree that MacKynzie was dressed very cute, maybe a little too dressed up at Grandma'a. There is a Once upon a child in my area but it is no way stocked like the one Anna went to. I hope her celebrity status is not the reason she knows about the good deals-not fair to others. People should not be critized for thinking that Anna was pregnant. She did look like she was pregnant in that episode and they have made it known that they will be having as many children as God gives them, so it is natural for people to think she was pregnant.

  15. Oh,wow. That sounds really crazy. Poor Michelle, having to deal with puppies! Sounds very trying!

  16. Hi Readers,

    The episodes are now on YouTube! Links posted here: http://duggarsblog.blogspot.com/2012/09/new-episodes-on-youtube_12.html

    ~Lily and Ellie

  17. This show was so cute expect for poor Josie getting sick! I felt bad for the puppies! Michelle is such a good mom for having so man!

  18. My first post didn't go through! boo!
    Anyway - Yes dogs can eat cheese but I suspect the sheer quantity plus the eggs on a stomach not used to it would cause them to throw up.

    The Once Upon a Child stores in my area look exactly like the one Anna went to - They send out emails about sales etc. I like the stuff a bag day!

    Poor Josie and those RSV shots! Those BURN. My son got them for 7 months. The only shots he ever cried with. Plus they are weight dependent so Josie was having to get more every visit so I totally get her distaste for the doctors. My preemie also has mouth issues and hates the dentist.

  19. It's sad that Anna is happy just being a stay-at-home mom at the young age of 24. Your 20s should be about dating and building your professional life; not marriage and motherhood. She missed out on getting to be a real 20-something woman.

  20. I think being in you twenties is different for everyone I think its happy Anna likes being a wife and a mother at a young age I am single and happy with that! Every woman has life a little different!

  21. It's sad that Anna is happy just being a stay-at-home mom at the young age of 24. Your 20s should be about dating and building your professional life; not marriage and motherhood. She missed out on getting to be a real 20-something woman.

    Prior to the 1970's, most women were honoured and respect for being happily married and raising children. Your 20's should be about doing what makes you happy, not what other people feel you should do. I don't feel sorry for Anna for being married and a mother, nor do I feel sorry for the Duggar women who are single, volunteer fire fighters, learning to be a midwife or running their own photography business. Those are choices they've all made. I'm grateful to see Christian women role modelling that until you get married, there are many things you can do. I remember back in the mid 90's my SIL being cheerful about being 22 and having two kids under the age of 2 years old. Anna's attitude is one of grace and peace, which many young mothers need in this day and age.

  22. Loved both episodes! and God Bless Anna for choosing to be a stay at home mom!!

  23. Someone wrote, "Its sad that Anna is happy being a stay-at-home Mom, at the age of 24" etc,etc,etc,

    This person thinks she is really missing out on things. Well.. maybe for this person from their point of view.

    I think they are many women in their eary 20's who would love, but can't afford doing what Anna can do. It's seems to be looked down on the last few years (even if you could afford too) being a stay at home Mom by choice is looked down on. How very, very, sad....

  24. Where did the episode go? I sure would like to see it!

    "It's sad that Anna is happy just being a stay-at-home mom at the young age of 24......"

    Really??! Sad?? Get real!
    The 20s are not about dating and a professional life. One's whole life is to be dedicated to God and serving Him where He calls you to be. And truthfully, those women who are called to marriage, will only find fulfillment in their role as wife and mother. No other 'career' will EVER compare to that of being a mother. Guiding souls to sanctification; to Heaven. There is no more important job that can come even remotely close to that. All other jobs exist for that purpose: to help the homemaker's career.
    Being a mother is no lowly occupation. It is the hardest job one will ever have. It is also the most rewarding. Why, why? would one want to waste it on "dating" and seeking a "professional career" that will only lead to an unfulfilled life, and Hell for seeking self rather that God's Will. Our selfish society will see just how far following self-will will take them....and it won't be very nice.


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