Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recap: Photos, Possums, and Popes

On tonight's episodes of 19 Kids and Counting...

"Smile and Say, Duggars!"
  • The show opens as Josie belts out "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."
  • On Mother's Day, the Duggars head to Joplin for a fundraiser aimed at encouraging mothers affected by the 2011 Joplin tornado.
  • As usual (rounding up 19 kids is no easy task), leaving the house on time is a struggle. "No matter how far in advance we plan, it seems like at the very end, everybody remembers 'Oh yeah, I forgot to eat!"' explains Jill.
  • In Joplin, conference attendees have the opportunity to eat dinner with the Duggars. "They really feel like they're part of our lives when they watch the show," Michelle says of their fans.
  • Next, the Duggars prepare for their 2012 photo shoot. Scott Enlow, the family's photographer of nine years, has chosen the color scheme: everyone in jeans with a mix of navy and light blue tops. 
  • Scott Enlow is in for a challenge: the little ones often deliberately look away from the camera, just to exercise their free will.
  • Jim Bob compares photo shoots with the Duggars to capturing still shots of live worms.
  • When it comes to individual portraits, the process is easier than expected. "Everything seemed to be going great until we got to Josie," says Jill. 
  • Michelle describes her youngest as a "fighter from the beginning" with a strong will. "She definitely has her ideas about what she wants to do, when she wants to do it," says the mom of 19.
  • With Scott Enlow's incredible patience, everything works out. Click here to view the final photos.
  • At home, the Duggar boys catch a possum in a clear, plastic bin and bring it to Jim Bob. Once the rest of the family has taken a peek, the boys are told to release their furry friend.
"Duggars Dinner Party"
  • While in the NICU with Josie, Michelle bonded with Sarah Pope, also the mother of a preemie. When the Popes come over for dinner, Josie and Samuel become instant friends.
  • Josh enlists his dad, several siblings, and Jonathan Hartono to move cars back to the location that he moved out of only months ago. (Jonathan and his sister, Jennifer, met John and Jana in Asia. They are now attending school in the United States, and the Duggars' house is their "home away from home.)
  • Anna and Mackynzie whip up a few batches of cookies for the car-moving crew. "Mackynzie loves cookie dough, and I'm kind of right in there with her; it's good stuff," laughs Anna.
  • Anna's favorite part about the car lot is the large playroom where she and the kids can hang out.


  1. Enjoyed both episodes!! Love the Duggars!

  2. Love. The pictures! They look wonderful. I love watching the Duggars'.

  3. I wish somebody will put it on youtube - Cindy

  4. While watching the episode, I noticed Grandma Duggar had a Jewish star on the back of her phone(she was taking pictures during the photo shoot). Is Grandma Duggar Jewish? I hadn't thought so but who knows.

  5. Kynzi is too cute loved her sitting on the table scooping finger fulls of cookie dough in her mouth !

  6. Hey, the latest episode are uploaded at youtube!



    Greets from Europe!

  7. The episodes are on youtube!

  8. Are the episodes going to be on YouTube?


  9. the Jewish star is the star of David as in King David Christians wear the star of David as he was an important part of the Bible. Grandma Duggar is a Christian!

  10. Dear Cassie M
    The Duggars went to Israel on there world tour. I think it is a souvenir. I doubt she is Jewish.

    1. baptists follow the old and the new testaments, also known as the jewish bible and the christian bible. having the continuity of these two bibles, studied as one, presents a person with the rare opportunity to recognize king david and the roots of christianity.

  11. Please don't forget that Jesus was a Jew, and the Good News, the Covenant, or any of the other labels we Christians put on the Word cannot wipe out the fact that Jesus of Nazareth observed all Jewish traditions at least two-thirds of his life. Perhaps this is why the Duggar girls, and other Protestants wear the Star of David The Star was allegedly also on the shields of King David's warriors, to honor that Christ Jesus was a descendant of King David, and the One who fulfilled the Jewish prophecy as foretold in Isaiah 35:4-10.


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