Sunday, August 8, 2010

Are the older Duggar kids in over their heads?

Of course the older ones are able to do more around the house than the younger ones (that’s just how it works), but they don't despise having to help out. Jill loves children, so she enjoys watching her younger siblings. Jessa likes to teach and is thrilled to have the opportunity to help homeschool the little ones.
The Duggar kids know that everything runs smoother when everyone pitches in. “They all feel like they are a very important part of life,” says Michelle, “and that teaches responsibility.”
With such a large family, it would be impossible for mom and dad to do everything, and the kids are learning important life skills as they help out.

Do your kids enjoy helping out at home? Did you (or do you) mind helping your parents?


  1. Kids learning responsibility and how to help out is something families are missing out on these days. It's so sad!
    The Duggar children are a breath of fresh air to me!

  2. My kids love working together. They feel like a part of a team. (And because they're such a big team, work gets done quickly.)
    I didn't have anyone to share the work with, so no I definitely did not enjoy it when I was a kid. My kids are so blessed to have each other.

  3. My little boy loves to help me around the house. He is very independent and loves to do things for himself. My little boy doesn't see the things he does as “work”, he see's it as fun. He genuinely enjoys being given a task or a responsibility. I helped around my parents and grandparents house growing up and never questioned it. I considered my upbringing to be normal and straight-forward and never even imagined that there were other children who didn’t have jobs/chores around the house. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  4. I also love seeing the Duggars teaching responsibility to their kids by having them help out. As a 7th grade teacher, it's disturbing to me how many people do EVERYTHING for their kids still at that age! My kids are 4, 3 and 15 months and my boys already do chores and help out with their younger sister and they love it.

  5. When my children were younger they didn't enjoy helping out, but now they are in their teens and they thank us for the skills they learned. So many of their friends can't take care of themselves. It is really sad to see.

  6. I do not have children yet so I only help my parent and yes I like it. I love keeping my home clean.

  7. Iam the oldest of 5, and am 13, and our family homeschools, and I really enjoy being with my younger siblings!! (11, 7, 5, 1) A lot of people today just don't understand what family is!!


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