Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Highlights: Josie Duggar Home At Last!

  • The Duggars voiced characters for "Life at the Pond," a radio show that encourages good character and morals. The producer was surprised at how quickly the kids mastered their lines. 
  • Jim Bob, Joseph, Josiah, and Joy traveled to Little Rock to pick up what they left at the Cornish house. And they brought Michelle and Josie home with them! 
  • "I was so happy to be heading home after seven months of being in Little Rock," said Michelle, who felt nothing but joy. Josie was thrilled as well; she couldn't stop smiling as the kids gave her a tour of her new home.
Have you ever heard of "Life at the Pond?" What shows, if any, do you allow your kids to watch?


  1. I know about eight years ago, I wrote to Disney Channel because what was wholesome programming when I was growing up had turned into shows with a bunch of overpriviledged backtalking children whose parents cowtowed to their bad behavior. It just didn't seem worthy of the disney logo, so its hard for parents to make decisons.

  2. This isnt about Josie coming home, But it is a good wonderful thing that the family is back together again.
    First I want to start by saying that i am not in any rsgard a religious person. I do belive in God, I just dont believe in organized religion or put much faith in the Bible. I do have undescribable amounts of respect that you speak of your belifs, but dont preach them. I find that so refreshiong and admerable. Most religious people I know basically to tell you that if you dont believe the way they do you are WRONG and going to hell.
    However...I aspire to be as good of a person and parent as you two are. I live my life as a good person and have been tolds on many occasions I have a searvents heart.
    I also want to say that 19 kids is a lot, and with teh health risks involved I cant wrap my mind around how you could take a chance on having another baby when something worse can happen. That doesn't in any way change my oppinion of how great of people you are. You are following what is in your heart and soul and that is so..um what's the word? Comendable! You are always true to to who you are and I find that so refreshinly real.
    I just adore that crazy Johannah!
    I in no way want that many children, But am inspired by your family to be the best person I can be on the inside, I reallly just want to let you know that people that tell you what you should and shouldnt do is not right at all. It angers me taht total strangers want to say rude mean things.
    Anyway. I enjoy watching your family. And though it will not change my mind about religion it does show me that not all religious people are shove it down your throat types.
    My respest, admeration and love for yourselves and family is imesurable.
    I sincerely respect you and your family. You rkids are a reflection of your Love for eachother and the noble. honest, admirable way in which you raise them. I can only hope that one day i will be a wonderful loving mother like you.
    Sont listen to anyone who says negative things about you. I dont like to judge, but they are just mena people that dont understand or respect your family.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful, loving, honeable, hardworking sincere family and keep doing waht you are doing. it obviously works. I know people that only have one child and they are no where near the polite helpful lovein children your are.
    With love and admiration
    Stacy O'Haro

  3. Do ever concider leaving less of a carbine copy of your foot print on the atmaphire by using a wash line out side to dry all your clothes rather then using electric dryers??

  4. I haven't heard of Life On the Pond. We do not watch TV. We do watch the Duggars on DVD and have a lot of children's videos. We have Blue's Clues, Barney, Veggie Tales, Wiggles, Strawberry Shortcake etc. No Disney though.

  5. I just had to say I'm totally entertained by all the spelling and grammatical errors in the 2 anonymous comments. Keep 'em coming! {snicker}

  6. Never heard of Life on the Pond, but we are big fans of Jonathan Park and Adventures in Odyssey audio dramas. We also enjoy the Pilgrim's Progress audio (Answers in Genesis) and Chronicles of Narnia audio dramas by Focus on the Family.
    We don't watch tv, but do watch the Duggars show online.

  7. I've never heard of the show mentioned, but I did occasionally listen to Adventures in Odyssey when I was in junior high and discovered my local christian radio station-before that it was only CBC radio, which at the time played almost exclusively classical music, which suited me just fine. Yes, I do wonder myself at the spelling and grammer that some people use, mostly when it shows up on the actual TLC blogs. I make it a point to spell things correctly and try as much as possible to use proper grammer...but I have always been an english fanatic, despite the fact that I am only 20.

  8. I love the Duggar family. If all the families lived by their guide line, this would be a better USA.

  9. OH, I forgot to say congratulations, Michael, on your new arrival. God bless all of you. I wish I had a family like yours when I was growing up. I'm sure you inspire many people to be better christians/people.

  10. I haven't heard of Life on the Pond either, but I recently shelled out for DVDs of Little House on the Prairie for my kids to watch. They love it. We also do not watch TV, but we do have DVDs and videos for the kids. You can also count me in on being disgusted with Disney. Their after-school programs for pre-teens are the worst.

  11. Little House on the Prairie is a GREAT investment! That was one of the only shows I watched as a kid; I would be surprised if there was an episode I have not seen.

  12. We shouldn't make fun of or snicker at people's post. We are not writing a college exam paper and we should not feel we are being graded. Spelling and Grammar policing is very rude and makes people feel bad and even stupid.

    It could make someone with a very valid point not post because someone made fun of them. When we are tempted to point out others weakness we must remember that there is something that we are not good at too.

  13. Congratulations on having your whole family together at home! Josie is so adorable and I'm so glad she can be with the rest of the family. I'll be praying for her to stay safe and healthy during these crucial next couple of years. Amberly H

  14. I'm going to have to tell my daughter about Life on the Pond. She has two little girls - ages 1 and 2.5 and they watch very limited TV/DVDs, but it sounds like these would be great!

    Susan V


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