Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Josie Duggar Home At Last!

Tune into TLC tonight at 8PM CST for "19 Kids and Counting" Josie Duggar Home at Last. Jim Bob and the kids have already left for Springdale, and Michelle is ready to leave the peace and quiet of Little Rock and return to the hustle and bustle. Watch as her and Josie make their emotional homecoming. The journey has been long, and the road has been rocky, but this is the moment that the Duggars have looked forward to since the beginning. 


  1. I am soo thankful to find a positve blog about the Duggars, I've thought about starting one myself, but don't have the computer skills and I get disgusted by all the hatred for them. While I am not saying that big families are for everyone because they certainly aren't, but that the Duggars have soo much love and care for their family. The Duggars' decision to share baby Josie's story has profoundly changed some of my life views. I am excited about watching tonight

  2. I know this is a day that the whole Duggar Family has been waiting for. The Family has had there Prayers answered thats for sure. Josie is for sure a true Miracle and a gift from God. She couldnt be in a better Family. The time they spent by her side until she could come home is remarkable. Bless you all and much luck with Josie. I will enjoy watching her thrive.


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