Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Episodes Tonight

Tune in to TLC tonight at 9PM ET PT/8PM CT for two new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting.
9:00 PM ET PT/8 PM CT
Duggar Dirty Jobs
With Ben Seewald having moved in, Jim Bob puts Jessa's beau to work with a full list of jobs for the day. Can Ben get them all done, or will his first day on Duggar duty be his last? Meanwhile, Jill and Derick go wedding band shopping.

9:30 PM ET PT/8:30 PM CT
Duggars Decorate & Diet 
When Josh's old trainer, Steve, shows up at his front door unexpectedly, what will Steve learn about Josh's current eating and exercising habits? Later, Jinger uses her photography skills to snap engagement photos of Jill and Derick.


  1. Yay! Totally exciteddddddd! :)

  2. Looking forward to watxging this with my grandmother tonight :)

  3. I am excited for the new two episodes.

  4. Hope they're posted online! :) Thank you so much to whoever has been doing the previous episodes on youtube!!!!

  5. John David is a lovely young man

  6. John David is a wonderful young man

  7. Duggars Dirty Jobs was a waste. Who wants to watch Ben wipe a toilet? Not me. Everything was set up. I'd so much rather see the daily routine of the younger kids. Bring back the original Duggars of faith, family and friends! Not the me, me, me and me of Jill and Jessa.

    1. So rude. people need to think before they act and speak

  8. Loved Gramma's idea to bring the youngest children to the pottery shop to make gifts for Jill and Derick. Mary Duggar is a sweet soul.

  9. I like John David too. He reminds me of my father, who is a private pilot and has a quieter personality but he is a very intelligent man. John David is like that.

  10. I like watching your show from Jenna Garman Terre Hill PA


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