Thursday, September 2, 2010

Duggars in a Radio Show

Two months ago, the Duggars voiced characters for "The Life at the Pond," a radio show that encourages good character. Every episode has a moral, and the Duggar kids would be modeling how they treat and interact with their siblings. "I wanted to make sure I made this as close to Duggar reality as possible," said the show's creator, Charlie Richards. He was worried that it would take hours of practice for the kids to master their lines, but to his surprise, most of the kids got them right on the first try. It was evident that God was in control.
Charlie Richards and his family were invited to the Duggars' house several times. "I never heard a fight break out," he observed."I never heard one kid yelling at another....The Duggars have it right."

Click here to read more and to hear the Duggars recording their lines. You can also purchase the "Life at the Pond" episode, "19,000 Frogs and Counting. Tony Meets the Duggars."


  1. Cool! Just fyi, the link isn't a different color until you hover on it. Go to advanced settings if you want to change that.

  2. Thanks, Ginger! I will change that right now.

  3. I watch 19 kids & counting on the web, so I don't get to watch the episodes when they first debut, so I may be a bit behind. On the past few episodes I've noticed that Mrs. Mary Duggar (Jim Bob's mom) hasn't been on lately, where she was on nearly episode when Josie was very critical.

    It seems like I remember Michelle saying that grandma was tired and needed to go home for a rest as Josie began to improve. Is she still doing okay? Has she not been feeling well, or has she just not been around when the film crew has been there? I understand if the family wishes to keep the matter private, and you'd rather not comment. I'm just a curious fan, is all. :-)

  4. Elizabeth, I am not a member of the Duggar family, but I can tell you what I know. I believe that Grandma Duggar lives with Jim Bob and Michelle, so she has been around; the family has said that she has been a blessing helping out around the house. When Michelle and Josie were still in Little Rock, Jim Bob and the kids took a big road trip, but I think Grandma Duggar sat that one out. She does have a daughter and granddaughter, so I'm sure she spends time with them, too. Hope this answers your question :)

  5. Just wanted to share that we bought 19,000 Frogs and Counting. Can't wait to get it.
    Michelle B.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Michelle! I'm sure our readers would love to know how it is, once you listen to it :)

  7. I went to the LIfe at the Pond website. The guy who hosts the radio show had very nice things to say about the duggar family that I found worth reading. Check it out if you haven't already.

    Brie W


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