Monday, September 15, 2014

Wedding Prep Photos

Tune in to TLC tomorrow evening for two new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting. Let's take a look at photos from last week's new episodes, which focused on Jill and Derick's wedding preparations and their hiking date.

 Jill and Derick enjoy a hike to celebrate Jill's 23rd birthday

 Derick packs a picnic lunch and surprises Jill with a bouquet of flowers that are pink,
Jill's favorite color
 James Duggar comes along as a chaperone for the engaged couple

 Jessa Duggar helps Jill and Derick with a tasty chore--choosing a wedding cake flavor 

Jill and Derick decide on French vanilla cake with strawberry filling and off-white, 
butter cream frosting. 

Michelle Duggar goes with the engaged couple to tour possible wedding venues

 Jill and Derick end up booking Cross Church in Springdale, Arkansas, for their special day
 Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard


  1. we all know that was phony. they only would choose the church. not a country club or that other place. those other places were out of their league.

  2. they should have brought James instead of Jessa. She looks so bored and she's not even going to have cake on her wedding.

  3. Can't wait for someone to upload it- hopefully right after it plays on TV!

  4. They make such a cute! I am glad Jill has found a man that is a gentlemen and tall. Jim Bob is also very tall so it would make sense that she would marry a tall man. I hope only the best for them and the new baby.

  5. we already saw these

  6. Dear Duggar Family, Jill and Derek, and Jesse and Ben,
    Congrats to the whole family and new members of the family as well. Also I have a couple of questions. First, I was wondering besides wearing my purity ring what are some other ways that can help me stay pure?
    The second question is I was wondering when is the right time to courtship ?
    For Jill and Derek, Praying for a heathy baby and March 25 .
    For Jesse and Ben, Praying for a good marriage and a happy marriage as well.
    Thank You
    From Alyssa

  7. Jill and Derrick I enjoyed that episode with you two hiking. And I really liked James trying hummus and chick peas..that boy is funny!
    You two look so cute together!! Can't wait to see the wedding.

  8. @McNutty

    I wonder if I could help with your questions? :) (The Duggars don't run this blog, some awesome ladies do.) :)

    Staying pure is a heart issue. Try not to put yourself in positions with men where you or they are tempted. Tell other people your commitment to staying pure. Set boundaries before starting a relationship with a young man. And stay away from romance novels (aka emotional pornography) that stir up those natural romantic desires we have as women before the time is right.
    The right time to start a courtship...only God knows! If a young man has showed interest, asks your parents, is a Christian and shares your values and beliefs, and everyone involved has prayed about it and feels like the Lord's will is for you two to move forward in courtship, by all means, do it. You'll know when the time is right.
    Bless you for your sweet heart to stay pure! <3 :)


  9. Dear duggar family
    I hope Jill and derick have a great life together and a big family also.. me and my husband been together for nine years before we got married

  10. Derick is a dream, Jill must have been pinching herself!

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