Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Get Your Duggar Fix Tonight on TLC

Turn your TV to TLC tonight at 9PM ET PT/8PM CT for two new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting:

9:00 PM ET
Duggar Girls Go Glam
The oldest Duggar girls share some sister time trying out hair and makeup for Jill's upcoming nuptials. Then, they're off to search for the perfect bridesmaid attire. Can Jill find gowns that fit her vintage style while maintaining Duggar modesty standards?

9:30 PM ET
Duggar To-Dos
Jill and her sisters, along with Grandma Duggar and Michelle, head out to find shoes for the bridal party. Meanwhile, Josh and Anna make a very special "Duggar" wedding gift. And Jim Bob and the boys tackle laying down carpet in the newlyweds' home.


  1. Love the show, and so excited for the new chapters starting in the family. God bless you all! Nita Beilsmith Hannibal Missouri

  2. When will last weeks episodes be posted on YouTube ? I can't wait to see them:-)

  3. I love the Duggars, they are such a neat family. Coming from a relatively large family myself i find I can relate well to them, no home with many small children is chaos free, but it is the way in which we handle the chaos that makes all the difference, and I'd say that mrs. Duggar and her older kids handle the stresses and chaos of large family life exceptionally well. You all are such an inspiration and wonderful family. Love watching your show<3 btw, when are last weeks episodes going to be posted on the blog?

  4. Can't wait. Also, I'd love for Jill to post a video to show how she tied the scarf she wore in her engagement episode. I love it. Thanks.

  5. We already know the answer to the dress question because the pictures gave been posted back in June. TLC dropped the ball on airing the wedding so late.

  6. i have a question you guys have 20 kids not 19 I just counted several times and I know I counted right. am I right or not?

  7. never mind I just counted again and I counted wrong I counted the granddaughter into it. sorry


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